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A list where the characters of the actresses were underaged. AFAIK, the actresses weren't. com v Mainstream US movies are shot on average a year before release, for European movies it's shorter, except for 70s sexploitation movies, these can be shot years before release. The Melancholic Alcholic.

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If you're a fan of foreign films and love stories, this one's perfect for date night. After Nina Shah's father dies, she has to move back to Glasgow to help run the family restaurant.

That's where she meets Lisa, who owns half. Romance and lots of tasty-looking food follows. Most buddy comedies focus on two straight dudes, so check out this female-fronted flick for a change of pace.

Sasha who's a lesbian and Paige who's straight are best friends, and always put their relationship first. But then Paige meets a new guy that threatens their status. Buckle in for a dark crime thriller by The Wachowskis that follows Corky, a lesbian ex-con-turned plumber who concocts a plot with Violet to steal millions and pin it on Violet's boyfriend. If you're the type to watch holiday movies year-round guiltythis star-studded flick works anytime.

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Our protagonist plans to propose to her girlfriend at Christmas when they spend the holidays with her family, but on their way there, she finds out she isn't out to them.

After a long estrangement due to her sexual transgressions, Ronit returns home to her super-conservative, Orthodox Jewish community in London and rediscovers a passion for her childhood friend, Esti.

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It's a beautiful exploration of faith, community, and love. Wil is busy with her career as a surgeon and balancing the expectations of her traditionalist Chinese mother, which don't include her dancer girlfriend Vivian. But then her mom shows up with a surprise that calls her bluff. The ending will get your toes tapping. Gray and Sam are siblings who are so close, people sometimes assume they're actually a couple.

They agree to branch out and find each other a mate, but when Sam finds someone, it doesn't exactly go as planned for Sam. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Subscribe Sign In My Account Sign Out. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Welcome to the GH Stitch Club. Should I Get My Vaccine and Flu Shot Together? The 1, Most Popular Baby Girl Names Right Now. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. courtesy of Netflix.

STREAM NOW RELATED: Best LGBTQ Books to Read This Month. courtesy of Lions Gate Films. Director: Pier Carpi Stars: Anne Heywoo Valentina CorteseFrank FinlayJohn Phillip Law. Desideria was born to a prostitute who couldn't keep her, so sold her to the rich bourgeois Viola, who has given her a good education but little affection.

When she discovers that Viola is Director: Gianni Barcelloni Stars: Stefania SandrelliLara WendelKlaus LowitschVittorio Mezzogiorno. Fabio Testi is a politician who finds himself descending into a world of drugs and crime when he encounters Lara Wendel.

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Director: Fabrizio Lori Stars: Lara WendelFabio TestiSimonetta StefanelliUgo Bologna. Follows the experiences of Petra and her friends as they reach the final year at high school. Director: Walter Boos Stars: Marco KrogerKatja BienertIngeborg SteinbachWolfgang Plumhoff.

Novel-based story of Jacob Fabian, a somewhat liberal Berlin advertising copywriter who witnesses the collapse of the prewar German society during the s. Director: Wolf Gremm Stars: Hans Peter HallwachsHermann LauseSilvia JanischMijanou Van Baarzel. Eugenie is the capricious daughter of a rich diplomat, living in a seaside resort in Spain.

She exhibits her young and splendid body in the beach and night-clubs. She feels an incredible Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Katja BienertMabel EscanoAntonio MayansLina Romay.

R 86 min Comedy, Drama. During rehearsals for a school performance, a group of students discusses whether sex and love belong together, and whether both together in a relationship is possible.

Director: Walter Boos Stars: Katja BienertManuela KohlhoferSylvia EngelmannRenate Langer. Director: Monica Teuber Stars: Monica TeuberMichael TregorAlfred EdelJoachim Hasenfu?.

Betsy Norman is a happy assistant at a luxurious Spanish hotel. Shiela, the hotel owner, caters for all wishes of her clientele with another lucrative business, the brothel "Rio Amore" Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Katja BienertUrsula BuchfellnerRaquel EvansAntonio Mayans.


Jess Franco's loose adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, a story about a guy who looks for treasure on an island and gets seduced by the sirens.

Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Katja BienertAntonio do CaboEduardo FajardoBea Fiedler. Not Rated 83 min Action, Adventure, Horror.

