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dayes iourney is Sequotanthe southermost part of Wingandacoa. Adioyning to Secotan beginneth the country Pomonikbelonging to the King called Piamacumin the Country Nusiok vpon the great riuer Neus.

These haue mortall warres with WinginaKing of Wingandacoa. Betwixt Piemacum and the Lord of Secotana peace was concluded: notwithstanding there is a mortall malice in the Secotansbecause this Pieneacum invited diuers men, and women to a feast, and when they were altogether merry before their Idoll, which is but a meere illusion of the Deuill, they sudainly slew all the men of Secotanand kept the women for their vse.

Beyond Roanoak are many Isles full of fruits and other Naturall increases, with many Townes a long the side of the Continent. Those Iles lye myles in length, and betweene them and the mayne, a great long sea, in some places.

or my les broad, in other more, somewhere lesse. And in this sea are Iles of diuers bignesses, but to get into it, you haue but 3. passages and they very dangerous. This discouery was so welcome into England that it pleased her Maiestie to call this Country of Wingandacoa, Virginiaby which name now you are to vnderstand how it was planted, disolued, reuned, and enlarged. The Performers of this voyage were these following. Page 5 Sir Richard Grenuills voyage to Virginia, for Sir Walter Raleigh.

Sir Richard Grenvilsvoyage. THe 9. of Aprill he departed from Plimouth with 7. sayle: the chiefe men with him in command, were Master Ralph LayneMaster Thomas Candish Master Iohn ArundelMaster StukleyMaster BremigeMaster VincentMaster Heryot and Master Iohn Clarke. day we fell with the Canariesand the 7. of May with Dominico in the West Indies : we landed at Portoricoafter with much a doe at Izabella on the north of Hispaniolapassing by many Iles.

Vpon the we fell with the mayne of Floridaand were put in great danger vpon Cape Fear. we Anchored at Wocokonwhere the admiral had like to beene cast away, presently we sent to Wingina to Roanoakand Master Arundell went to the mayne, with Manteo a saluage, and that day to Crooton.

The Generall victualed for 8. dayes, with a selected company went to the maine, and discovered the Townes of Pomeiok, Aquascogoc, Secotanand the great Lake called Paquipe. At Aquascogoc the Indians stole a siluer Cup, wherefore we burnt the Towne and spoyled their corne, so returned to our fleete at Tocokon. Our Generall in his way home tooke a rich loaden ship of tunns, with which he ariued at Plimouth the of September. These were left vnder the command of Master Ralph Layne to inhabite the Country, but they returned within a yeare.

Philip Amidas Admirall. Master Kendall. Master Antony Russe.

Master Thomas Heryot. Master Gardiner. Master Allen.

Master Acton. Master Predeox. Master Michaell Pollison. Master Stafford. Master Rogers. Master Thomas Bockner. Master Thomas Luddington. Master Haruy. Master Iamesmason. Master Maruyn.

Master Snelling. Master Dauid Salter.

join. was

Master Iames Skinner. Touching the most remarkeable things of the Country and our proceeding from the 17 of August till the of Iune we made Roanoack our habitation.

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The vtmost of our discouery Southward was Secotan as we esteemed leagues from Roanoacke. ores, that would carry but men with their prouisions for 7. dayes: so that because the winter approached we left those discoueries till a stronger supply.

To the Northward; our farthest was to a Towne of the Chesapeacksfrom Roanoack The passage is very shallow and dangerous by reason of the breadth of the sound and the little succour for a storme, but this teritory being is not to be, excelled by any other whatsoeuer.

There be sundry other Kings they call Weroances as the Mangoacks, Trypaniks and opposianswhich came to visit vs. To the northwest our farthest was Chawonack from Roanoack myles our Page 6 passage lyeth through a broad sound, but all fresh water, and the channell Nauigable for a Ship, but out of it full of shoules.

The townes by the way by the water, are Passaquenock the womens towne, Chepanoc, Weapomeiok; from Muscamunge wee enter the riuer and iurisdiction of Chawoneckthere it beginneth to straiten, and at Chawonock it is as Thames at Lambeth : betwixt them as we passed is goodly high land on the left hand, and there is a towne called Ohanockwhere is a great corne field, it is subiect to Chawonockwhich is the greatest Prouince vpon the riuer, and the Towne it selfe can put seuen hundred men into the field, besides the forces of the rest.

The King is lame, but hath more vnderstanding then all the rest. The river of Moratoc is more famous then all the rest, and openeth into the sound of Weapomesokand where there is but a very small currant in Chawonockit hath so strong a currant from the Southwest, as we doubted how to row against it. This lame King is called Menatonon. When I had him prisoner two dayes, he told mee that 3. This king was at Chawonock two yeares agoe to trade with blacke pearle, his worst sort whereof I had a rope, but they were naught; but that King he sayth hath store of white, and had trafficke with white men, for whom he reserued them; he promised me guides to him, but aduised me to goe strong, for he was vnwilling strangers should come in his Country, for his Country is populous and valiant men.

If a supply had come in Aprill, I resolued to haue sent a small Barke to the Northward to haue found it, whilest I with small Boates and men would haue gone to the head of the riuer Chawonockwith sufficient guides by land, inskonsing my selfe euery two dayes, where I would leaue Garrisons for my retreat till I came to this Bay.

Very neare vnto it is the riuer of Moratocdirectly from the West, the head of it springeth out of a mayne Rocke, which standeth so neare the Sea, that in stormes the Sea beats ouer it into this fresh spring, that of it selfe at the surse is a violent streame. I intended with two Wherries and fortie persons to haue Menatonons sonne for guide, to try this presently, till I could meete with some of the Moratocksor Mangoaksbut hoping of getting more victuall from the Saluages, we as narrowly escaped staruing in that Discouery as euer men did.

