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Actress Ghost Mask: Scar. So Hirosawa was born on December 25, in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. She is an actress, known for Ghost Mask: Scar , Love Exposure and Kung Fu Kid Mami Sasazaki was born on May 21, in Nagoya, Japan. Composer Inazuman. Actress Brave Hearts: Umizaru. Ai Kato was born on December 12, in Nagoya, Japan.

The would arouse interest of physical intimacy from others.

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The following variable definitions were constructed by the presence of sexually revealing clothing was coded as yes, authors unless otherwise reference taught to coders, no, not applicable, or cannot tell. and tested for reliability.

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The second variable assessed was nudity. Nudity referred to the amount of exposed skin a character displayed.

The Demographic Variables levels were none i.

about the shoulders as by an unaltered crew-neck, t-shirt, or Species were comprised of related organisms or popula- tank toppartial i. fire-breathing dragons, Clifford the Big Red Dogtransparent in naturenot applicable, or cannot tell.

anthropomorphized animal those animals and creatures The third variable was character body proportion. that possess and exemplify human-like characteristics Character body proportion was defined as the harmonious such as talking, bipedal locomotion, using tools, wearing relation of parts to each other or to the whole as it applies to clothes are all human characteristics, e.

phized supernatural creature differs from an anthropo- The variable character body proportion examined all morphized animal in that it bears a human-like form as cts of the body including feet, legs, waist, hips, breasts, opposed to an animal form. To fit in this category, char- head size, and so forth.

Breast size and waist size are not acters must fit the criteria for a supernatural creature and mutually exclusive of this variable but do contribute to have a decidedly human form e. elves, Count Dracula, overall body proportioning. The decision was made to or the Incredible Hulk.

examine breast size and waist size individually as previous The second demographic quality was biological sex. It studies Beasley and Standley ; Harrison have was coded as male, female, no sex, or cannot tell. validated the import of looking at them in isolation. Coders The third demographic variable was apparent race.

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were trained to consider whether they thought the average Apparent race was based on heuristic cues such as skin person could look like the character without the aid of color and facial features, and coded as Caucasian, African, augmentation, plastic surgery, or chemical injections.

Resolution referred coded as unrealistic, e. Laura Croft and over-bulging to the image quality i. The Incredible Hulk. By definition, any woman or irregular boundaries, choppy motion sequencing, little or no man with an overly exaggerated chest-size, extremely long shadowingmedium i.

The codes for this variable character shadowing, fluid motion. were realistic, unrealistic, not applicable, or cannot tell. Consistent multiples of certain characters that are indistinguishable with previous research Kunkel and Copesex talk from one another, only single images were coded and referred to any verbal reference or dialogue regarding sex frequency or replicate characters was noted.

For example, or sexual issues. Sex talk was coded as present or absent. in The Hulk video game, many Army characters were The fifth variable, sexual behavior, was coded indepen- observed that were indistinguishable from one another. dently from sex talk. Presence of sexual behavior which that character occurred in the video game.

The tallies was coded as yes or no. of replicates were not used in any of the statistical analyses. The sixth variable coded was appropriateness of attire. Therefore, if identical looking Army soldiers appeared, Appropriateness of attire was defined as the degree to it only counted toward one of the total characters which garments worn by a character were suitable and included in this sample.

For descriptive purposes only, a functional with respect to the task at hand. Of those characters that featured replicates, a appropriate.

This variable was coded as featured replicates. appropriate, inappropriate, not applicable, or cannot tell. Because we were interested in portrayals of sexuality, The seventh variable was breast size.

What happened in Xenosaga: Episode II? (RECAPitation)

For female only those characters that could be identified as male or characters only, breast size was coded as flat, average, female remained in the sample.

A total of 87 characters voluptuous Beasley and Standleyor cannot tell. were excluded from analysis.

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Of the remaining Finally, the eighth variable was waist size. The coders received weeks of extensive and animals, one, or. Coders did not begin assessing characters had an unidentifiable race or were coded as not game segments until they reached a reliability of. better for every code during training. These characters mentioned variables: character type 1. Out of the sexually revealing clothing. For the 14 proportion. For the 36 appropriateness of attire. Characters Results Of the top 20 games played on each platform Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Sony PlayStation2 coders Chi-square analyses were executed on each overt sexuality distinguished different primary and secondary charac- variable blocking by gender, rating, or console.

Outside of ters for analysis. level were reported. In this way, the explored.

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Prior to executing the analysis, the nudity findings would reflect both statistical and practical differ- variable was collapsed into two levels: no nudity none ences in the patterns of overtly sexual portrayals in video versus some nudity partial or full; this variable was games. The sample size for some analyses varied, as items collapsed as only four instances of full nudity occurred.

When would appear less frequently than would male characters. the video games. A one-way chi-square yielded a signifi- Next, body proportion was examined. A similar pattern held when differences between realistic versus unrealistic body pro- examining biological sex of primary characters only, ?2 1, portions for men and women.

