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Mistress alexandra

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Mistress alexandra

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I have been taught by the best of the BDSM. I started close to a well-known mistress with international prestige. I immediately realized that this is something that suits me completely. A little while ago I came back from England and brought back kistress me many years of experience and knowledge.

Age: 37
Relationship Status: Mistress
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City: Derbyshire, New Haven, Spartansburg, Marlton
Hair: Long
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Do not even dare to leave anything on the floor, you will have to lick it all. I will rub my pussy and my ass on your face and I will give you instructions on where and how to lick me. I will have to throw the ashes somewhere from when I burn your nipples and your little ass.

I have been taught by the best of the BDSM. I am already looking forward for our next meeting. The dungeon is well equipped and she is a real mistress that would blow your mind with her skills and scenarios. Vital Stats. I consider the move the best decision I have ever made, as somehow with my outspoken manner I never fitted well within the small-town community that I come from.

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After opening your asshole with my fingers and having massaged your prostate I will put you on all fours and will fuck you restlessly. I am Mistress Alexandra elegant and sophisticated professional Dominatrix and life alexanera power over men is obvious. I felt she truly understood my needs and took me along the path of any BDSM fantasy I liked and also along several paths I did not know that Mistress liked.

Would never forget her devil eyes when she was dominating me physically and mentally. Alexandra - The Person My Background I come from Eastern Europe a land well-known for its beautiful and opinionated womenand have lived in England for well over ten years now.

Mistress alexandra the failing slave

I come from Eastern Europe (a land well. I will stop, I will leave the strap-on inside you and then I will go on until you come.

I msitress you for a whole weekend, we will experience Freedom lifestyle. Also, at any moment of the exquisite session Mistress Alexandra made me feel totally safe and taken care of.

Mistress alexandra

I can say no more than this: If you are into any sort of BDSM, in any role, then this opportunity alexadnra a must to be tasted. I want to train you, make you a Male Whore. I enjoy having them at my feet. Why do I even mention that?

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Her personally deed m2 dungeon, in central Athens, is no less than a piece of art, it was enough for me just to be shown around in order to get fully turned on. And as alrxandra fingers will humiliate your ass, your mouth, I will also humiliate you verbally. I will fuck you, stop, leave my strap-on inside you and then start fucking you all over again. This will only happen if you ly give me the pleasure of licking my cunt and my ass.

Think of yourself after a whole day of humiliation — whipping — burning and a lot of other stuff. I immediately realized that this is something that suits me completely. Luckily the move to London enabled me to fully explore my dominant nature and what a kinky city London aelxandra

The absolute greek mistress

To all friends of fun, Jen. You will sleep tied up with chains and with a vibrator in your ass.

I started as a Pro Domme a few years ago and, unlike many, as well as drawing misrress my own experiences, I sought professional instruction. I will subdue your brain and your body. I also became a House Mistress at Subversion and Subversion Noir back in earlywhich allowed me to hone my skills further.

+30 Alexandra - The Person. At night, before you go to sleep, I mistrses put you a vibrating butt plug and you will sleep with it in your little ass.

Alexandra - the person

My Background. I will search into your ass with my fingers to see if you have anything hidden in there.

I started close to a well-known mistress with international prestige. I will make your whole body suffer. You will be my piece of furniture as you will become my "property".

A little while ago I came back from England and brought back with me many years of experience and knowledge. Mistress Alexandra | I am a natural born dominatrix and leader with a powerful personality,offering mild to wild BDSM and fetish sessions.

My background

You will be on your all fours and I will make your ass red with my whip and then I will slap it with rackets until you learn what obedience means. You are my little whore.

A step mistress alexandra you come I will stop, I will leave you hanging, I will put ice on you and then start all over again and again the same game and when I will finally think that time is right, then, you will feel mjstress that you have never felt before. I will humiliate your ass with the strap-on and you with my mouth. HUMAN FURNITURE I like to make you my piece of furniture, my "armchair", I will sit on you, you will be my "footstool", I will rest my feet on you, you will be my "nightstand" where I will leave my stuff, you will be my "candlestick" with a candle up your ass, you will be the "hanger" for my clothes.

I want to look at you, fuck you, insult you, make you feel mistresz submission, make you feel that you have a pussy that anything can penetrate.