But being thus farre on my iourney myles from home, and but victuals for two dayes, besides the casualties of crosse winds, stormes, and the Saluages trechery, though we intended no hurt to any: I gaue my Company to vnderstand we were onely drawne forth vpon these vaine hopes by the Saluages to bring vs to confusion: a Councell we held, to goe forward or returne, but they all were absolutely resolued but three, that whilst there was but one pynt of Corne for a man, they would not leaue the search of that riuer; for they had two Mastiue Dogs, which boy led with Saxefras leaues if the worst fell Page 7 out vpon them and the pottage they would liue two dayes, which would bring them to the sound, where they should finde fish for two dayes more to passe it to Roanockwhich two dayes they had rather fast then goe backe a foote, till they had seene the Mangoaks either as friends or foes.

Though I did forsee the danger and misery, yet the desire I had to see the Mangoaks was, for that there is a prouince called Chaunis Temoatanfrequented by them and well knowne to all those Countries, where is a mine of Copper they call Wassador; they say they take it out of a riuer that falleth swiftly from high rocks in shallow water, in great Bowles, couered with leather, leauing a part open to receiue the mettall, which by the change of the colour of the water where the spout falleth, they suddainly chop downe, and haue the Bowlefull, which they cast into the fire, it presently melteth, and doth yeeld in fiue parts at the first melting two parts mettall for three of Ore.

The Mangoaks haue such plenty of it, they beautifie their houses with great plates thereof: this the Salvages report; and young Skiko the King of Chawonocks sonne my prisoner, that had beene prisoner among the Mangoaksbut neuer at Chaunis Temoatanfor he sayd that was twentie dayes iourney overland from the Mangoaks.

Menatonon also confirmed all this, and promised me guids to this mettall Country; by Land to the Mangoaks is but one dayes iourney, but seauen by water, which made me so willing to haue met them for some assay of this mettall: but when we came there we found no creature, onely we might see where had beene their fires.

After our two dayes iourney, and our victuals spent, in the euening we heard some call as we thought Manteowho was with me in the boat; this made vs glad, he made them a friendly answer, which they answered with a song we thought for welcome, but he told vs they came to fight.

Presently they did let flie their Arrowes about the boat, but did not hurt, the other boat scouring the shore we landed: but they all were fled, and how to finde them wee knew not. So the next morning we returned to the mouth of the riuer, that cost vs foure dayes rowing vp, and here our dogs pottage stood vs in good stead, for we had nothing els: the next day we fasted being windbound, and could not passe the sound, but the day following we came to Chippanumwhere the people were fled, but their wires afforded vs fish: thus being neare spent, the next day God brought vs to Roanocke.

I conclude a good Mine, or the South sea will make this Country quickly inhabited, and so for pleasure and profit comparable with any in the world: otherwise there will be nothing worth the fetching. Provided there be found a better harbour then yet there is, which must be Northward if there be any.

The conspiracy of Pemissapan; the Discouery of it; and our returne for England with Sir Francis Drake. The Conspiracy of Pemissapan. The death of a most rare Salvage. E Nsenore a Saluage, father to Pemissapanthe best friend we had after the death of Granganimeowhen I was in those Discoueries, could not prevaile any thing with the King from destroying vs, that all this time God had preferued, by his good counsell to the King to be friendly vnto vs. Pemissapan thinking as the brute was in this last iourney we were flaine and starued, began to blaspheme our God that would suffer it, and not defend vs, so that old Ensenore had no more credit for vs: for he began by all the deuises he could to inuade vs.

But in the beginning of this brute, when they saw vs all returne, the report false, Page 8 and had Manteoand three Saluages more with vs, how little we esteemed all the people we met, and feared neither hunger, killing, or any thing, and had brought their greatest Kings sonne prisoner with vs to Roanock : it a little asswaged all his deuises, and brought Ensenore in respect againe, that our God was good, and wee their friends, and our foes should perish, for we could doe them more hurt being dead, then liuing, and that being an hundred myles from them, shot, and strucke them sicke to death, and that when we die it is but for a time, then we returne againe.

But that which wrought the most feare among them was the handy-worke of Almightie God. For certaine dayes after my returne, Menatonon sent messengers to me with Pearle, and Okisco King of Weopomeoketo yeeld himselfe seruant to the Queene of England.

Okisco with twenty-foure of his principall men came to Pemissapan to acknowledge this dutie and subiection, and would performe it. All which so changed the heart of Pemissapanthat vpon the aduise of Ensenorewhen we were ready to famish they came and made vs wires, and planted their fields they intended to abandon we not hauing one corne till the next haruest to sustuine vs. This being done our old friend Ensenore dyed the twenty of Aprill, then all our enemies wrought with Pemissapan to put in practise his deuises, which he easily imbraced, though they had planted corne by vs, and at Dasamonpeack two leagues from vs.

Yet they got Okisco our tributary to get seuen or eight hundred and the Mandoages with the Chisapeans should doe the like to meete as their custome is to solemnize the Funerall of Ensenore. Halfe of whom should lye hid, to cut off the straglers, seeking crabs and prouision: the rest come out of the mayne vpon the Signall by fire.

Twenty of the principall of Pemissapans men had charge in the night to beset my house, put fire in the Reeds that couered it, which might cause me run out so naked and amazed, they might without danger knocke out my braines.

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The same order for M r Heriotsand the rest: for all should haue beene fired at an instant. In the meane time they should fell vs nothing, and in the night spoyle our wires, to make nenessitie disperse vs. For if we were but ten together, a hundred of them would not meddle with vs. So our famine increased, I was forced to send Captaine Stafford to Croatanwith twentie to feed himselfe, and see if he could espie any sayle passe the coast; M r Predeox with ten to Hatarask vpon the same occasion: and other small parties to the Mayne to liue vpon rootes and Oysters.

Pemissapan sequestring himselfe, I should not importune him for victuall, and to draw his troupes, found not the Chawonests so forward as he expected, being a people more faithfull and powerfull, and desired our friendships, and was offended with him for raising such tales, and all his proiects were revealed to me by Skico my prisoner; who finding himselfe as well vsed by me, as Pemissapan tould me all.