Thus, data are highly consistent with behavior occurred infrequently in the data set.

Across the Hypothesis 1. entire sample of characters, only one instance of sex talk Hypothesis two predicted that female characters would and five instances of sexual behavior were observed.

Due to appear more sexualized in nature than would male this low observed n, chi-square analyses could not be characters.

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To test this hypothesis, each overt sexuality executed. A significant chi-square was observed for this breast size, and waist size was assessed by biological sex. breast size. This variable was collapsed into two categories: ESRB Console platform small waist versus not small waist. See Table 3 for likely to appear partially or fully nude in games rated T summary. See Table 2 for brand of video game console that displayed sexualized summary.

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The chi-square Bonferroni method indicated that games rated E differed analysis of the overt sexuality variables i. The distribution of overt sexuality variables by console Looking at the distribution of objectification variables by within sex presents a different set of results. Because a ESRB rating within biological sex, a slightly different majority of the cells contained fewer than five observations, picture emerged. Because analyses had many cells with five the pattern of results is described.

For women, the Micro- or fewer observations, chi-squares were not executed. soft Xbox had the highest frequencies of sexually revealing Table 3 Frequency and per- centage of characters showing Hypersexuality indicators Everyone Teen Mature Total hypersexuality indicators by ESRB rating and sex. Only one variable was significant for men. The sexually revealing clothing, nudity, body proportion, Nintendo GameCube was most likely to show men wearing appropriateness of attire, and waist size.

One quarter of sexually revealing clothing see Table 4 for summary. Nudity had the greatest disparity between female The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of and male characters. results show marked differences in the way males and Research question one asked if the ESRB rating system females are presented in video games. Differences occurred consistently filtered out variables related to depictions of in terms of frequency of appearance for biological sex in overt sexuality.

Across sex, the findings demonstrated that games, as well as the way in which their sexuality was there is a significant difference among games rated E, T, or represented.

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Females appeared far less frequently in video M on nudity. At first glance, it appears that the ESRB games than males and were more likely to be shown in a ratings do a fair job of filtering out sexual content.

more sexualized light than male characters. However, sexual content is comprised of more than just Hypothesis one received empirical support for the simple depictions of nudity. If parents findings.

game characters wearing sexually revealing clothing with While these numbers are not too terribly different from small waist sizes and unrealistic body proportions can still gender representation on television Gerbnerthey have an impact on young gamers.

Repeated exposure to pale in comparison to the U. Table 4 Frequency and percentage of characters showing hypersexuality indicators by platform and sex. It is also should avoid being rash in drawing conclusions about the important to note that women had the highest percentages Microsoft Xbox console, as it does allow parents to screen of unrealistic body proportions and small waists in E-rated games with age-appropriate content with a parental control.

games when compared to T-rated games and M-rated The results from this study have demonstrated that games. The implica- nonexistent. When women were shown, impressionable tions of these depictions are concerning because video video game players would be exposed to women with games require active engagement by a player to manipulate Barbie-doll figures even more in E-rated games than they and elude game stimuli.

Previous research has documented would in T- or M-rated games. The active engagement that video games provide However, visual inspection of the data indicates that the allows gamers to control, watch, and perform behaviors that objectification variables unrealistic body proportion and previous technologies e.

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Consistent with this research, video games observable female characters in E-rated games. sexuality and include such variables that may contribute to Further, the engagement that comes from active partic- female objectification.

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ipation and interactivity in video games should intensify the Research question two asked if a particular brand of four processes that govern learning in social cognitive video game console displayed sexualized characters more theory. Game players should pay more attention to the frequently than the others. The findings indicate that there overtly sexualized portrayals of the women and men was a significant difference for sexually revealing clothing, contained therein than if just watching as on television.

but not for nudity, appropriateness of attire, unrealistic body The fact that video games require repeated attempts to image, or small waist size by console brand.

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Characters master hand-eye coordination and memory to avoid wearing sexually revealing clothing were more prevalent in potentially game-ending scenarios supports retention of sampled games for the Nintendo GameCube. However, this the material through repeated exposure. With the scripts finding needs to be interpreted with caution. This was the stored in memory, a gamer may bring the actions and the only variable which achieved significance. Based on the speech of the video game characters into the real world, rest of the variables examined in this study, it is apparent thereby producing the actively performed, rehearsed be- that screening for depictions of overt sexuality cannot be havior in a new context.

When these behaviors are re- done simply by selecting a particular brand of game warded, as by increased scores, extra lives, or with codes to console. In addition, because a purposive sample of the unlock sexy outfits for characters, and reinforced by peers, most popular video games was used, it begs the question of it is likely that the modeled behaviors will be repeated.

whether there is another explanatory mechanism for this The repetition of seeing women as oversexualized beings finding. It could be the case that the Nintendo GameCube through both repeated game play and by seeing similar hosts a larger share of the male market than the X-Box or depictions across a wide variety of games can reinforce the PlayStation2, which in turn means that the most popular belief that women are to be regarded as sex objects.

