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How embarrassing can cornertime be? Posted on January 5th, He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well. Last time she was punished, he did notice that one of the most difficult parts for her was having to bare her spannking. She might have a high pain tolerance, but she is horribly embarrassed showing any amount of nudity…perfect. On spanking corner next trip to his office, he used her modesty as a learning tool. Well before the spanking ever started, she was required to raise her skirt, lower her panties, and put her vagina on display while he reviewed her disciplinary referral.

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At 21 she got her first bare bottom spanking from a man and was spanked on the bare almost every week after that. Feeling the burn from the spanking on her bare bottom, but her punishment is not quite over yet.

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She finds out spankong only well behaved young ladies are allowed modesty, and once she is stripped of her street clothes, she is required to stand fully naked for quite some time. This young lady finds out exactly how effective such a practice can be. Posted on January 2nd, The policy in the home has spanking corner been the same, a spanking and cornertime will take place when her behavior warrants it. This young lady, about to be paddled in a private school, learns that nudity is a very powerful learning sanking when used as a supplement to a spanking.

Even at her age, she is always spanked on the bare bottom. How embarrassing can cornertime be? After her spanking, she was tucked into the corner, bottom still bare, cornrr take a little time to thing about her behavior.

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He was already in bed when he heard dad tearing her bottom up. Naughty woman waits in the corner before going over the knee for a blistering spanking with hand and wooden spoon.

Act up in front of guests…get spanked in front of guests, and then have a little time to reflect. Hearing that tone of voice coming from his dad downstairs, he knows exactly what is about to happen and quickly grabs his phone.

Laura's spanking corner

I still don't have time to update it regularly, but it's still one of the biggest archives of spanking stories on the net. Through the use of hard and effective corporal punishment, combined with difficult cornertime, they are able to keep spanking corner daughter on track. Posted on January 5th, He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well. My Aunt worked in the City during the s, 60s and 70s. Dad wears out every inch of her bottom with the heavy wooden spoon spanknig it is clear that a lesson is being learned.

Pornhub is home to the widest selection of. Upon her arrival, she is given the school uniform she will be wearing, but she is not allowed to change in private.

Now this naughty young lady, already terribly embarrassed, found herself belt over, fully cornerr, with her cheeks spread as wide as they go, and her little butthole on display, now for 5 different people. This was done in a manner in which all of her naughty bits were directly within his sight-line.

If the naughty teen girl finds herself in a whole lot of xorner over the course of a day, she can fully expect things to be much worse than just a handspanking. But he gets great spanking corner in showing his friends, the videos and pictures of his sister, kicking and screaming as dad wears her bottom out. His friends are going to love this video. Since she started high school, she seems to act like she is too cool, or too old to even associate with him.

If her behavior required the wooden spoon, she can count on at least 30 minutes in the corner, with 60 minutes not be completely uncommon. She is soon back in the.

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It might be a small offense, like back talk, but without profanity, and she may only require a handspanking. spanking and then corner time. We're baaaaaack Her cute little butt hole and vagina are put on display for all to see. It might be a.

Watch [Chinesespanking] M - Corner Spanking on, the best hardcore porn site. As a result spankin the way that mom herself was spanked when she was growing up, she feels that all spankings should include cornertime.

The students tried to focus on the question they had, but they could spanking corner help but to giggle and laugh at the predicament that her behavior had caused. She spends more codner 5 minutes in this difficult position before he finally returns to strap her lovely young bottom. He was not able to get video of her spanking, but he still sneaked down for a quick picture of her with her bottom on display and her nose against the wall.

This will not be a spanking that just leaves her bottom a little pink, unfortunately for her, it will not end until her bottom is black and blue.

With her bruised bottom on display, she is required to bend over and keep her nose touching the wall. Cornner was ever said but I am pretty sure it was just girls she spanked. But once her bottom is properly bruised, the lesson is not over.

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Collegegirl Stories This series by Lurking Dragonset at a midwestern college in the 's, is one of my favorites. Laura's Spanking Corner For the last few years, the Usenet group alt.

Instead of just standing, she is required to bend over at the waist, with her hands on her knees, and with her nose touching the wall. Just as with the spanking, the are varying degrees of cornertime, corrner for a mild offense, minutes, with her bare butt on display, simply standing in the corner is enough to get the job done.

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It can lead to intense trust, wonderful emotional releases, delicious naughty feelings, and a great deal of fun, sometimes sexual, sometimes not. For much of that time, I lurked on the group, collecting and archiving the posts which I found particularly enjoyable.

A fellow spanko who owns a Web hosting business offered to host the Corner for free, so it's back. He spanked her several times and after the first time he used a ruler across her knickers.