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Even a professional, successful woman like Venus Williams believes that she has to be sexy and not just skilled in order to sell a product. Off the court, the ensemble could pass for lingerie. As a businesswoman, Williams seems to believe that sexy is the best way to market to her target audience even though the look is neither entirely practical for her sport nor appropriate for young girl tennis players. The blogosphere and YouTube are already riddled with commentary implying that Williams has a great body and should play naked. My guess is that many of her fans are not regular French Open audiences.

Though her game never really came together and she was not a dominant player, she did have her moments. Her all time highest ranking was 39 inand her best tourney placement was making it to the 2nd round of the U. S Open in and the Wimbledon in But really, does that matter? Inshe was the first female tennis player to pose for "Playboy," and then hoped that success would follow her to the court. But that wasn't the case, and she finally retired in and has taken her career inside, to the booth as a commentator.

Ashley might have used her selection of underwear to mess with her opponents a little more often because most of her wins came off the court.

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I once took a photography class where the instructor said to shoot, shoot, and shoot away because I'd never know what I caught until the photo comes to light. Well, here is an example that proves his point. I'm sure in the instant this picture was taken little did anyone know what would be revealed. Anyway, Martha hasn't let her short outfits get in the way of her game.

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She's still a force even though her greatest success came in the late 's when she won the Australian Open 3 times, Wimbledon, and the U.

S Open. Hingis was ranked in as the 8th-greatest female player of the last 40 years, was named one of the "30 Legends of Women's Tennis: Past, Present and Future" inand was elected into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. It's got to be great news to know that's how she will be remembered! It should be repeated that Serena is the greatest female tennis player of all time and there might not ever be anyone else like her.

It's easy to assume how powerful her game is by the sheer strength of her body. She's built like a tank, solid, and though her body might not be as "slender" or light as the others, she is incredibly quick and powerful.

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But it's her heart, passion, and desire that makes her still the best. She once played in the shadow of Venus, but her drive has propelled her to clearly separate her from the competition.

Make sure you watch her before it's too late. She's engaged to Alexis Ohanian, they're expecting their first child, and who knows, she may relinquish the title and her grip on the game. Oh boy.

Venus williams boobs

Yes, this picture is NOT photoshopped. Stay with me While not as dominant in terms of winning numerous major championships, she has beaten some of the best to ever play including Venus and Serena Williams.

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She also brought a bravado to the court and established some real, gritty rivalries with other players such as Jankovic, Kuznetsova, Sharapova, and Petrova. Her Achilles heel was her inconsistency.

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Her serve, once clocked at mph, would come and go and abandon her when most needed. Her ground strokes, especially her forehand, could also swing from overpowering to a liability in the same match.

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Hopefully she's able to avoid further mishaps. In terms of her game, Maria, the once dominant and heralded Russian player has hit the skids on the other side of Though still considered an all time great, it might be getting time for her to hang them up.

Talk about a fall from grace in terms of game, Maria has dropped from 1 overall to But she can certainly hold a top spot in the looks and sporting department with this shot. Following the nightgown theme, she's one athlete who doesn't need to change into something more comfortable after a hard days work.

Her gown is certainly light enough to sway in an evening breeze and be translucent under the moonlight. When she goes on vacation, she must travel light to everyone's delight. There are many parts of Anna's game to get excited about so we can't ignore any ct of it.

The first point, in case you were wondering, is she likes to play on all types of surfaces, including grass and clay. The second point is she also doesn't have a preference for either playing under the scorching sun or the bright lights of night.

She also has a great eye for style and seems to pick the perfect outfit every time. Seems like she, and anyone else watching, can see she has a penchant for exposing herself. Was it all these mishaps that ended up convincing her to hang up her racket? In any case, hopefully she makes a better choice of clothing from now on. I can easily make an argument Serena is the greatest American born athlete in history. She's won the Australian Open AND Wimbledon 7 times in the last 14 years.

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The U. S Open? Just 6 times in the last 18 years. Really, think about that dominance for such an extended period of time. Serena, unlike any other player, doesn't have to show off any part of her body or wear a short skirt to get anyone off their game.

She is a dominant force and destroys opponents. Best of luck to her and her little one on the way! Venus is two years older than Serena but is also a killer on the court. Aside from her long list of tourney wins, she also holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by a male or female tennis player. She is the only player to have won a medal at four separate Olympic Games.

At the Sydney Olympics, Venus won Olympic gold medals in both singles and doubles at the same Olympic Games for the first time since Now that's what we call a superstar. She is obviously built differently than her sister, just look at her musculature, and she was the first Williams girl to reek havoc on the court.

I've never seen a woman with such powerful shoulders, arms, and her back is ripped.

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Her legs are incredibly athletic. The similarity?

