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The world is full of surprises. Take Team Shuriken , for example. Not that new a leaf, mind you, as the business of boobs is still roaring right along , but this time, with Uncraft Me! Of course, that disguise comes booby-trapped oh the puns! At first sight, past the skippable tale of imprisoned princesses and an evil cube that wants to make everything square, it seems to be an average platformer, albeit one done in the style of Minecraft. Carrot on a stick, except the carrot is replaced by you know, all the ladies.

New obstacles, like shooting air vents and areas of unlimited rocket fuel, give some new wrinkles to the gameplay, along with returning death-bringers like hot lava and timed laser traps, those consistent bastards.

And you will dieas the sequel carries on the tradition of ending your life repeatedly as you jetpack, swerve, and claw your way to the top of each stage in search of that elusive, softcore bondage, almost-but-not-quite-nude Space Idol.

One of the few screenshots without any skin- Wait, nevermind, crotch in the background.

  This game doesn't bring much of anything new to the Uncraft Me series, but something tells me its target audience isn't too particular regarding new content or extensive gameplay innovations, so long as the girls are included. Ugh, don't remind me of that game. Not that the series needs any drastic changes to be successful   The game has no full nudity. The nudity tag comes from users and is not something we control. #1. ghost. View Profile View Posts. Feb 3, @ pm. but you cant share pictures with nudity,well the game dev - publicher dont want you to, #2. Team Shuriken Do you like subway? If you do you should SUBscribe (; haha get it?!?! even if you don't still subscribe! It's freeeee!I decided to make a slideshow of all th

In fact, besides the famously- hard. heh heh difficulty coming back with a vengeance in the later levels the last two, in particular, will frustrate you needlesslythe only other thing that would really give me pause in recommending Uncraft Me 2 to any lonely, horny soul with a controller would be the higher cost of the sequel. Sounds a lot like my previous Uncraft Me! To Hell!

Uncraft World. Developer. Studio TeamShuriken. Publisher. Studio TeamShuriken. Released. Sep 25, Save the galaxy and its hot goddesses from eternal cubification! Now with 50+ levels, Online play, 27 hero skins, Level Editor and Workshop integration!Reviews:

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6 Lewdest Video Game Easter Eggs!

Probably not. Too risky ??.

Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar - Skins that look like this but with minor edits. Select a resourcepack project. Create new project Start a new empty local resource pack. show randomobs. comments powered by Disqus. Report this skin to a moderator. Report Uncraft Me 1 & 2 and Girls. likes. This is about a game called Uncraft Me (All) and that has beautiful Girls to rescue and the hero is a cube XD, this girls are very beautiful   Uncraft Me was developed by Team Shuriken (80 Microsoft Points recommend these girls get a mammogram ASAP in the making of this review) I guess that's the most gratifying part. Yes, they have talent. Not just talent to lure in the horny teenage demographic. Actual game design talent. They're like Larry snos-domov.infoted Reading Time: 5 mins

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  Uncraft ME! is an action jetpack game where you must fly through a cubified world to save sexy goddesses so that they can restore the world and all of it's inhabitants to it's old form. The game starts out quite easy, but gets really difficult in the later levels! It is currently available on xbox live indie games for 1$ and in Steam Estimated Reading Time: 1 min   Uncraft Me! is a simple yet difficult 2D platformer where you must navigate Alex and his jetpack through a cubified world to save beautiful anime drawn goddesses from their icy prison. The game's soundtrack consists of 10 FantomenK songs which are a fresh take on old chip tunes with some extra groovy on top   Uncraft Me! forgets what it is, and insists on being taken serious, stressing the perfect timing and nimble maneuvering you'd find in a Super Meat Boy and the like. In a more serious game, I'd be happy to comply, or at least make a spirited attempt. Here, not so much. Despite the new style and move towards actual gameplay, Team Shuriken's Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

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Posted by studioteamshuriken on August 14, Posted in: Uncategorized. The game starts out quite easy, but gets really difficult in the later levels! About greenlight : We want to bring Uncraft Me! Powerful level editor In game seamless access to user created content, sortable by most popular, best ranked, difficulty and release date Steam achievements And more!!!

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