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It can spread disease from normal penetrative intercourse too. Adequate lubrication is imperative to safeguard delicate internal structures.

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The vagina naturally self-lubricates with stimulation, the anus does not. Oil and silicone products are thick and long lasting but beware, the former can have a degrading action on condoms leaving you potentially in jeopardy of breakage or leakage.

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A pea-sized lump in your anus is likely an infection or haemorrhoids, very unlikely that it is anal cancer. Due to its hidden location, the assessment will need to be conducted by a medical clinician.

A lump like this can inhibit bowel movements through the constriction and inadequate space. Even if it is a commonplace diagnosis, there could be other health implications.

Anal cancer is rare. In the UK about 1, people per annum are diagnosed across the population.

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However, because the symptoms can mimic other less serious disorders, any lump either inside or outside the bowel should be checked out. Rectal bleeding, pain, itching and small lumps are key indicators. A doctor will also be interested in your digestive traits and bowel behaviour. Diagnosis is confirmed by a specialist oncologist using biopsy, essentially a tissue sample and either sigmoidoscopy or proctoscopy, the examination of the inside of the rectum and lower bowel using a proctoscope or camera.

Good anal sanitation should be practised daily and also between partners who share a physical relationship in whatever format.

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General dietary health is also important as it influences what emerges at the other end. For instance, a bad outbreak of haemorrhoids will discourage most sufferers away from the curry house.


Hot, spicy food is known to charge on exit and can aggravate and inflame an existing condition. A shiny pink lump near your anus is probably just a boil or a spot and may not be painful until the pus builds. Unless you are absolutely certain, you should head to your local surgery for an appointment and advice on the relevant treatment just in case it is something more sinister.

Discovering surprising oddities on your body is probably not your favorite hobby or your college major.

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When it is on our head it can elevate. Any form of lump planted within your mouth can be alarming to uncover, especially if usnos-domov.infoedicted with no inkling of causation.

But whilst many may. We spend lifespans with our earthly bodies, making us the most acquainted with what our bodies are assaying to articulate, enlighten, and uncloak to ourselves. A lump on the penis is never pleasant, sexy, or attractive.

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No gentleman wants their shaft skin to resemble a horny toad. You are probably. To discover a mysterious neoplasm on the body is a terrifying moment. Media has conditioned us to think of growths like cancer. No matter where.

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Swollen lymph nodes in the groin or near the anus could be another symptom. The Bartholin glands inhabit the lower back wall of the vagina and excrete mucous for lubrication. They can become infected and grow cysts. This can form what feels like a lump between the vagina and anus.

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They are benign and not wildly common, however. Occasionally an ingrown hair will appear in this spot too. For such intimate problems, you want to have a doctor that you can trust.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right gynecologist for your needs:.

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Establishing a proper hygiene routine is one the best way to prevent cysts and infections. Compiled here are some basic tips for a happy and healthy vagina. Visit the gyno regularly.

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You need that pap smear to be safe. This also gives you a regularly scheduled appointment to bring up abnormalities you have been experiencing, without having to go to the trouble of making a separate appointment.

Guidelines from the Annals of Internal Medicine suggest a pelvic exam every three years. Practice safe sex. Condoms are a must to prevent STDs and STIs which can cause lumps of their very own.

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Excessive friction can cause small tears in the vaginal wall that are vulnerable to infection. Little cuts have been known to evolve into cysts or abscesses that require treatment. Let your vagina breathe.

Wear breathable undies, preferable with cotton material. Try sleeping without undies or going free around the house. Protect yourself during physical activities.

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Cycling, in particular, can be tough on the vagina. They make padded shorts to put a barrier between you and that tough seat. Do not do it.

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Avoid antibiotics. If you have a serious infection, of course it is ok to use antibiotics. But beware that frequent use can throw the bacteria balance in your lady parts out of whack.

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Ever notice that you always get a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics? It is not a coincidence. Skip perfumes. Use soaps, feminine hygiene products, and toilet paper that is fragrance-free. Your genitals are too sensitive to subject them to those chemicals.

Finding a lump that could be considered cancerous is one of the most terrifying discoveries imaginable.

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The epididymis is among the most horrible, unnerving places. In order to understand the roots of your malady, you must classify your symptoms correctly.

This involves that ability to differentiate between bumps and lumps.

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