These troubles caused me send to Pemissapanto put suspition in his head, I was to goe presently to Croatan to meete a Fleete came to me, though I knew no such matter: and that he would lend me men to fish and hunt. He sent me word he would come himselfe to Roanock; but delaying time eight dayes that all his men were there to be assembled, not liking so much company, I resolued the next day to goe visit him, but first to giue them in the Ile a Canvisado, and at an instant to seaze on all their Canows about the Ile.

But the towne tooke the Alarum before I ment it. For when I sent to take the Canows, he met one going from the shore, ouerthrew her and cut off two Salvages heads; wherevpon the cry arose, being by their spyes perceiued: for they kept as good watch over vs, as we of them. Vpon this they to their Bowes, and we to our Armes: three or foure of them at the first were slaine, the rest fled into the woods.

The next morning I went to Dassamonpeack and sent Pemissapan word I was going to Croatanand tooke him in my way to complaine Osocon would haue stole my prisoner Skito. Himselfe being shot through with a Pistoll fell downe as dead, but presently start vp and ran away from them all, till an Irish Boy shot him over the buttocks, where they tooke him and cut off his head. Seauen dayes after Captaine Stafforton sent to me he descryed twentie-three Sayle. The next day came to me himselfe of whom I must say this, from the first to the last, he neither spared labour, or perill by land or sea, fayre weather, or foule, to performe any serious seruice committed to him.

He brought me a letter from Sir Francis Drakewhose generous mind offered to supply all my defects, of shipping, boats, munition, victuall, clothes, and men to further this action: and vpon good consultation and deliberation, he appointed me a ship of tuns, with an hundred men, and foure moneths victuals, two Pinnaces, foure small Boats, with two sufficient Masters, with sufficient Gangs.

All this being made ready for me, suddenly arose such a storme for foure dayes, that had like to haue driuen the whole Fleete on shore: many of them were forced to the Sea, whereof my ship so lately giuen me was one, with all my prouision and Company appoynted. Not with standing, the storme ceasing, the Generall appointed me a ship of tuns, with all prouisions as before, to carry me into England the next August, or when I had performed such Discoueries as I thought fit.

Yet they durst not vndertake to bring her into the harbour, but she must ride in the road, leauing the care of the rest to my selfe, advising me to consider with my Company what was fittest, and with my best speed returne him answer. Herevpon calling my Company together, who were all as priuy of the Generals offer as my selfe; their whole request was, in regard of all those former miseries, and no hope of the returne of Sir Grenvilland with a generall consent, they desired me to vrge him, we might all goe with him for England in his Fleete; for whose reliefe in that storme he had sustained more perill of wrack, then in all his honorable actions against his enemies.

So with prayses to God we set sayle in Iune and arriued in Portsmouth the of Iuly the same yeare: Leaving this remembrance to posteritie, To reason lend me thine attentiue eares, Exempt thy selfe from mind-distracting cares : Least that's here thus proiected for thy good; By thee reiected be, ere vnderstood. The Observations of Mr. Thomas Heriot in this Voyage. For Marchandize and Victualls.

For Dyes, Showmackthe herbe Waseburlittle rootes called Chapacorand the barke of a tree called by the Inhabitants Tangomockonomingewhich are for divers sorts of Reds.

What more then is related is an herbe in Dutch called Meldendescribed like an Orange, growing foure foote high; the seede will make good broth, and the Page 10 stalke burnt to ashes makes a kinde of Salt: other Salt they know not, and we vsed of it for Pot-herbs.

Of their Tobacco we found plenty, which they esteeme their chiefe Physicke. Cassavia growes in Marishes, which the Indians oft vse for bread and broth.


Habascon is like a Parsnip, naught of it selfe, except compounded: and their Leekes like those in England. Sequenummenera kinde of Berry like Capers, and three kinde of Berries like Acornes, called Sagatamenor, Osamenorand Pummuckoner. Saquenuckot and Maquowoctwo kinde of beasts, greater then Conies, and very good meate; in some places such plenty of gray Conies, like hayres, that all the people make them mantels of their skins.

I haue the names of severall sorts that are dispersed in the Country: of which kindes we haue discouered and good to eate; but the Salvages sometimes kill a Lyon and eate him. There is plentie of Sturgeon in February, March, Aprill, and May; all Herings in abundance; some such as ours, but the most part of ynches long, and more. Trouts, Porpisses, Rayes, Mullets, Old-wiues, Plaice, Tortoises both by Sea and Land: Crabs, Oysters, Mussels, Scalops, Periwinckles, Crevises, Secanank: we haue the Pictures of sorts more, but their names we know not.

Turkyes, Stockdoues, Partridges, Cranes, Hernes, Swans, Geese, Parrots, Faulcons, Merlins. I haue the names in their language of severall sorts.

Their woods are such as ours in England for the most part, except Rakeock a great sweet tree, whereof they make their Canowes: and Ascopoa kinde of tree like Lowrell, and Saxefras. Their Clothing, Townes, Houses, Warres, Arts, Tooles, handy crafts, and educations, are much like them in that part of Virginia we now inhabite: which at large you may reade in the Description thereof.

But the relation of their Religion is strange, as this Author reporteth. Some Religion they haue, which although it be farre from the truth, yet being as it is there is hope it may be the easier reformed. They beleeue there are many gods which they call Mantoacbut of different sorts and degrees.

Samsung Galaxy S20 inch gb Cosmic Black Ultra 5G LTE At&t Sm-gu iCarly Genre Teen sitcom Created by Dan Schneider Starring Miranda Cosgrove Jennette McCurdy Nathan Kress Jerry Trainor Noah Munck Theme music composer Michael Corcoran Opening theme "Leave It All to Me", sung by Miranda Cosgrove and Drake Bell Composers Michael Corcoran Jason L. Mattia Country of origin United States Original language English

Also that there is one chiefe God that hath beene from all eternitie, who as they say when he purposed first to make the world, made first other gods of a principall order, to be as instruments to be vsed in the Creation and government to follow: And after the Sunne, Moone, and Starres, as pettie gods; and the instruments of the other order more principall.