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Serena Williams nipples keep distracting me from the match, like them nipples are acc in HD I can't cope pls put them away Xxx +o?e??C? sophie roulston (@sophieeer) July 7, Estimated Reading Time: 1 min Serena Williams is built like a powerhouse, and she's not at all shy about showing it off. Serena recently bore all for Sports Illustrated, revealing her Gra

She's got the same message to opponents about what they can kiss! The 24 year old from France is just adorable, don't cha' think?

Serena Williams Goes Topless, Shows Off Super Toned Figure in 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue: Pics! By Alex Ungerman AM PST, February 15, Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Still a baby on the pro circuit, she has already won three singles and three doubles titles on the International Tennis Federation tour. Just last year, she climbed to a career high singles ranking of and in the doubles rankings.

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She is just entering her prime, so if she is going to make a statement on the court she needs to up her game pretty soon. She's already go the look nailed, with a super cute pony tail and figure.

Let's hope her game catches up to her form, so more opportunities to watch her play will come. Who knows where she'll be by the time she's in her 30s.

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This backfired on Nike big time. The company was trying to introduce a new line of outfits called the "babydoll" dress, but there were some serious design flaws with the outfits.

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Several tennis players complained shortly after wearing them, as it was impossible to wear them during a match without some midriff being exposed. Ana Ivanovic brought a lot of attention because of her good looks and her Eastern European flair. While her dominance in her later years wasn't quite as prominent as it used to be, she was actually ranked no. Here, a cameraman caught a glimpse of her while serving and was in just about the ideal position to land a shot.

Ivanovic landed many sponsorship deals throughout her career, constantly switching brands. And none of the brands seemed to curtail her hotness. Ivanovic's run in tennis came to an end last year, after injuries began piling up on her. Her last match took place in the first round of the US Open, where she lost in straight sets to Denisa Allertova. A ceremony was held at the French Open earlier this year to honor the retired Serbian star.

The 26 year old Austrian has never won a major tournament but has surely granted many fans their money worth.

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It's certainly a strange outfit to wear in a match unless she wants to make sure everyone's eyes are on her. But maybe all the attention has been a little too much for her. Over the past 4 years, her ranking has dropped from 26 to and her career record is Though it seems her stock is falling, her rather large breasts haven't yet fallen through her straps and I gotta' think almost any other suit would be more comfortable.

The top is certainly a cute design, I've seen similar cross straps on evening wear and bathing suits, and it certainly lets her stay cool.

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I wonder if she'll have a chat and get some advice from Simona Halep to see if anything should be done to help her game. Eugenie has been falling in the ranks from 5 just a few years ago to 70 today. Inat Wimbledon, she became the first Canadian-born player to reach the finals of a Grand Slam. She also reached the semifinals of the Australian and French Opens, and won the Wimbledon women's title.

She may have just secured her place in the Wimbledon final, but Serena Williams' nipples (instead of her backstroke) seemed to be making headlines this morning! The tennis champ caused a stir when she donned on tight white tank that appeared to show her nipples during her semi final match yesterday. Sadly instead of noting that Serena is on her Venus Williams strips fully NAKED and looks like a goddess in body confident photoshoot. The former Wimbledon champion is glowing as she poses naked for ESPN magazine's annual Body snos-domov.infoted Reading Time: 1 min Seven-time Grand Slam winner and former world number one Venus Williams also went nude for ESPN Magazine's Body in Issue. The American player's career was disrupted due to Sjogren's syndrome

Perhaps one of the reasons for her slump is her choice in nightgowns. The blogosphere and YouTube are already riddled with commentary implying that Williams has a great body and should play naked.

Venus Williams is arguably one of the best female tennis players of all time. She has 22 WTA titles to her name and has won grand slams like Wimbledon and the US open. This is a woman who even went to the Olympics and won nothing less than four gold medals and one silver medal Venus Williams' recent French Open display of her assets (and by that I also mean her clothing line and her masterful tennis prowess), has upset a few people who feel that the wardrobe choice was risque and inappropriate. I want to explore five important gender lessons we can all learn from a lingering look [ ] At the Sydney Olympics, Venus won Olympic gold medals in both singles and doubles at the same Olympic Games for the first time since Now that's what we call a superstar. She is obviously built differently than her sister, just look at her musculature, and she was the first Williams

My guess is that many of her fans are not regular French Open audiences. The original black Venus was Sara Baartman, an African slave displayed across Europe as a freak show because of her unusually large buttocks, genitalia and other distinct physical features. Even after her death she was an object of scientific allure-many of her body parts were preserved for display. Of course, according to Latoya Peterson, black booty body politics are frequently discussed in contemporary popular culture.

TOP 5 - Sexiest Female Tennis Players Revealed 2020

Peterson notes that she had to learn to appreciate her curves as an alternative beauty standard while at the same time negotiating the unwarranted attention that her curves drew. Flesh-colored underwear now includes dark brown in addition to beige. Why would a woman show up to her job and show her behind without panties? This moment tells me that too many people still believe the stereotypes of the innately indecorous black woman who does not know how to dress let alone behave in public.

A woman athlete receives more attention for what she wears than how well she plays. Your email address will not be published.

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