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But the shortest route is over a mountain where Ray sprains his ankle and Tyson is left to carrying him all the way to there. The finals are about to begin in the Asian Qualifying Tournament with the winning team advancing to the World Beyblading Championships. In the first round, Max goes against Gary from the White Tigers in a best of three battle. The first round goes without a hitch as Max easily takes care of his opponent and with the win, Max becomes a little over confident.

During the finals of the Asian Tournament, Ray faces off against his old teammate, and former friend, Mariah. When Galux and Driger team up to show the pair a glimpse of the happiness they shared in the past, Ray and Mariah come to realize how much they have lost, by being rivals.

The final match of the Asian Beyblade Tournament reaches an uncertain conclusion when Tyson and Lee's decisive battle ends in a draw.

The resulting sudden death session between Ray and Lee rekindles the pair's old hometown grievances. Fresh from the Bladebreakers win in Asia, Tyson comes home and realizes he's front page news! With his ego out of control, Tyson takes on the attitude of a rock star, which upsets Kenny who tries to keep him focused on blading and not his popularity.

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Meanwhile, at a local playground, the local kids are all out Beyblading when Tyson spots a kid Nickybeing smoked in the Beystadium by a bully Riley. After Nicky's blade is completely destroyed, Tyson vows to help the kid fix it and fight his way back. After enlisting the help of Max, Kenny and Dizzi, Tyson manages to The Bladebreakers arrive in the USA for the American Tournament.

During a tour of a BBA research facility, Max is shocked to learn that his Mom works there, and not at the college, like he thought. To make matters worse, the team discovers that they are being tested for weaknesses, by a competing team.

After their non-competition loss to Emily of the All Starz at the BBA Research Center, the Blade Breakers sneak around the high-tech facility, hoping to learn more about their competition. There, they confront two other All Starz, and Max learns more about his Mom's job at the BBA - specifically, a rumor of why Max wasn't asked to join the All Starz Team.

For some strange reason, Mr. Dickenson has sent the Blade Breakers to a remote mountain retreat to hone their blading skills for the upcoming American Tournament as well as to get Kenny and Dizzi to figure out a way to increase Ray's Bit Beast's power. Once there, they meet up with a enthusiastic young boy named Antonio who they think is there to train them. Turns out, Antonio is a pathetic blader. Frustrated, the Breakers question the reason why Mr. Dickenson would send them all the way up to the middle of nowhere to train without any descent equipment.

Turns out, the A charity event in the Heartland of America gives the Bladebreakers a taste of the All Starz' prowess.

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Featuring celebrities in a three-on-three contest against young Beybladers of note, Emily of the All Starz, bullies her way to an easy win. It isn't until Emily knocks out her own opponent, loses the second match and is on her way to throwing the whole competition, that Max teaches her what teamwork is all about.

The Bladebreakers arrive in Las Vegas for the start of the American Tournament. Tyson looks forward to facing off against the arrogant All-Starz, and their scientifically advanced Beyblades but first his team needs to get past the 'Renegades' in the qualifying round.

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Kai surprises everyone by stepping into the dish for the first battle! The Blade Breakers have advanced to the second round of the American Tournament where they square off against the Savage Slammers.

The winner of this round advances to the semi-finals. Their competition first appears to be a bunch of slackers, but when Ray loses out in the first round, they quickly realize what they're up against.

Max is next, and for some odd reason, his rival folds under pressure, so the best of three is tied at one a piece with Tyson coming in for the deciding battle. At first it looks like a quick win for the Slammers simply because of the size of It's the Bladebreakers versus Spintensity in the semi-finals of the American Tournament.

But before the match can begin, Tyson is forced to withdraw with a stomachache he got from too much celebratory eating. Max, Ray and Kai must drag race their crafty foes through the whirlwind, highway-themed dish called the New Jersey Turnpike. Tensions rise as the American Tournament heats up.

Max fights for a chance to beyblade against his mother's team the All-Starz in an upcoming match, while Tyson and the rest of the Bladebreakers realize that the All-Starz are a bigger threat then they previously thought.

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At the end of two tense rounds, Tyson and Steven are tied one-all The finals continue. Can the Blade Breakers muster the strength to win, or will the All Starz become the new American Champions?

The deciding match of the American Tournament Finals comes down to Max vs. Michael of the 'All Starz,' in a battle that pits science and technology against human spirit.

