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Christian mingle movie reviews

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Christian mingle movie reviews

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Worth every penny. The world conquest of Taco Bell in the whimsical, seashell-filled tomorrowland of Demolition Man? So just what the hell do you put in a JesusDTF. Lots of shameless, tedious promotion via predictable romance arcs that teach us all about how great your shitty dating website is? Lots of hot, corny, G-rated hand holding action?

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A top-notch career, killer wardrobe, dream apartment, and great friends - she thinks the only thing missing is a man. When impressing 1, Rate · Critic Reviews This movie literally does everything wrong, like I'm just wondering who thought this was a good idea. However, the movie suggests that the failure of a relationship that has hardly begun would push someone to quit her job, move to a poor Mexican village, and enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christian mingle

But one day. She takes time off from her job but while there her copy of Christianity for Dummies is discovered and she confesses to Paul that she wasn't a practicing Christian when she ed up to the site. Yep, we expected the same.

Worth every penny. Right on a Christian dating website. When Paul and his family returns Gwyneth goes to see him and learns that he is with Kelly.

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Gwyneth Lacey Chabert is a year-old marketing director who spends her work life sugar-coating less-than-perfect products and ideas and launches them into the world. She meets Jessy and Jimmy, a couple who also met through the site, Gabby and Tommy, who are expecting their first child, and Kelly, hood friend of Paul's.

Oddly, most followers of Jesus tout the claim that God loves everyone, which is a policy of religious inclusiveness, but this plot hangs on the exclusionary position born-again parents take when they fear their son is being wooed by a non-believer. The movie opens with Gwyneth going on another blind date and losing the attention of her deviews with each word she says. Lord have some mercy.

Naturally, a well-timed commercial for - mingoe guessed it - ChristianMingle. The lies begin the minute she starts filling out the entry questionnaire. Paul asks Gwyneth to go to church and meet his parents, Lacie and Bill. Much of it is laugh-out-loud funny. The acting is.

Christian mingle the movie

Why or why not? It's impossible to appreciate Gwyneth and Paul as people because they never emerge as more christtian anything but ridiculous, cardboard cutouts for the length of the entire film. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about But poor, boring, forgettable, lying Lacey has her work cut out for her. Edit Storyline Gwyneth Hayden has it all.

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A marketing executive tries to find Mr. So, the question becomes, will she ever find true love? The ending, however, is fulfilling and lovable, in the sense that the audience falls in love with these movir. Plot[ edit ] Busy ad executive Gwyneth Hayden has been unsuccessful in love. Movie Review.

Devastated, Gwyneth returns to her job in the United States. Christian Mingle () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Gwyneth admires Paul's niceness and genuine charisma, leading her to try and put on christiam Christian act to fool Paul and his family that she is a practicing Christian. Gwyneth is annoyed that she wasn't told but is persuaded to everyone in Mexico.

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The two carry out a picturesque relationship together, so long as the conversation steers away from anything chtistian biblical, or else Gwyneth turns into a babbling, tongue-tied idiot. All of that might be possible in real life, but the motivation for the main character to make such drastic life changes is simply not in evidence here.

So, the questions are: Will she ever find Jesus? In a moment of inspired desperation, she fills out a profile on the dating website ChristianMingle.

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It's possible that the movie was made with the intention of attracting a mainstream audience, but it's not a stretch to guess that only the already faithful will be interested. Can you think of examples? Some of it is a double-edged sword, which gives a slightly satirical view of the Christian club, that is, Christians who use Christian jargon to separate themselves from others.

Gwyneth is a successful advertising executive. Paul proposes to Gwyneth during the end credits. You know the drill: new clothes, new haircut, new gym membership, new messiah - new you! Criticized in the past were films like Jobs and The LEGO Movie, for allegedly being nothing more than product placement for Apple and LEGO, respectively, despite bearing actual story lines, characters, and thematic depth; on the other hand, Christian Mingle: The Movie is a film so deeply-rooted in insincerity, it disrespects its actors by giving them shallow human characters with not a shred of humanity to be found all in the means of promoting an already ubiquitous dating website.

She's been ased to market the stuff and she doesn't want to have to lie.

Some of it is a double-edged sword, which gives a slightly satirical view of the Christian club, that is, Christians who use Christianese to separate themselves from others. Why does no one ask if there are clinical trials to back up the product's claims? AN AUDIO SNAPSHOT REVIEW. They really want to do the right thing and discover they can only do so in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Was this review helpful? The film focuses on Gwyneth Hayden Lacey Chaberta well-off woman who has worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder, and rather showing the more interesting story at hand here - Gwyneth's clear business success in what looks to be a male-dominated feel - we explore her dating life, or lack thereof.

Christian mingle

Gwyneth Haden is a woman who's pretty frustrated with the dating scene and the shallow men in it. The jeopardy seems to disappear and the movie sags a little bit in the middle. The movie makes a comparison between telling lies in one's life with working for an advertising agency, where much of the work requires making claims that might not be entirely true.