First they say were made waters, out of which by the gods were made all diversitie of creatures that are visible or invisible. For mankinde they say a Woman was made first, which by the working of one of the gods conceiued and brought forth children; and so they had their beginning, but how many yeares or ages since they know not; having no Records but onely Tradition from Father to sonne.

They thinke that all the gods are of humane shape, and therefore represent them by Images in the formes of men; which they call Kewasowok : one alone is called Kewasa; them they place in their Temples, where they worship, pray, sing, and make many offerings. The common sort thinke them also gods.

They beleeue the immortalitie of the Soule, when life departing from the body, according to the good or bad workes it hath done, it is carried vp to the Tabernacles of the gods, to perpetuall happpinesse, or to Popogussea great pit: which they thinke to be at the furthest parts of the world, where the Sunne sets, and there burne continually. To confirme this they told me of two men that had beene lately dead, and revived Page 11 againe; the one hapned but few yeares before our comming into the country; of a bad man, which being dead and buried, the next day the earth over him being seene to moue, was taken vp, who told them his soule was very neare entering into Popogussohad not one of the gods saued him and gaue him leaue to returne againe, to teach his friends what they should doe to avoyd such torment.

What subtiltie so ever be in the Weroancesand Priests; this opinion worketh so much in the common sort, that they haue great respect to their Governours: and as great care to avoyde torment after death, and to enjoy blisse. Yet they haue divers sorts of punishments according to the offence, according to the greatnesse of the fact.

And this is the sum of their Religion, which I learned by having speciall familiaritie with their Priests, wherein they were not so sure grounded, nor gaue such credit, but through conversing with vs, they were brought into great doubts of their owne, and no small admiration of ours: of which many desired to learne more then we had meanes for want of vtterance in their Language to expresse.

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In all places where I came, I did my best to make his immortall glory knowne. And I told them, although the Bible I shewed them, contained all; yet of it selfe, it was not of any such vertue as I thought they did conceiue. Notwithstanding many would be glad to touch it, to kisse, and imbrace it, to hold it to their breasts, and heads, and stroke all their body over with it. The King Wingina where we dwelt, would oft be with vs at Prayer. Twice he was exceeding sicke and like to dye.

And doubting of any helpe from his Priests, thinking he was in such danger for offending vs and our God, sent for some of vs to pray, and be a meanes to our God, he might liue with him after death. And so did many other in the like case. One other strange Accident leauing others will I mention before I end, which mooued the whole Country that either knew or heard of vs, to haue vs in wonderfull admiration.

There was no Towne where they had practised any villany against vs we leaving it vnpunished, because we sought by all possible meanes to winne them by gentlenes but within a few dayes after our departure, they began to dye; in some Townes twenty, in some forty, in some sixty, and in one an hundred and twenty, which was very many in respect of their numbers.

And this hapned in no place we could learn where we had bin, but where they had vsed some practise to betray vs. And this disease was so strange, they neither knew what it was, nor how to cure it; nor had they knowne the like time out of minde; a thing specially observed by vs, as also by themselues, in so much that some of them who were our friends, especially Winginahad observed such effects in foure or fiue Townes, that they were perswaded it was the worke of God through our meanes: and that we by him might kill and slay whom we would, without weapons, and not come Page 12 neare them.

And therevpon, when they had any vnderstanding, that any of their enemies abused vs in our Iourneyes, they would intreat vs, we would be a meanes to our God, that they, as the others that had dealt ill with vs, might dye in like sort: although we shewed them their requests were vngodly; and that our GOD would not subiect himselfe to any such requests of men, but all things as he pleased came to passe: and that we to shew our selues his true servants, ought rather to pray for the contrary: yet because the effect fell out so suddenly after, according to their desires, they thought it came to passe by our meanes, and would come giue vs thankes in their manner, that though we satisfied them not in words, yet in deeds we had fulfilled their desires.

This marueilous Accident in all the Country wrought so strange opinions of vs, that they could not tell whether to thinke vs gods or men. And the rather that all the space of their sicknesse, there was no man of ours knowne to die, or much sicke. Some would Prophesie there were more of our generation yet to come, to kill theirs and take their places.

Those that were to come after vs they imagined to be in the ayre, yet invisible and without bodies: and that they by our intreaties, for loue of vs, did make the people die as they did, by shooting invisible bullets into them. To confirme this, their Physicians to excuse their Ignorance in curing the disease, would make the simple people beleeue, that the strings of bloud they sucked out of the sicke bodies, were the strings wherein the invisible bullets were tyed, and cast.

Some thought we shot them our selues from the place where we dwelt, and killed the people that had offended vs, as we lifted, how farre distant soever.

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And others said it was the speciall worke of God for our sakes, as we had cause in some sort to thinke no lesse, whatsoever some doe, or may imagine to the contrary; especially some Astrologers by the eclipse of the Sunne we saw that yeare before our Voyage, and by a Comet which began to appeare but a few dayes before the sicknesse began: but to exclude them from being the speciall causes of so speciall an Accident, there are farther reasons then I thinke fit to present or alledge.

These their opinions I haue set downe, that you may see there is hope to imbrace the truth, and honor, obey, feare and loue vs, by good dealing and government: though some of our company towards the latter end, before we came away with Sir Francis Drake shewed themselues too furious, in slaying some of the people in some Townes, vpon causes that on our part might haue bin borne with more mildnesse; notwithstanding they iustly had deserued it.

The best neverthelesse in this, as in all actions besides, is to be indevoured and hoped; and of the worst that may happen, notice to be taken with consideration; and as much as may be eschewed; the better to allure them hereafter to Civilitie and Christianitie.

