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Corey Flintoff. Farah al-Jaberi holds her protest sign outside the Green Zone checkpoint that leads to Iraq's parliament. Her sign says, "From the American to the [female] Parliament employee - either no clothes, or the American prisons. This is the way Farah al-Jaberi says women are seen by an electronic security scanner at one of the checkpoints entering Baghdad's Green Zone - essentially naked, even when they are fully covered in conservative Muslim attire. A conservatively dressed Iraqi matron holding a provocative sign and a picture of a naked woman stood against the dusty concrete blast wall outside the main checkpoint where Iraqi workers enter and leave Baghdad's Green Zone. It's almost impossible for us, as Americans, to grasp just how shocking this was. First, you have to consider that for Farah al-Jaberi, an observant Muslim woman, conservative attire doesn't mean a tailored pantsuit; it means full hijab: a headscarf that conceals her hair and throat, topped by a head-to-foot abaya, a black drapery that's designed to obscure any hint of a womanly shape underneath.

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They were expressive and they were not afraid to take up a lot of space. The hijabistas Berge follows combine Muslim fashion with Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic.

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Faduma Aden, a year-old designer who produces modest workwear, is seen in one photo holding up a crisp, blush-colored coat. Imane Asry embodies a similar style on her fashionwithfaith account, pairing an intricately wrapped, rose-colored headscarf with a bomber jacket in one post. To Mariam Moufid, another hijabista, being able to choose what she wears is freedom.

Muslim woman in India denied job for wearing hijab. Nedal Zoya was denied a job at an orphanage in New Delhi because she looked 'like a Muslim lady' in her hijab. An Indian social worker says Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins 8/7/  Naked In Hijab One Muslim woman in Baghdad was bothered by the full-body imaging scan required to enter the Green Zone. Women oppose the scan, A Muslim woman walks along Coney Island Avenue on October 18, in New York City. A Muslim woman was forced to remove her hijab for a booking photo in

Showcasing her fashion sense to the more thanfollowers on her hijabmuslim account is a way of staking out her own space. their voices weren't really heard," Berge said. While Muslim women face backlash from Western society about being oppressed, they also face backlash from some members of the Islamic community.

The Extremist Influence, Muslim Women & the Hijab, Sex Talk. May 13, This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, we discuss issues affecting the Muslim community with an all-Muslim panel Transgressive but popular: Egypt's taste for 'Arab porn'. Screen capture from a porn clip with the American porn actress Mia Khalifa wearing the hijab, October In Italy, the most common search typed into porn sites is "mum". In France, it's "beurette", a colloquial term for French women with a North African background 9/8/  Photographs of an Egyptian beach volleyball player wearing a hijab at the Olympics have gone viral. But people are divided on whether they illustrate a culture clash, or the unifying power of sport

We don't want our offices to be blown up," she said. She said female employees don't object to having their bags examined, or to being patted down by female guards in curtained booths that are set aside for that purpose.

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What they do object to, she said, is going through a scan where their bodies can be seen by male guards or where images of their bodies can be saved and viewed by anyone later.

Jaberi said she believed that she and other women had won their point in May, when officials agreed that women would not have to go through the scanner but could be searched separately and privately by female guards. She said that was the procedure for a couple of weeks until a new American soldier came on guard at the checkpoint and insisted that she had to go through the scanner.

When she refused, Jaberi said the soldier took her aside, shouted at her and threatened to call the police. When she told him to go ahead and call, Jaberi says the soldier pointed his gun at her.

28/9/  Muslim-American journalist Noor Tagouri will appear in Playboy magazine's October issue wearing a hijab, a decision that has elicited praise in some quarters and Muslim woman's picture with anti-Islam protesters goes viral. A Muslim woman who posed for a picture with anti-Islam protesters says she wanted to "combat their hatred with love and a smile Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins 5/10/  Germany's election dating game. Playboy has for the first time featured a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. The BBC's Hanan Razek met Libyan-American journalist Noor Tagouri to

That's when, she said, she turned back from the checkpoint, went home and inscribed her protest sign, which says in Arabic: "From the American to the [female] Parliament employee - either no clothes, or the American prisons.

All this happened in early June.

Reached recently by telephone at her workplace, Jaberi said her protest lasted a couple of hours. Eventually, she said, officials came out and told her that she would not have to go through the scanner.

That's the way it has been for the past month, she said, and parliamentary authorities have recently opened a separate gate for women.

Iraqi officials said the incident Jaberi was protesting is still under investigation. And she said she's still waiting for an apology. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

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My mum has had a few experiences though. It was in a different language but by his tone I knew it wasn't nice.

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Shaymaa says the only times she felt unsafe being a "visible Muslim" was following the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand. On 15 March a white supremacist killed 50 people - leading to the country changing its gun laws.

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Shaymaa says she's hopeful that cases where people are targeted because of their religion are decreasing. You see more people like me, wearing hijbas.

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Take a stand. The photos are not photoshopped btw.

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