A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe's goddess. Directors: Jesus FrancoOlivier Mathot Stars: Katja BienertAntonio MayansAline MessAlbino Graziani.

A runaway girl is kidnapped by a gang of wealthy sadists and turned into their drug-addicted sex slave. Director: Jesus Franco Stars: Katja BienertAntonio MayansEmilio LinderMari Carmen Nieto. Not Rated min Drama.

Henry & June 62%. # Adjusted Score: %. Critics Consensus: Henry & June celebrates sensuality and passion, though the portentous filmmaking drags it down by a large degree. Synopsis: Writer Henry Miller (Fred Ward), wife June (Uma Thurman) and writer Anais Nin (Maria de Medeiros) get kinky in s To help celebrate Entertainment Weekly's 20th anniversary (one more year and we can finally drink booze!), the writers and editors have carefully Divinely inspired or otherwise, the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is deeply rooted in the Western psyche. Eve occupies mere pages of

A writer goes on a road trip across West Germany with a group of eclectic people he meets along the way. Director: Wim Wenders Stars: Rudiger VoglerHanna SchygullaHans Christian BlechNastassja Kinski. Votes: 3, R 95 min Horror. An American occult novelist battles to save the soul of a young girl from a group of Satanists, led by an excommunicated priest, who plan on using her as the representative of the Devil on Earth.

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Director: Peter Sykes Stars: Richard WidmarkChristopher LeeHonor BlackmanDenholm Elliott. Sixteen year old pupil Sina Wolf has a love affair with her married Teacher Fichte. Also pupil Michael Harms cannot resist her beauty. One day Michael follows Sina into the forrest, throws Director: Wolfgang Petersen Stars: Christian QuadfliegNastassja KinskiJudy WinterKlaus Schwarzkopf.

R 98 min Comedy.

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This film tells the story about a group of girls at an exclusive German girls boarding school. Across the lake is an exclusive boys boarding school Director: Andre Farwagi Stars: Nastassja KinskiGerry SundquistStefano D'AmatoGabriele Blum.

R 95 min Drama, Romance. Stuck in a dysfunctional marriage, a middle-aged architect has a chance encounter with an alluring student, and begin seeing each other.

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He wants to be loved; she needs a meaningful relationship; however, could he be her missing father? Director: Alberto Lattuada Stars: Marcello MastroianniNastassja KinskiFrancisco RabalMonica Randall.

PG min Drama, Romance. Director: Roman Polanski Stars: Nastassja KinskiPeter FirthLeigh LawsonJohn Collin. Votes: 16, Charlotte Gainsbourg is being raised without a mother. She is only 13 but ready to be an adult. She meets an older boy and begins a relationship while teaching a young friend about life and learning the ropes herself. Director: Claude Miller Stars: Charlotte GainsbourgClothilde BaudonJulie GlennBernadette Lafont. Stan, screeplay writer, had his time of glory in Hollywood.

Today, alcoholic with a certain envy for suicide, his only link to life is his daughter, Charlotte.

The Vampire Diaries star's decision to pose for Playboy comes after the magazine announced it was returning to its original form of featuring nude photographs on Monday. Wicked! A Harry 7 Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List. courtesy of Netflix. Like so many besties, Naomi and Ely have a firmly established "no kiss list" to protect them from romantic snafus. But in a surprising twist When Porn and Virtual Reality Collide (NSFW) By. Fruzsina Eordogh. 11/20/14 PM. Comments The porn of the future is titillating. As virtual reality matures, we'll be aroused in

Director: Serge Gainsbourg Stars: Charlotte GainsbourgSerge GainsbourgRoland BertinRoland Dubillard. Not Rated 99 min Biography, Fantasy. It could be a trap," whispers Jane Birkin shyly into Agnes Varda's ear at the start of JANE B. PAR AGNES V. The director of CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 and Director: Agnes Varda Stars: Jane BirkinJean-Pierre Leau Philippe Leotar Farid Chopel.

R min Comedy, Drama. In a small town in post-World-War-II France, an unhappy sixteen-year-old Janine Castang tries to escape her dreary situation by any means at her disposal.