Thus you may see, How. Nature her selfe delights her selfe in sundry InstrumentsThat sundry things be done to decke the earth with Ornaments; Nor suffers she her servants all should runne one raceBut wills the walke of every one frame in a divers pace; That divers wayes and divers workes, the world might better grace. How Sir Richard Grenvill went to relieue them. IN the yeare of our Lord Sir Walter Raleigh and his Associates prepared a ship of a hundred tun, fraughted plentifully of all things necessary: but before Page 13 they set sayle from England it was Easter.

And arriving at Hatoraskthey after some time spent in seeking the Collony vp in the Country, and not finding them, returned with all the provision againe to England. About dayes after, Sir Richard Grenvill accompanied with three ships well appoynted, arrived there. Who not finding the aforesaid ship according to his expectation, nor hearing any newes of the Collony there seated, and left by him as is said travailing vp and downe to seeke them, but when he could heare no newes of them, and found their habitation abandoned, vnwilling to lose the possession of the Country, after good deliberation he landed fiftie men in the Ile of Roanoakplentifully furnished with all manner of provision for two yeares: and so returned for England.

Where many began strangely to discant of those crosse beginnings, and him; which caused me remember an old saying of Euripides. Who broacheth ought thats new, to fooles vntaughtHimselfe shall iudged be vnwise, and good for naught. Three Ships more sent to relieue them by Mr. Master White his Voyages. WE went the old course by the west Indiesand Simon Ferdinando our continuall Pilot mistaking Virginia for Cape Fearwe fayled not much to haue beene cast away, vpon the conceit of our all-knowing Ferdinandohad it not beene prevented by the vigilancy of Captaine Stafford.

We came to Hatorask the of Iuly, and with fortie of our best men, intending at Roanoack to find the 50 men left by Sir Richard Grenvill. But we found nothing but the bones of a man, and where the Plantation had beene, the houses vnhurt, but overgrowne with weeds, and the Fort defaced, which much perplexed vs. By the History it seemes Simon Ferdinando did what he could to bring this voyage to confusion; but yet they all arrived at Hatorask.

They repayred the old houses at Roanockand Master George Howone of the Councell, stragling abroad, was slaine by the Salvages. Not long after Master Stafford with men went to Croatan with Manteowhose friends dwelled there: of whom we thought to haue some newes of our 50 men.

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They at first made shew to fight, but when they heard Manteothey threw away their Armes, and were friends, and desired there might be a token giuen to be knowne by, least we might hurt them by misprision, as the yeare before one had bin by Master Laynethat was ever their friend, and there present yet lame.

The next day we had conference with them concerning the people of Secotan, Aquascogocand Pomeiokwilling them of Croatan to see if they would accept our friendship, and renew our old acquaintance: which they willingly imbraced, and promised to bring their King and Governours to Roanoakto confirme it. We also vnderstood that Master Howe was slaine by the men of Winginaof Dassamonpeack : and by them of Roanoackthat the fiftie men left by Sir Richard Grenvillwere suddainly set vpon by three hundred of Secotan, Aquascogocand Dassamonpeack.

First they intruded themselues among 11 of them by friendship, one they slew, the rest retyring to their houses, they set them on fire, that our men with what came next to hand were forced to make their passage among them; where one of them was shot in the mouth, and presently dyed, and a Salvage slaine by him. So taking our leaues of the Croatanswe came to our Fleet at Hatorask. The Governour having long expected the King and Governours of Pomeick, Secotan, Aquascogocand Dassamonpeackand the 7.

dayes expired, and no newes of them, being also informed by those of Croatanthat they of Dassamonpeack slew Master Howand were at the driving our men from Raonoack he thought no longer to deferre the revenge. Wherefore about midnight, with Captaine Staffor and twentie-foure men, whereof Manteo was one, for our guide, that behaved himselfe towards vs as a most faithfull English man he set forward.

The next day by breake of day we landed, and got beyond their houses, where seeing them sit by the fire we assaulted them. The miserable soules amazed fled into the Reeds, where one was shot through, and we thought to haue beene fully revenged, but we were deceiued, for they were our friends come from Croatan to gather their corne, because they vnderstood our enemies were fled after the death of Master Howand left all behinde them for the birds.

But they had like to haue payd too deare for it, had we not chanced vpon a Weroances wife, with a childe at her backe, and a Salvage that knew Captaine Staffor that ran to him calling him by his name.

Being thus disappointed of our purpose, we gathered the fruit we found ripe, left the rest vnspoyled, and tooke Menatonon his wife with her childe, and the rest with vs to Roanoak. Though this mistake grieued Manteoyet he imputed it to their own folly, because they had not kept promise to come to the governor at the day appointed.

of August our Salvage Manteo was Christened, and called Lord of Dassamonpeackin reward of his faithfulnesse.

And the 18 thEllinor the Governours daughter, and wife to Ananias Darewas delivered of a daughter in Roanoak; which being the first Christian there borne, was called Virginia. Our ships being ready to depart, such a storme arose, as the Admirall was forced to cut her Cables: and it was six dayes ere she could recover the shore, that made vs doubt she had beene lost, because the most of her best men were on shore.

At this time Controversies did grow betwixt our Governour and the Assistants, about choosing one of them to goe as Factor for them all to England; for all refused saue one, whom all men thought most insufficient: the Conclusion was by a generall consent, they would haue the Governour goe himselfe, for that they thought none would so truly procure there supplyes as he.

Which though he did what he could to excuse it, yet their importunitie would not cease till he vndertooke it, and had it vnder all their hands how vnwilling he was, but that necessity and reason did doubly constraine him. At their setting sayle for Englan waighing Anchor, twelue of the men in the fly boat were throwne from the Capstern, by the breaking of a barre, and most of them so hurt, that some never recovered it.

The second time they had the like fortune, being but they cut the Cable and kept company with their Admirall to Flowres and Coruos; the Admirall stayed there looking for purchase: but the fly boats men grew so weake they were driuen to Smerwick in the West of Ireland.

