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Maria mint escort

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Since her dismissal, members of Gamergate, the online group who orchestrated notorious online harassment campaigns against various female figures within the video game industry last year, have been digging deeper to uncover more information on Rapp. The latest is an attempt to link photos of her to a Seattle based escort, Maria Mint, and marria that they are the same person.

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I think there is a pervasive culture in journalism, they are more worried about their PC credibility than mere facts. We wish Ms. Not long after her termination from Nintendo, anti-Rapp groups discovered a Twitter post containing questionable images - posted by Rapp mariq which she was selling to customers seen above.

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Its just a shame that most mainstream journalists are so sloppy and lazy in their own research, they conveniently and blatantly dis-regard actual facts for feminist feelz. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that she broke company policy - no matter how much she may try to hide it.

Rapp well in her future endeavours. Maria Mint thats her working escort name its time to grow up and get rid of that massive persecution complex you carrying around with you?

Former nintendo spokesperson alison rapp was allegedly an escort

Pulling all those fire alarms, Oh there is a bomb threat in the building, plus making all kinds of crazy false sexual allegations is now meet with eye rolls at so many police stations, and women you have mnt feminists to thank for all of that. However, it was the revelation that Rapp held a second job — a job that displeased Nintendo — which was the reason for her dismissal.

whom many had lambasted Nintendo for firing, seems to have been a high profile escort in the Seattle area, going by the name Maria Mint. That means that beyond all reasonable doubt, rather: Alison Rapp and Maria Mint if not the same person used the same camera. In addition, no one involved in this article has any issues with sex workers.

And now even more shit comes out about this girl. Although if they want that logic to consistently apply, is it not time to leave Rapp alone? Since her dismissal, members of Gamergate, the online group who orchestrated notorious online harassment campaigns against various female figures within the video game industry last year, have been digging deeper to uncover more information on Rapp.

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I know some really SJW people and even they are disgusted by her words, that is really saying a lot. According to The Mirrorthis has come about after photos posted by Rapp on social media, and Mint on her website were inspected. Feminists walk around in this warped mental state like they are dragging around their own life size wooden cross, plus the mega victim complex that goes with it. Anti-child pornography and trafficking activist Jamie Walton caught wind of this and presented her findings to Nintendo: Naturally, the Social Justice Pedophile Defence Force leapt into action once again and Kotaku 'games journalist' Patrick Klepek attempted to bully Walton from contacting Nintendo.

In addition, we've pulled some links that have been evolving beyond their original content in ways we don't agree with.

New evidence has surfaced that suggests Alison Rapp may have been working as a paid personal escort going by the false name Maria Mint. So I was like ok, if it's out of context, can you show me it IN context then? The latest is an attempt to link photos of her to a Seattle based escort, Maria Mint, and claim that they are the same person. Why the fuck were people defending this girl? Meanwhile Nintendo were extremely restrained and remained quite on the real reasons for her dismissal, offering a rather vague and opaque explanation.

OK I am not going into all the history of this person and so on, just needless to say she was an employee of the company, a staunch feminist, into Japanese anime, and has some rather dubious views on the age limit of sexual consent.

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Yes, someone connected the dots, but this particular info was not truly hidden or "stolen". Do you think Nintendo - or Rapp - could have handled the situation better? Inactive Alison Rapp / Maria Mint / grapeman - Pedo Defense Force, that the pedo-apologist was using to advertise her escort business. Though Ms. Nintendo is a company committed to fostering inclusion and diversity in both our company and the broader video game industry and we firmly reject the harassment of individuals based on gender, race or personal beliefs.

This whole situation miint one of her own making. While the attempt to hide all tattoos was near perfect, a careful eye can pick out the bottom two edges of a red star tattoo in the image on escorrt left The blurred tattoo seems to match those belonging to Minh Rapp This image of the identical ring on the same hand nonethelesscombined with the other images pulled from Maria Mint's web build a near impregnable case against Rapp Another piece of evidence - which may be entirely coincidental - is that Maria Mint's escort maria mint escort has since marai taken down for 'maintenance'.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! However, the anti-Rapp parties have found evidence of what the real reason for Esscort dismissal may have been.

Alison Rapp took pictures for Maria Mint. While she may not have lied about moonlighting being allowed at Nintendo, it should come with common sense that there are certain jobs one should not hold while working at a family-friendly company.


Many people have jumped in from various angles claiming that her dismissal was rather unfair and unjust, or completely necessary and justifiable. According to The. Cultured Vultures is a pop culture website established in covering all things gaming, movies, and more. For those who escorh know, every camera that is manufactured carries unique code known as exif data that is placed into each image that is taken. As part fscort this process, Nintendo has made female characters less sexualised for American market in their recent game in the Fire Emblems series, and Rapp, a vocal feminist on Twitter, took the brunt of the criticism from members of Gamergate.

This statement has been the cause for contention from both supporters of Rapp and anti-Rapp individuals. Though Mariia.


But for some strange weird reason the police fall for it every time hook, line, and sinker. It is important to note that there has been no confirmation as to the validity of these photos and until such time, they must be assumed false.

They told me the pictures were photoshopped and when I linked them to live versions of the actual physical tweets they just complained they were out of context. Moonlighting is actually accepted at Nintendo. What do you think of the Alison Rapp case now that this escprt has surfaced? Female credibility as now hit rock bottom.

The saga of ‘maria mint’

While neither side has agreed on anything, new information on Rapp's second "job" may turn the tide against her The internet is a very easy place to be both lost and found in, and hopefully this serves as a reminder to those working in any industry that you should never post anything that could be used against you. I noticed that a large percentage of her white knights are male and from neogaf. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures may contain affiliate links, which may provide us with small commissions based jaria purchases made from visiting our site.


Rapp well in her future endeavors.