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Jeremy came to Extinction and he looked a little bit defeated and Tyson and me, we were still out for blood. Tyson had already tasted the blood going back in the first time. And me, I'm a fricking pit bull, so that taste of blood never left my mouth since I got voted off day two. So, my second immunity idol wasn't going to go to somebody that I just had all the feels for.

It was going towards somebody that I knew could get back in the game the best. And if I'm not going to bet on myself, who would I bet on? It would be Tyson. Did you put any conditions on that?

No, no way.

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Tyson is a good dude and that scene was hundred percent authentic. He didn't ask me for that idol. And nobody knows this - but you might know it actually - when I had a concussion, what was it, ? I was in Provo at a concussion camp, and Tyson lived in Provo at the time in Utah, and he opened up his house to me and he let me stay in his daughter's room for a week while I was getting concussion treatment.

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And I didn't know them and this was so, so, so long ago. There was no game even on the horizon and that was something he did out of the kindness of his heart.

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He and Rachel put me up while I was suffering with this concussion. And obviously, that had probably had something to do with the fact that I chose him to get the idol, but he's also a challenge monster. So, I didn't care if I didn't make it in, and if I had made it in, I kind of knew he would vote for me.

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But those words were not even spoken. Tell me about what was going on there at the water well when you were talking to Sarah at that final five and she noticed the idol in your buff. What was that idol doing in your wrist buff?

Oh my God. I was so paranoid. I'd be hiding it anywhere because everybody was psychopath on the beach and I was going to hide it by a shelter, but I decided not to. And then, I don't know, I just ran away somewhere. And then I think she thought it was fake and I should've just gone with it, but it was literally such a Survivor no-no. I just put it on my wrist and started walking around like an idiot. So, me and Michelle, we had an option to take Sarah out that day when it was a tied vote.

I don't know why we felt that Sarah was more inclined to work with us than Denise, because Denise was so loyal to Ben that she would never flip on Ben. I mean, I wish I did, but Denise was also just super stubborn. There was no way we were ever going to get her to flip on Sarah or Ben. So Sarah seemed a little bit more inclined, but she also could have just been way more cunning and a better actor, you know?

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What's something that happened out there that didn't make it into an episode that you wish we could have seen? Oh my God, the Edge. There's so much that you guys don't see. Well, the most interesting thing was when I got there, day one, I was, first, I was like super depressed.

  A round-up of recent reality TV headlines, including Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's tax evasion, Bethenney's return to The Real Housewives of New York City, and Survivor winner Tyson Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Tyson Apostol (born June 17, ) is an American reality television personality, best known for his appearances on multiple seasons of the CBS reality television show snos-domov.infol originally competed on Survivor: Tocantins in , finishing in 8th place. He returned as a villain on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in and came in 15th place Tyson Apostol is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He originally competed on Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and later on Survivor: Winners at War. In Tocantins, Tyson became a core member of the Timbira Alliance, and proclaiming himself to be Coach Wade's "assistant coach". He developed a rivalry with outsider Sierra Reed, constantly tormenting her at

So for like half a day, I just laid on one spot on the beach and I didn't even get water. I was in one spot on the ocean laying there to die, basically. And then that's when I kind of flipped it out and I was like, "You know what? I've never been on a tropical beach by myself.

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I just got completely naked and swam around in the ocean. And I was like, "This is like mermaid fantasies!

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That's one thing that nobody knows. And then the second thing is they just didn't depict how hard the Edge was. We would fall asleep every night and rats would be biting us. We'd wake up to rats biting our fingers and our toes. And how much we ate.

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It was literally stabbing, sleeping in the dirt, rats biting us every night. If anything, I wish that they had time to show the extreme conditions of the Edge because it was so difficult. And for me to say that, you know it's hard, because it was hard for me and it was extreme.

It made a regular Survivor season seem like a luxury beach vacation compared to what we dealt with this season. You've now done The Amazing Race twice.

You've done Survivor twice. Will we see you on the island again if you get that call?

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Well, I was hoping for a win. And then I'd be two out of four CBS shows, which would have been a pretty nice resume.

Now that I'm one out of four, I want to go back. I feel like at this point I just need to go on Big Brother because I've done both shows twice in a row. But listen, if Survivor calls me back, I would definitely go back. If I'd won this season, I think I would have retired from the game of Survivorbut now I just feel like I have something else to prove. So, listen, if Survivor comes knocking, you know I'm answering that door.

Don't go on Big BrotherNatalie. Those migraines are going to come back on day one if you do that. Register Don't have an account?

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This gallery depicts Tyson Zulu's Survivor career. Categories Galleries Galleries by Contestant Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Immunity Island Galleries Survivor South Africa Galleries.