The Governour went for England; and Simon Ferdinando with much adoe at last arrived at Portsmouth. Iohn White Governour. Christopher Couper. Dionis Haruie. Roger Bayley. Thomas Stevens. Roger Prat. Ananias Dare. Iohn Samson. George How. Simon Ferdinando. Thomas Smith. Antony Cage. Page 15 The fift Voyage to Virginia; vndertaken by Mr. Iohn White.

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Master White his returne to Virginia. Captaine Spicer and seauen others drowned. They finde where they had buryed their provisions.

THe of March three ships went from Plimouthand passed betwixt Barbary and Mogadoro to Dominico in the West Indies. After we had done some exployts in those parts, the third of August wee fell with the low sandy Iles westward of WokokonBut by reason of ill weather it was the 11, ere we could Anchor there; and on the we came to Croatanwhere is a great breach in 35 degrees and a halfe, in the Northeast poynt of the Ile.

we came to Hatorask in fadom, 3 leagues from shore: where we might perceiue a smoake at the place where I left the Colony, The next morning we prepared againe for Roanoack. Captaine Spicer had then sent his Boat ashore for water, so it was ten of the Clocke ere we put from the ships, which rode two myles from the shore.

The Admirals boat, being a myle before the other, as she passed the bar, a sea broke into the boat and filled her halfe full of water: but by Gods good will, and the carefull stearage of Captaine Cookthough our provisions were much wet we safe escaped, the wind blew hard at Northeast, which caused so great a current and a breach vpon the barre; Captaine Spicer passed halfe over, but by the indiscreet steering of Ralph Skinnertheir boat was overset, the men that could catch hold hung about her, the next sea cast her on ground, where some let goe their hold to wade to shore, but the sea beat them downe.

The boat thus tossed vp and downe Captaine Spicer and Skinner hung there till they were drowne; but 4.

seems impossible. think

that could swim a little, kept themselues in deeper water, were saued by the meanes of Captaine Cookthat presently vpon the oversetting of their boat, shipped himselfe to saue what he could. Thus of eleuen, seuen of the chiefest were drowned. This so discomfited all the Saylers, we had much to do to get them any more to seeke further for the Planters, but by their Captaines forwardnes at last they fitted themselues againe for Hatorask in 2 boats, with 19 persons.

It was late ere we arrived, but seeing a fire through the woods, we sounded a Trumpet, but no answer could we heare.

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The next morning we went to it, but could see nothing but the grasse, and some rotten trees burning. We went vp and downe the Ile, and at last found three faire Romane Letters carved. For at my departure they intended to goe fiftie myles into the mayne. But we found no signe of distresse; then we went to a place where they were left in sundry houses, but we found them all taken downe, and the place strongly inclosed with a high Palizado, very Fortlike; and in one of the chiefe Posts carued in fayre capitall Letters CROATANwithout any signe of distresse, and many barres of Iron, two pigs of Lead, foure Fowlers, Iron shor, and such like heauie things throwne here and there, overgrowne with grasse and weeds.

We went by the shore to feeke for their boats but could find none, nor any of the Ordnance I left them. At last some of the Sailers found divers Chists had beene hidden and digged vp againe, and much of the goods spoyled, and scattered vp and downe, which when I saw, I knew three of them to be my owne; but bookes, pictures, and all things els were spoyled.

Though it much grieued me, yet it did much comfort me that I did know they were at Croatan; so we returned to our Ships, but had like to haue bin cast away by a great storme that continued all that night. The end of this Plantation. The next morning we weighed Anchor for Croatan : having the Anchor a-pike, the Cable broke, by the meanes where of we lost another: letting fall the third, the ship yet went so fast a drift, we sayled not much there to haue split.

But God bringing vs into deeper water; considering we had but one Anchor, and our provision neare spent, were solued to goe forthwith to S. Iohns Ile, Hispaniolaor Trinidadoto refresh our selues and seeke for purchase that Winter, and the next Spring come againe to secke our Country-men.

But our Vice Admirall would not, but went directly for Englan and we our course for Trinidado. But within two dayes after, the wind changing, we were constrained for the Westerne Iles to refresh our selues, where we met with many of the Queenes ships our owne consort, and divers others, the of Seeptember And thus we left seeking our Colony, that was neuer any of them found, nor seene to this day And this was the conclusion of this Plantation, after so much time, labour, and charge consumed.

Whereby we see; Not all at once, nor all alike, nor ever hath it beene, That God doth offer and confer his blessings vpon men.

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A briefe Relation of the Description of Elizabeths Ile, and some others towards the North part of Virginia ; and what els they discovered in the yeare by Captaine Bartholomew Gosnolland Captaine Bartholomew Gilbert ; and divers other Gentlemen their Associates. yeares it lay dead. ALL hopes of Virginia thus abandoned, it lay dead and obscured from till this yeare that Captaine Gosnollwith and himselfe in a small Barke, set sayle from Dartmouth vpon the of March.

Though the wind favoured vs not at the first, but forced vs as far Southward as the Asoreswhich was not much out of our way; we ran directly west from thence, whereby we made our iourney shorter then heretofore by leagues: the weaknesse of our ship, the badnes of our saylers, and our ignorance of the coast, caused vs carry but a low sayle, that made our passage longer then we expected.

On fryday the of May we made land, it was somewhat low, where appeared certaine hummocks or hills in it: the shore white sand, but very rockie, yet overgrowne with fayre trees. Comming to an Anchor, 8 Indians in a Baske shallop, with mast and sayle came boldly aboord vs.

Though the weather was hot, we marched to the highest hils we could see, where we perceiued this headland part of the mayn, neare invironed with Ilands. As we were returning to our ship, a good proper, lusty young man came to vs, with whom we had but small conference, and so we left him. Here in 5. houres we tooke more Cod then we knew what to doe with, which made vs perswade our selues, there might be found a good fishing in March, Aprill, and May. Martha's Vineyard. At length we came among these fayre Iles, some a league, 2.

or 6, from the Mayne, by one of them we anchored. We found it foure myles in compasse, without house or inhabitant. In it is a lake neare a myle in circuit; the rest overgrowne with trees, which so well as the bushes, were so overgrowne with Vines, we could scarce passe them.

