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Fairy tail relationships

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Fairy tail relationships

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The guild is famous for having the fiercest members in the kingdom.

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They have been together since they were children. › fairy-tail-couples.

Welcome to the Fairy Tail Couples Wiki! In the final season, Gajeel confesses his love for Levy in a tear-jerking episode.

Lucy is extremely kind to her celestials, which is why the Spirit King allows her entry to the Spirit Realm to help them. Vairy and Lucy · Gray and Juvia · Elfman and Evergreen · Natsu and Lisanna · Faidy and Mirajane · Gajeel and Levy · Cana and Bacchus · Sting and Yukino. Laxus is a very stubborn person, so the feat is not an easy one. The group is a wonderful example of choosing your family in the series. He is originally Lucy's enemy.

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She kept it a secret from him for many years. Freed promises that he will relagionships Laxus anywhere, including the pits of hell. By the final season, she has a total of 10 gold keys and 5 silver ones. He is also the only other person besides the Thunder Legion who calls her Ever. Like other dragon slayers, she meets Carla as.

Carla can also carry Wendy in flight, allowing her to fly as well and get to her locations quicker. They will go to the ends of the Earth to keep each other safe and make sure no one splits up their family.

A lot of the characters have lost their blood relatives and consider their guildmates their true family. He is shown to be distant and cold to her, but his feelings for her are very deep. Aquarius is her first gold zodiac key.

The pair spent time together in The Tower of Heaven. He nearly succeeds with the help of his group, The Thunder Legion. Anytime someone picks a fight with one of them, it means they picked a fight with both. Sometimes their relationship is relationshjps, but it is clear they are very important to each other and we wish this pairing would have been confirmed.

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We find out in the Oracien Seis arc that Gray thinks Lucy is a capable mage and quite cute as well. Happy admits to thinking Carla is cute a few times, but she mostly brushes him off and gives him the cold shoulder. Laxus and Freed are very close in the show and it is apparent relatinships Freed loves Laxus and he flirts with him a lot. Much of relationshjps relationship is one-sided. All have denied him, but the short time we experience this relationship is a fun moment from the show.

Character relationships

This wiki is dedicated into promoting the couples of Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. They are both fun-loving, ale-chugging, spell slingers.

Carla often acts as a mentor to Wendy and helps give her courage. He immediately starts flirting with her and proposes to her on the spot. The two are very flirty with each other in just about every scene they have erlationships. Once he finds out, the pair make up for the lost time they missed. Levy reveals her feelings to be the same and all is well within the fandom.

When Zeref kisses Mavis it nearly kills her. If you're having problem in editing the wiki, feel free to ask any help from the AdministratorsChat ModeratorsDiscussions ModeratorsRollbackersor even from regular users here. When Laxus leaves he turns to see his grandfather and other guild members throwing up their hands and pointing to the sky - a he and his grandfather had shared that held sentimental value. Although Cana was favorited to win the competition, Bacchus bests her.

The fans of Fairy Tail refer to this couple as Gruvia.

All have tragic backstories of being orphaned and find their true home at the guild. Elfman calls everyone who is not his sisters men, including other females, except Evergreen.

The two are opposites, but bring out the best in each other. They give each other words of encouragement and cheer each other on in their goals.

Fairy Tail: 10 Couples That Fans Relarionships (That Should Have Made It On The Show) · 10 Bacchus and Cana · 9 Dan and Lucy · 8 Laxus and Mirajane. Their relationship has a playful demeanor and the pair flirt a lot. Laxus brags about Freed and how talented he is to anyone who will listen. Aquarius is often hateful to Lucy, but she appreciates her deep down, which we see first hand when Lucy has to give her up.

Although it pains him to exile his own flesh and blood he does so for the good of the guild. We know for a fact that Evergreen has feelings for Elfman but his feelings are not addressed very much in the show other than the one time he calls her a woman instead of a man.