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When you go online to search for something you either go to search engines such as Google or Bing. Believe it or not, there are things on the web that will never show up on your tradition search engine, no matter how hard you may try. Well, because a password is needed or the site belongs to a private network of organizations. If those tech giants had everything, neither the deep web search engines nor the hidden web would have existed. To be able to find the hidden things of the web , you have to dig a little deeper than usual, but I will show you how to do that and where to look.

Our family was special. We weren't like everyone else and our secrets had to stay between our walls.

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Most of my memories are fuzzy until around 4ish. But nudity was something we grew up accepting. I remember dad coming home from work and always being in a rush to get naked. I remember always running to greet Daddy and hugging him. My face basically in his crotch. My mother did a lot of weird things to me. Things that even as a little girl I questioned. My parents were obsessed with delaying my puberty. I wasn't allowed to eat anything processed.

I would cry that my brother got to eat anything he wanted but I couldn't. I couldn't drink milk from cows.

I couldn't even drink water out of plastic bottles. Only filtered water. I don't think I had my first taste of ice cream until I was i don't really know how to say it so I'll just try my best.

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Being sexual was normal to me and my brother. It was the same as learning math or science. My mother would always kiss me and my brother on the lips.

0 1. I broke my leg and arm and have a cast that goes to mid-thigh. While taking a shower I fell hard and when my mom asked if I wanted her to come in I said "no, but I need help.". Next thing I know, my female cousin and step-sister were in the bathroom (my mom sent them) and could see "everything.". They are both freshman in college 6 mo. The entire time we both lived at home I rarely showered without my sister at the mirror on the other side of the glass shower door. Neither one of us wanted to wake up early enough that we'd both have our own time in the bathroom, and nudity was never a big deal to us, and still isn't. Just last week we saunaed nude together There are hundreds of live webcam sex sites out there, but which ones are worth using? Find out the top 10 sites in this in-depth review!

I still have vivid memories of her tongue exploring my mouth. Me and my brother would practice for her.

But the main rule my brother was taught was he couldn't touch me until I had my first red flow or growth my period I envied my brother for his freedom. I was constantly being taught by my Mom things we have to do if I want to grow like she was.

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She was my mom. I never questioned her. She'd constantly take pictures of me and my brother. Me learning what my nipples were for. and making me practice sucking hers. I remember being jealous of the attention she gave my brother and his medicine giver. I hated that I didn't get her attention and didn't get why I wasn't allowed to touch my special spot. I remember her insisting on watching me poop and she always wiped me. I remember for my 5th birthday my parents said I was going to learn how to nurture my body so I can be healthy.

that girls have to take medicine at least once a day to be strong.

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I was 5 when my mother showed me how to use daddy's wand. up until that point in my life my father rarely gave me all the physical want and need I craved.

Oh how naive and innocent I was. reminded that I could die if I missed days without it. He loved to punish me and manipulate me by hurting my brother. This went on until my brother started going through puberty. I cried because he could grow hair on his special spots but I couldn't yet.

I remember all the pictures we had to take of my body when I started to get breasts. when I started budding on my nipples I remember mom and my dad would help them grow by pinching and squeezing them. My mom started taking medicine from my brother as I would from my dad. I had my first period when I was 14 years old. My mom taught me how I was ready to be a woman. I'm still scarred thinking back to the ritual we did.

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I had to spread my blood all over my body. I remember as I got older figuring out things. I knew things we did were different but I still believed I had a purpose. My brother was abused physically as we grew older.

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We begged to be able to go to public schools. My brother started self inflicting pain to himself. As I developed my father started taking me with him to special events to show the world that God's plan was ready.

he bought me lingerie. I still remember being told that I was never allowed to wear a bra because my perfect breasts needed to stay perky. so basically from ish my dad would take me to secret meetings. later learned it was just dirty underground sex cults or something.

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I would be paraded around random strangers. I didn't like the way I felt when he took me there.

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My brother committed suicide when I was My parents actually took it really hard. Things seemed to stop. I got accepted to a university and I seriously couldn't of been less prepared for life.

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I remember asking my dad if id be alright without my medicine daily. It's not so much I really thought I'd die.

I honestly at that time enjoyed the intimacy I had with my dad. As sick as it sounded.

I quickly learned I was socially awkward. I had an over stimulated sex drive. I quickly experimented with drugs in college. learned that I wasn't special as I was told. I remember the day I found all my dads files of me growing up.

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I started dating a guy. Basically my illusion I made to shelter myself disapeared.

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I fell into depression. I stopped talking to my parents. I thought about killing myself. I met my husband at a festival my junior year in college. I'm so ashamed of who I am.

I became someone else. he has no idea the magnitude of the damage and pain I carry every day.

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I insisted that our wedding be small. I told him that my dad was in jail and couldn't be there. his family is so pure and have truly made me feel as much of me as I can be.

No, you definitely should not forgive them. You do not have to. Get them out of your life. Keep them out of your life. Keep them away from your daughter. Tell them to stay away. You can tell your husband they were abusive without going into detail. Get a damn restraining DEAR DEIDRE: I'M back home in Britain after escaping an abusive relationship in America. But now my ex-husband is demanding nude webcam videos if I want to see my daughter again. I am 35 and was A MAN used search engines to find indecent photographs of children using the key words 'jailbait and very young girls'. Simon Boon, 36, of West Street, Leominster, pleaded guilty to the possession

I haven't spoken to my parents in over 6 years. I'm pregnant. a baby girl. My husband went behind my back and reached oout and found my father.

I felt my heart drop when I was surprised by my parents showing up to meet us. I was so prepared to just scream. expose them. And all I could do was smile. Should I feel as super embarrassed as I do? Vote A. I would help but it would be SUPER awkward.

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why did she have to help you dry yourself? That's a little excessive, no? Do you need help every time you shower? Im confused by that part.

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Seems like a breach in boundaries. it's no big deal because she isn't attracted to you. Show All Show Less.

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