And by the blossomes we might perceiue there would be plenty of Strawberries, Respises, Gousberries, and divers other fruits: besides, Deere and other Beasts we saw, and Cranes, Hernes, with divers other sorts of fowle; which made vs call it Martha's Vineyard. The rest of the Isles are replenished with such like; very rocky, and much tinctured stone like Minerall.

Though we met many Indiansyet we could not see their habitations: they gaue vs fish, Tobacco, and such things as they had. In it is many places of plaine grasse, and such other fruits, and berries as before were mentioned.

dayes sprung vp 9. The soyle is fat and lusty: the crust therof gray, a foot or lesle in depth. It is full of high timbred Okes, their leaues thrise so broad as ours: Cedar straight and tall, Beech, Holly, Walnut, Hazell, Cherry trees like ours, but the stalke beareth the blossom or fruit thereof like a cluster of Grapes, forty or fiftie in a bunch.

There is a tree of Orange colour, whose barke in the filing is as smooth as Velvet. There is a lake of fresh water three myles in compasse, in the midst an Isle containing an acre or thereabout, overgrowne with wood: here are many Tortoises, and abundance of all sorts of foules, whose young ones we tooke and eate at our pleasure.

Grounds nuts as big as egges, as good as Potatoes, and on a string, not two ynches vnder ground. All sorts of shell-fish, as Schalops, Mussels, Cockles, Crabs, Lobsters, Welks, Oysters, exceeding good and very great; but not to cloy you with particulars, what God and nature hath bestowed on those places, I refer you to the Authors owne writing at large. Here we espyed 7. Salvages, at first they expressed some feare, but by our courteous vsage of them, they followed vs to the necke of Land, which we thought had beene severed from the Mayne, but we found it otherwise.

Here we imagined was a river, but because the day was farre spent, we left to discover it till better leasure. But of good Harbours, there is no doubt, considering the Land is all rocky and broken lands.

The next day we determined to fortifie our selues in the Isle in the lake. Three weekes we spent in building vs there a house. But the second day after our comming from the Mayne, Canows with neare Salvages came towards vs.

They haue no Beards but counterfeits, as they did thinke ours also was: for which they would haue changed with some of our men that had great beards. Some of the baser for would steale; but the better sort, we found very civill and iust.

We saw but three of their women, and they were but of meane stature, attyred in skins like the men, Page 18 but fat and well favoured. The whole somenesse and temperature of this climate, doth not onely argue the people to be answerable to this Description, but also of a perfect constitution of body, actiue, strong, healthfull, and very witty, as the fundry toyes by them so cunningly wrought may well testifie. For our selues, we found our selues rather increase in health and strength then otherwise; for all our toyle, bad dyet and lodging; yet not one of vs was touched with any sicknesse.

T'welue intended here a while to haue stayed, but vpon better consideration, how meanely we were provided, we left this Island with as many true sorrowfull eyes as were before desirous to see it the of Iune, and arrived at Exmouththe 23 of Iuly. But yet mans minde doth such it selfe explayAs Gods great Will doth frame it every way. And, Such thoughts men haue, on earth that doe but liueAs men may craue, but God doth onely giue. A Voyage of Captaine Martin Pring, with two Barks from Bristow, for the Northpart of Virginia.

to furnish out two Barkes, the one of tuns, with men and boyes, the other men and boyes, having Martin Pring an vnderstanding Gentleman, and a sufficient Mariner for Captaine, and Robert Salterne his Assistant, who had bin with Captaine Gosnoll there the yeare before for Pilot.

Though they were much crossed by contrary windes vpon the coast of Englan and the death of that ever most memorable, miracle of the world, our most deare soveraigne Lady and Queene Elizabeth : yet at last they passed by the westerne Isles, and about the 7. of Iune, fell vpon the north part of Virginiaabout the degrees of fortie three. Where they found plentie of most sorts of fish, and saw a high country full of great woods of sundry sorts.

But because in this Voyage for most part they followed the course of Captaine Gosnolland haue made no relation but to the same effect he writ before, we will thus conclude; Lay hands vnto this worke with all thy wit, But pray that God would speed and perfit it.

A relation of a Discovery towards the Northward of Virginia, by Captaine George Waymouth imployed thether by the right Honorable Thomas Arundell, Baron of Warder, in the Raigne of our most royall King IAMES.

for explanation

Dangerous shoules. Cod and Whales.

Their first landing. VPon tuesday the fift of March we set sayle from Ratcliffebut by contrary winds we were forced into Dartmouth till the last of this moneth, then with to sea; and the 24 of Aprill fell with Flowres and Coruos.

We intended as we were directed towards the Southward of But the winds so crossed vs wee fell more Northwards about and minuits, we sounded at yet saw no land; from the mayne top we descryed a whitish sandy clift, West North-west some 6. leagues from vs, but ere we had run two leagues further we found many shoules and breaches, sometimes in 4.

fadom and the next throw Being thus imbayed among those shoules, we were constrained to put back againe, which we did with no small danger, though both the winde and weather were as fayre as we could desire. Thus we parted from the Land, which we had not before so much desired, and at the first sight reioyced, as now we all ioyfully praysed God that he had delivered vs from so eminent danger.

Here we found excellent Cod, and saw many Whales as we had done 2. daies before. of May we made the Land againe, but it blew so hard, we durst not approach it. The next day it appeared to vs a mayne high land, but we found it an Island of 6. From hence we might discerne the mayne land and very high mountaines, the next day because we rode too open to the Sea, we waighed, and came to the Isles adioyning to the mayn: among which we found an excellent rode, defended from all windes, for ships of any burthen, in 6.

fadom vpon a clay oze. This was vpon a Whitsonday, wherefore we called it Pentecost Harbour. We digged a Garden the of May, where among our garden-feeds we sowed Pease and Barley, which in dayes grew vp 8. ynches, although this was but the crust of the ground, and much inferiour to the mould we after found in the mayne. After we had taken order for all our necessary businesses, we marched through two of these Isles.