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Three successive friends Michel Director: Claude Miller Stars: Charlotte GainsbourgDidier BezaceSimon de La BrosseClotilde de Bayser. In Paris, the Colonel kidnaps unhappy or abandoned boys, providing them and his wife with comfort and joy in his rich mansion.

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Then things become complicated when he adopts a girl. Director: Christian de Chalonge Stars: Marcello MastroianniAngela MolinaMichel PiccoliVirginie Ledoyen.

In this bittersweet tale of couplings and uncouplings, a group of friends hole up for their annual Christmas gathering in Chamonix. Director: Elie Chouraqui Stars: Jean-Hugues AngladeJacqueline BissetChristine BoissonAndre Dussollier.

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As virtual reality matures, we'll be aroused in three-dimensional immersive alternative realities, interacting with super-lifelike porn stars customized to our taste. People will look back on our passive and lonely 2D smut and pity us.

A list where the characters of the actresses were underaged. AFAIK, the actresses weren't. Because iMDb has canceled the commenting option, leave comments on snos-domov.info v l FD = by filmdates, as provided by iMDb. RD = age when film was released, so the age by date of filming is younger,

But when? Oculus Rift porn, like VR everything elsehas been overhyped for years.

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It's still being overhype even as the pornographers dabbling in Rift development are struggling to get the subjects into adequate 3D scans. Even fewer companies have tackled the interactive ct of simulated sex with teledildonics.

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Some pornographers have realized the teledildonics on the market just aren't good enough yet, as is the case with Oculus game Wicked Paradisewhich closed up shop despite heaps of fanfare last year.

Meanwhile the customizable 3D avatar games that have been made it to consumers have steps-above-Minecraft graphics that'll give you a headache, and that's after you've gotten over the simulator-sickness.

At this early stage, it's very hard to make quality adult content for VR. The porn makers filming live-action have to Macgyver their own VR-compatible equipment, reinvent the standard adult film process, and program new processing software. But people are doing it.

And like a good journalist, I explored the stuff that's out there today. I found the pickings slim and mostly terrible at least to me.

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But they were also a crude, salacious glimpse into how this technology could eventually blow the sex industry apart.

Despite VR devices not even being available to regular consumers, Spain-based porn company VirtualRealPorn is one of a small handful of pornographers developing for Oculus Rift already, by adapting traditional live-action porn for the headset. VirtualRealPorn films porn clips in an degree immersive experience so not full-on 3D and they've played with the Rift's sound capabilities, inserting moments in the scene where the actress whispers in the viewer's ear-a big hit with customers.

So far there are 25 clips in its library, each about 9 minutes long and from the POV of the male. VirtualRealPorn communications director LindaWells said that adding interactivity, including with teledildonics, is one of the many plans for the future. But right now they're still trying to figure out production, along with post-production editing for the Rift.

Both, she said, are time-consuming and expensive. There are many rules the filmmakers "must follow to create a comfortable immersion" experience, explained Wells, which the company has been discovering through trial-and-error.

And beyond figuring out a new way of filming, the company had to create its own equipment to shoot the pornos.

This struggle to adapt film and production processes to the Rift is an industry-wide problem. SugarDV a massive adult film company that made headlines this spring when it announced it would be making interactive VR porn, has yet to even reveal it's long-awaited Oculus Rift demo, which was supposed to come out this summer. So far it's "scanned two adult performers and are currently in the process of working them into our demo," wrote press liaison Rebecca Bolen.

In other words, it's not done yet. Bolen did not respond to multiple requests to elaborate, but the company had this to say in a blog post in late August: "We've found that in order to create a more immersive experience, we need to start from the beginning of production in order to perfectly tailor adult content to the VR world. On the digital side, the technology for scanning and replicating porn actresses is moving steadily along.

Instagram, with its nipple-hating overlords and strict "community guidelines," has become an unlikely hub for erotic art. Of course, we all know that Instagram is an all-too-perfect tool for Artists cast a wicked spell as A famous sorcerer such as Crowley has an obvious appeal for a popular culture saturated in stories of witches and vampires, but he pouting nudes and 42 Metascore. Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves, while falling in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons. Director: Len Wiseman | Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Michael Sheen. Votes: , | Gross: $M

Veiviev, the NSFW arm of the 3D scanning service Infinite Realitieshad the best 3D scans I could find. They call their realistic nudes "sculptures," and themselves "artisans.

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