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Unfortunately for Max and the Bladebreakers, the trick dish turns out to be a replica of a baseball diamond where Michael feels right at home! After narrowly defeating the All Starz at the American Tournament, Kenny decides he should record a database of the highs and low points of the BladeBreakers since the very beginning. In fact, through a series of flashbacks, the Chief along with Dizzi, takes a trip down memory lane as far back to the first time he ever met Tyson.

With clips from various shows, Kenny narrates the progress of his friends who eventually form the BladeBreakers and go on to the Asian Tournament. After watching the progress of his team, evaluating individual battles to eventually winning the Traveling by boat across the Atlantic, the Bladebreakers must not only deal with Kenny's seasickness, but a gut-wrenching revelation.

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Tyson's on-board defeat at the hands of a mysterious foe - one wielding a Bit-Beast larger and stronger than any they've ever seen - exposes the team's vulnerability going into the Russian Tournament. The kids are tricked into missing their boat, forcing them to spend the night in London where a mysterious videotape of Tyson's father is delivered to them. Later, Tyson's Beyblade is stolen and the kids are lured into a fight with the evil Cenotaph and his powerful Bit Beast, Sarcopholon.

All seems lost until Kai defeats the mummy by using his own strengths against him. The team agrees to travel by land, learning from every European Beyblader they can find. After their train is mysteriously hijacked, the kids find themselves in the dark recesses of a tunnel.

This is where the Bladebreakers meet the members of the Dark Bladers!

Tyson and Hilary. Tyson,Hilary,Ray and Max. Tyson vs Daichi. Tyson and the Bladebreakers. Tyson and Daichi. Tyson. Tyson ready to battle. Tyson and Daichi. Tyson and the Tyson Granger, known in Japan as Takao Kinomiya (?????? Kinomiya Takao) is the main protagonist from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade, Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member and leader of the G-Revolutions and the BBA Revolution. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Dragoon - one of the 4 Sacred Bit-Beasts. He is the #1 Beyblader in the World, having Tyson is at home practicing martial arts with his grandfather when suddenly he realizes he's late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew. As he runs out of his house he's confronted by a couple of bullies who only slow him up for his real battle. But when Tyson does show up, Andrew and his friends are met by a smart mouthed kid named Carlos who's a

Soon the team is forced into a beyblade match to rescue Kenny from the monsters' evil clutches! But Kenny isn't the only prize in this dark match-up. For if the Bladebreakers lose, their bit-beasts are up for grabs The Bladebreakers arrive in Paris, but the Dark Bladers follow them there.

Can the Bladebreakers handle one more battle with the Dark Bladers or will additional and unexpected help come to save them? The Bladebreakers spend an extra day in Paris and split up to see the sights. Ray catches up with his uncle, Max goes on a wild shopping spree and Kai goes in search of information. Tyson and Kenny try to see the Louvre but end up Beyblading Oliver, the French Champion.

At first Oliver's Bit Beast, Unicolyon, is too much for Dragoon.

Finally, Tyson removed the barriers preventing him from expressing his love. They were now entirely naked. If this wasn't such a serious, passionate moment, Hilary would have laughed with awkwardness at their situation. Two good friends. Together. Naked. Tyson laid her on her back tenderly, separating her legs with his body Tysons Firsts, a beyblade fanfic | - snos-domov.info. Summary: Tyson and Kai have a battle and when Tyson loses, Kai takes him home. What would happen? Warning: Do not read if you are: a) Under 16 -for those who mature faster- or b) Homophobic. as in don't like boys doing boys and c) imature minded. you have been warned TyKa one-shot and mentions of MaRe. Tyson arrives as a freshman in the school that Kai, a retainee, is going to, and is chosen to play Juliet in the school's drama production. A lot of underlying tensions and heartfelt emotions to come to terms with all within the setting of a play

But Tyson soon proves that even the French Champion has a thing or two to learn about Beyblading. The Beyblade World Tag Team Championships are about to start in Rome as Barthez busily prepares his team for the big event. He's even invited a television news crew to document his efforts as a coach. Unfortunately, Barthez's personality slips through on occasion revealing the truth about how much a tyrant he really is.

The Italian tournament begins and it's Barthez Battalion against White Tiger X. Ray starts for the Tigers going up against Claude.

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In mere seconds, Ray pulls off a victory that sets off alarm bells among the other competitors who think something is Unwilling to let his initial defeat to Enrique faze him, Tyson gets busy reworking his Beyblade. With Enrique having doubts about his own technique, and Oliver visiting him in Rome from France, the stage is set for a rematch.