The biggest was 4. myles in compasse; we found here all sorts of ordinary trees, besides, Vines, Currants, Spruce, Yew, Angelica, and divers gummes: in so much many of our company wished themselues setled here.

our Captaine with went to discover the mayne: we in the ship espyed 3. Canowes that came towards the ship. Which after they had well viewed, one of them came aboord with 3. men, and by our good vsage of them not long after the rest, two dayes we had their companies, in all respects they are but like them at Elizabeths Isles, therefore this may suffice for their description.

In this time our Captain had discovered a fayre river, trending into the mayne 40 myles, and returned backe to bring in the ship.

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The Salvages also kept their words and brought vs Bever, Otter, and sable skins, for the value of 5. shillings in kniues, glasses, combes, and such toyes, and thus we vsed them so kindly as we could, because we intended to inhabit in their Country, they lying aboord with vs and we ashore with them; but it was but as changing man for man as hostages, and in this manner many times we had their companies.

At last they desired our Captaine to goe with them to the mayne to trade with their Bashabeswhich is their chiefe Lord, which we did, our boat well manned with Page 20 yet would they row faster with 3. Ores in their Canowes then we with 8. but when we saw our old acquaintance, would not stay aboord vs as before for hostage, but did what they could to draw vs into a narrow cirke, we exchanged one Owen Griffin with them for a yong fellow of theirs, that he might see if he could discover any trechery, as he did, for he found there assembled These things considered, we conceited them to be but as all Salvages ever had beene, kinde till they found opportunitie to do mischiefe.

Wherefore we determined to take some of them, before they should suspect we had discovered their plot, lest they should absent themselues from vs, so the first that ever after came into the ship were three which we kept, and two we tooke on shore with much adoe, with two Canowes, their bowes and arrowes.

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Some time we spent in sounding all the Isles, channels, and inlets thereabouts, and we found 4. severall waies a ship might be brought into this Bay. In the interim there came 2. Canowes more boldly aboord vs, signifying we should bring our ship to the place where he dwelt to trade. We excused our selues why we could not, but vsed them kindly, yet got them away with all the speed we could, that they should not be perceiued by them in the houle, then we went vp the river myles, of which I had rather not write, then by my relation detract from it, it is in breadth a myle, neare myles; and a channell of 6.

foot, that you may make, docke, or carine ships with much facilitie: besides the land is most rich, trending all along on both sides in an equall plaine, neither rocky nor mountainous, but verged with a greene border of grasse, doth make tender to the beholder her pleasant fertilitie, it by cleansing away the woods she were converted into meadow. The woods are great, and tall, such as are spoken of in the Islands, and well watered with many fresh springs.

Leaving our ship we went higher, till we were 7. of Iune we departed hence. When we had run leagues we had fadom, then then After 2. watches more we were in fadoms, where we tooke so much Cod as we did know what to doe with, and the of Iuly came to Dartmouthand all our men as well God be thanked as when they went forth.

God hath not all his gifts bestowed on all or any oneWords sweetest, and wits sharpest, courage, strength of bone; All rarities of minde and parts doe all concurre in none.

Page 21 The second Booke. THE SIXT VOYAGE. To another part of Virginiawhere now are Planted our English ColoniesWhom God increase and preserue: Discovered and Described by Captaine IOHN SMITH, sometimes Governour of the Countrey.

The latitude. BY these former relations you may see what incoveniences still crossed those good intents, and how great a matter it was all this time to finde but a Harbour, although there be so many. But this Virginia is a Country in America betweene the degrees of of the North latitude. The bounds thereof on the East side are the great Ocean : on the South lyeth Florida : on the North nova Francia : as for the West thereof, the limits are vnknowne. Of all this Country we purpose not to speake, but onely of that part which was planted by the English men in the yeare of our Lord, And this is under the degrees The temperature of this Country doth agree well with English constitutions, being once seasoned to the Country.

The Sommer is hot as in Spaine; the Winter cold as in France or England. The heat of sommer is in Iune, Iuly, and August, but commonly the coole Breeses asswage the vehemency of the heat. The chiefe of winter is halfe December, Ianuary, February, and halfe March. The colde is extreame sharpe, but here the Proverbe is true, that no extreame long continueth. In the yeare was an extraordinary frost in most of Europeand this frost was found as extreame in Virginia.

But the next yeare for 8. dayes of ill weather, other dayes would be as Sommer. The windes here are variable, but the like thunder and lightning to purifie the ayre, I haue seldome either seene or heard in Europe. From the Southwest came the greatest gusts with thunder and heat. The Northwest winde is commonly coole and bringeth faire weather with it.

From the North is the greatest cold, and from the East and Southeast as from the Barmudasfogs and raines.

Some times there are great droughts, other times much raine, yet great necessitie of neither, by reason we see not but that all the raritie of needfull fruits in Europemay be there in great plentie, by the industry of men, as appeareth by those we there Planted.

the purpose

There is but one entrance by Sea into this Country, and that is at the mouth of a very goodly Bay, myles broad. The cape on the South is called Cape Henryin honour of our most noble Prince. The land white hilly sands like vnto the Downes, and all along the shores great plentie of Pines and Firres. The north Cape is called Cape Charlesin honour of the worthy Duke of Yorke.

The Isles before it, Smith's Isles, by the name of the discover. Here are mountaines, hils, plaines, valleyes, rivers, and brookes, all running most pleasantly into a faire Bay, compassed but for the mouth, with fruitfull and delightsome land. This Bay lyeth North and South, in which the water floweth neare myles, and hath a channell for myles, of depth betwixt 6 and 15 fadome, holding in breadth for the most part 10 or 14 myles.

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