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Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Fan Feed 1 Survivor 41 2 David Voce 3 Survivor: Winners at War. Universal Conquest Wiki. At least if I go out, at least I go out knowing that I've tried everything to stay in the game. Why did you decide to enter Survivor SA? Tyson Zulu: I entered Survivor SA because I want to be a part of the film and TV industry, not just in South Africa but globally.

When I looked at the productions in South Africa, Survivor South Africa is one of the biggest ones, so my whole objective behind entering Survivor SA was to learn from one of the biggest TV productions, being there and seeing what goes on behind the camera whilst being able to play the game as well.

  Tyson Apostol says he refused to get naked during the latest season of Survivor because there was a "different vibe" around camp. Apostol - who Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins   Natalie Anderson on the Survivor votes she's surprised she didn't get Tyson had already tasted the blood going back in the first time. So I spent a nice chunk of time completely naked Tyson Zulu/Gallery. This gallery depicts Tyson Zulu's Survivor career. Tyson's alternate cast photo. Tyson's alternate cast photo. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted

Before playing Survivor SA I've never watched a full season of Survivor. I wasn't a superfan and not the kind of person who's going to tell you their favourite player and all that type of stuff. For me playing the game, I think, aligning with Kiran, was a huge bonus for me because he's a superfan.

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So I was able to get a lot of Survivor knowledge from him and how the game operates and then I had to be a fast learner and adapt. But going into it I didn't enter Survivor SA because I was a superfan, I wanted to learn from the production. And if the production company and show ask you to come and work on Survivor SA for the next season would you take such an opportunity and in what job position would you maybe like to work on the show? Tyson Zulu: Having been a castaway in Survivor SA I think I would like to work on Survivor South Africa behind the scenes because that's what I want to do anyway within the industry.

I think I'd like to be one of the content producers because having played the game I understands how it works.

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I understand how the mind of a castaway works. Being on the other side and drawing all that content out of them is something I would be able to do because I've been in that position and I know and will know how to draw it out of people.

You said to Chappies you don't have any respect for him and I'm wondering once you have a cold war-like conflict like that with someone, how bad is it being in close proximity to someone that you just can't stand but you can't escape the physical environment?

Tyson Zulu: The beauty of it was - between Chappies and I - we literally stayed out of each other way.

Tyson Apostol (18) Shirin Oskooi (30) Jenn Brown (30) Hali Ford (30) Max Dawson (30) Yes, I was really bored.:) I didn't count accidental nudity. I only count contestants who were absolutely comfortable with the fact that they were filmed by camera when they were naked. Did I forgot someone? Let me know

We were never forced to be within the same space. We would come together when we were eating as a tribe but he'd be over there doing his own thing, and I'd be over there doing my own thing. We never really mixed although we're all together at camp.

We just stayed out of each other's way because we knew that we just don't get along.

If you didn't vote for Nicole and just switched to Anela after Chappies said he won't be voting for you anymore, you'd still be in the game. Was it even a possibility to vote for Anela or was it a case of being impossible for you to vote for him?

Tyson naked survivor

Tyson Zulu: With Anela it wasn't the same as with me and Kiran because evidently Anela voted for me and that's what got me out of the game. The reason why that vote happened how it happened, was that after my conversation with Chappies at the beach, there's a conversation Chappies had with Anela.

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That conversation came back to me after I had spoken with Anela about it. Chappies basically gave me false hope and was just playing around with me for the sake of it.

That made me write Chappies off.

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When Chappies then approached me at tribal council, in my mind, it was just another thing where Chappies was playing with me again, so I didn't trust him. There's a conversation I had with Anela at tribal where I told him that I'm still voting for Nicole, stick to the plan.

According to this article, it looks like Kiran and Tyson went to the same high school in different years. Maybe this is why they were so close?   Tyson Zulu on his Survivor SA: Immunity Island experience: 'It changes the way you look at life and people.' by Thinus Ferreira Tyson Zulu (24), the creative director and entrepreneur from Johannesburg saw his torch snuffed on Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island after Chappies changed his mind and decided not to vote for Tyson, but with Tyson not changing his vote to Anela - leading to Tyson Apostol Underwear Photos on Survivor Blood vs. Water: Hey look, we have more Tyson Apostol underwear photos. The Survivor veteran is back in the game courtesy of Survivor Blood vs Water and we are liking the way he is playing so far. We were not fans of him before his latest Survivor stint but we are definitely fans of him snos-domov.infoted Reading Time: 2 mins

So I counted on Anela changing his vote as opposed to trusting what Chappies was saying. Anela was a proven flip-flopper in the game so that's a better decision to make. Chappies whispered to you "I gave you a chance" and you replied: "I checked". What did you mean? Tyson Zulu: I saw.

I saw that he gave me a chance. When the votes were read out I was basically acknowledging what he was saying.

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