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This time, Tyson pits the two heads of Enrique's Bit Beast Amphilyon against each other, and saves Enrique's life when Amphilyon turns on him. Enrique and Oliver decide to take our heroes on a dirigible ride to visit Robert's castle.

The reason - Tyson hopes to avenge an earlier loss to Robert that happened onboard the ship coming to Europe. Tyson's patience, however, is tested when they have to sit and wait for their host who is 'not to be disturbed.

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Finally everyone converges in the room where Robert is playing chess against Johnny and it's here where Tyson throws down the gauntlet and The Bladebreakers have made themselves at home at Robert's mansion, refusing to leave unless the Europeans agree to a final Beybattle.

To teach his guests a lesson, Robert agrees to a match at his new stadium. But there's one condition: If the Bladebreakers lose, they have to forfeit their berth at the world Championship. Ray and Oliver battle fiercely and the first round ends in a tie.

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Johnny and Kai, bitter rivals, step to the bowl. But can Kai defeat the man who defeated him?

Match two gets underway at the Olympia Coliseum, and with a little unsolicited help by his teammates, Kai walks away with a win. The match is tied and the Majestics grudgingly admit to themselves that the only way they'll win the contest is to fight as a team, as the Bladebreakers do. Facing off against Tyson in the final match, will Robert be able to apply the fundamentals of teamwork?

And will the Bladebreakers ever discover who sent them on their cross-Europe trip in the first place? The Bladebreakers arrive in Moscow on a brisk winter's day in anticipation of the World Beyblading final tournament.

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As they search for their hotel in the chilly city, they happen upon Boris, a strange man who claims to be the head of a rather eerie Beyblading training center. With the charm of an old world count, Boris invites them to lunch and them brings them to the training facility where they meet the next generation of Beybladers.

It's here where Boris decides that one of his pupils should test his blading skills against Tyson. Our heroes are led into a rather The Bladebreakers run into some old friends in Russia when The All-Starz and the White Tiger Clan show up for an exhibition match.

The Beybattle between the two teams ends in a tie and they become fast friends, except for Emily and Mariah, who refuse to speak to each other.

Meanwhile, Kai returns to the Abbey to find out why it fills him with foreboding.

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He discovers a cruel Beyblade facility in the Sub-basements, housing twisted science experiments and an army of children being molded into deadly Beybladers. Kai's lost memories come flooding back as he realizes he Kai is torn between escaping the Abbey, and exploring it further in an attempt to unlock forgotten memories from his childhood. The Bladebreakers track down their missing teammate to the Abbey, but are denied access by two of its wunderkind bladers.

When Kai discovers the existence of Black Dranzer, the world's most powerful Beyblade, Boris offers it to him - but only if Kai quits the Bladebreakers forever and rejoins the Biovolt Corporation.

Flooded with memories of using Black Dranzer as a child, and the lure of its dark, corrupting power leads Kai to a shocking It's the finals of the World Beyblading Championships and the final battle pits Kai against the defending world Champion, Tyson. The fight is incredibly intense and what's even more amazing, it looks like the two combatants are so evenly matched, there might not be a winner.

And that's exactly what happens! At the end of the battle, Kai and Tyson drop out at the exact same time!

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Now a dilemma arises. Dickenson has to make the final decision and he's leaning toward calling it a tie because he's afraid that if they continue the battle, someone could get hurt. Main Page All Pages Community Recent Blog Posts. Original Series Beyblade V-Force G-Revolution Product listing Episode listing Chapter listing.

Hilary Tachibana (?? ??? Tachibana Hiromi) is one of the deuteragonists in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. She is a member of the G Revolutions and the BBA Revolution. She does not have a Bit-Beast and is primarily their manager and voice of reason of the team. In V-Force she wears a pink shirt with a black tank top underneath. She has Tyson was completely naked, save for a pair of boxer shorts he'd just put on. He was sitting on the only chair there was in the room; his clothes were thrown on the ground; Max wasn't sure if it was just him or not, but to him his teammate was noticeably more buff than a few days before he said showing off his new beyblade. Gou shrugged "yeah, why not. let's go Miko-chan" he gestured his sister to follow to the backyard where Team BBA used to train and left the unconscious Tyson on the floor. Meanwhile at the lovely couple. Kai wondered why Hilary became a nymphomaniac. "Kai" Hilary purred "the kids aren't here" she's being

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