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If your vagina were a song, she'd be "Independent Women, Pt. The truth is, your vagina really doesn't need much help when it comes to staying clean and healthy. Basic maintenance of your lady parts doesn't require strenuous effort-we're talking about getting annual well-woman exams, Pap smears and HPV tests every five years, wearing breathable underwear, and avoiding UTIs , among other things. As you age , your vagina goes through a lot- particularly childbirth and menopause-and you may see changes in appearance and dryness. It's tempting to turn to the latest trends that claim to nourish your lady parts, but if your vagina is ever making you physically uncomfortable , it's best to go straight to your doctor rather than hop on any of these hype trains. Unfortunately, some ladies still insist on messing around or tidying up down there in the most, ah, creative of ways. Here are four common moves that can go very, very wrong.

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Straight across or in a circle? No one type of touch guarantees an amazing climax for everyone, but the women in one study said yes!

Researchers surveyed more than 3, U.S. women and found that percent of them did at least some grooming, according to a JAMA Dermatology snos-domov.info, white, and From the existence of the G-spot to the origin of multiple orgasms, female sexuality once mystified scientists. But as Linda Geddes discovers, radical experiments are finally revealing some answers The average diameter of the vagina is between two and centimeters, says women's health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D., so anything larger than that could technically be a "wide-set vagina

most often to these. If you relied on Hollywood as your guide to sexual pleasureyou'd think that the typical woman only needed to rock the sheets for 8 seconds before finding herself on the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm. But in the real world, this usually isn't the way it goes.

Then, while pressing down lightly, wiggle the fingers towards each other, squeezing and lifting the labia together between the two fingers." Get to know your clit. "Your clitoris is awesome," says

And the results of one study back up the fact that not only do most women need some level of hands-on touching to hit climax during intercourse, the type of touch-the rhythm, motion, and pressure-varies widely. RELATED: The Number One Thing Women Hate the Most About Sex.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapysurveyed over 1, women between ages 18 and Participants were asked how much touching they needed to reach orgasm and what exact strokes produced the most pleasure, among other questions.

RELATED: This Is How Often Most Couples Have Sex, According to Science. RELATED: 8 Weird Facts About Sex You'll Wish You Knew Sooner. While there's no formula for the perfect orgasm, the study shows that some types of touch are more popular than others.

Infections, like bacterial vaginosis, could cause a feeling of wetness, as the wetness helps to move bacteria out of your vaginal canal. Vaginal lubrication also increases near ovulation to "Essentially, it comes down to common sense and personal habits. Sex toys, diaphragms, menstrual cups should all be cleaned and washed in-between uses," says Young Change is normal. These smell variations are likely a result of your menstrual cycle, your hygiene habits, or just you being you

A sudden change in wetness or extra vaginal discharge that goes on for a few days, doesn't seem to be related to your menstrual cycle, and is accompanied by other symptoms like itching or odor should be examined by a gynecologist ASAP self-diagnosing or self-medicating can only make things worse, Dr. Fraser says. Otherwise, vaginas are supposed to be wet. RELATED: How Your Vagina Changes in Your 30s, 40s, and Beyond.

While a wet vagina is usually something to appreciate, vaginal dryness is a real issue that plagues many women-and usually, there's a simple explanation.

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Also, some infections may create a sensation of dryness, like yeast infections. For relief from vaginal dryness, Dr. Brightman recommends vaginal moisturizers creams, gels, and suppositorieswhich are available over-the-counter. For moisture as well as lubrication, try coconut oil, vegetable oils, aloe, and vitamin E. Lubricants can help to make sexual intercourse more comfortable, whether you experience extreme vaginal dryness or not.

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If vaginal dryness is caused by decreased estrogen, vaginal estrogen creams, suppositories, tablets, rings, and even oral tablets are available to help. To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Healthy Living newsletter. Home Sexual Health Wet Vagina As Explained By Doctors Yes, It's Totally Normal.

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When it comes to specifics, two-thirds of the women in the study said they preferred up-and-down motions directly on their clitoris, while 52enjoyed direct circular movements and a third liked A sudden change in wetness or extra vaginal discharge that goes on for a few days, doesn't seem to be related to your menstrual cycle, and is accompanied by other symptoms like itching or odor Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Anyone whose menstrual flow routinely soaks pads or makes them feel dizzy or short of breath should see a doctor. They may have heavy menstrual flow, which can disrupt daily activities. Smell

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