The titles contain more sexual depictions. More research needs disproportionately small waists and voluptuous breasts for to be conducted with different sampling procedures to female characters may contribute to body dissatisfaction isolate additional explanatory mechanisms such as demo- for female gamers and unrealistic expectations of women graphic information and its relationship to sexual content in for impressionable male gamers.

This has two major video games. First, this medium may be reinforcing to When overt sexuality variables were examined across some that women are supposed to have unrealistic body sex by console, differences appeared. Three out of the proportions.

When these proportions are unattainable, it can seven variables applicable to both sexes i. Taking that a step further, low self-esteem and appeared proportionately greater for women versus men body dissatisfaction may prompt some to adopt unhealthy on the Microsoft Xbox console.

Although it would seem eating habits trying to attain an idealized image. Second, it that parents would want to avoid the Microsoft Xbox, in also sends a message to male gamers of what women favor of the Sony Playstation 2 or Nintendo GameCube, should look like. If males are games. Further, tests need to be conducted to determine which disappointed that women cannot achieve these proportions, conditions make sexualized portrayals easier to learn for the this may hinder relational development.

Because previous game player. Variables such as motivation, peer reinforce- studies have demonstrated a link between media images and ment, and other media reinforcement may facilitate the recall eating disorders Field et al. esteem Polce-Lynch et al. Robertsfuture research is needed to assess the impact What about the combination of sex and violence on market of repeated exposure to video game portrayals on male and success? At least one study has demonstrated a positive female gamers and how this media outlet shapes perceptions correlation between movie trailers containing violence and of both sexes in the real world.

the amount of money spent on promoting them Oliver and Overall, this content analysis was designed to examine Kalyanaraman In this case, more violence equates to depictions of overt sexuality in video game characters. more marketing dollars which, ostensibly, equates to Since overt sexuality as a variable has received consider- increased profit at the box office.

Because the industry ably less attention than violence in terms of its effects, this recognizes the year-old male as one of its primary study serves as a platform from which to further examine consumers, can we assume that the video game industry as sexual portrayals in video games. Follow-up studies are a whole follows this same pattern of using sex and violence recommended to test the validity of the variables used to to promote new video games?

Does sexual and violent determine overt sexuality in video game characters with new content equate to more marketing dollars in the video game console XboxPS3, and Nintendo Wii game offerings. Recent studies suggest that there are pronounced One limitation of this study is its focus exclusively on differences in sexuality between male and female characters game play.

The recorded video games segments that were both in pictures used in video game magazines Miller and coded did not include the introduction section.

Nor did they Summers and photos and screenshots used in online include the grand finales where sexual behaviors or sex talk video game reviews Ivory Does this relate to more may occur. Future studies should be conducted to see if profit?

game introductions or game finales contain overt sexuality It is also important to take into account what the newest codes such as sexual talk or sexual behavior. Because the generation of game consoles will bring with them; finales are a form of reward for the player, it is important to specifically, better graphic engines for a heightened sense know if sex talk or sexual behaviors are depicted.

It is also of realism, as well as interactivity, and customizability. As both male the Sony PS3 allow gamers to customize the music and female gamers may play games with a variety of soundtracks for the games they play. It becomes even more strategies, goals, and motivations in mind, it is important important then, to understand how the combination of for future studies to examine the range of sexualized different forms of media, such as music, television, movies, portrayals, acts and behaviors within a game that individual and so forth change or reinforce existing opinions of gamers might be subject to.

Future research would benefit women and minorities in video games. Further, these from examining differences in character portrayals based on consoles are priced very differently. These price privileges theory more than effect. Although theoretically points suggest that the Xbox and PS3 are catering through social cognitive theory we can make a strong toward an older audience who can afford a more powerful argument for how gamers may learn less-than-desired game console.

If this is the case, it would not be surprising cognitive scripts, including sexual stereotypes and objecti- if more sexual content were included in games for these fication of women in video games, we cannot predict consoles or if more companies produced genres of games behaviors or make causal inferences based simply on the for these consoles that included more sexualized game presence of oversexualized content.

We can however, use characters. theory and other empirical methods to design future studies Form as well as content may also contribute to the to answer some of the questions that this analysis raises.

retention of overtly sexualized and stereotyped behaviors. NBA Street Vol. Will video game players remember more details 9. NBA Live E when they play games on a 2?2 in. Did you see that lady there? Brass hats and soldier boys, whiskey on your breath Gm Drop your holy missiles, you can take my body dead And then she danced in the government pyre Send me all your lightning storms, your D D Gm The jailhouse is on fire thunderheads and hail D D Gm Cuz this land, this love will never be for sale The jailhouse is on fire D D 3.

Wild eyes, they watch on me through the velvet night 2. Fuck You! Am G Bugger off, you bastards, bugger off! I sing this for the crickets I sing this for the army 4. You chose your journey long before You came upon this highway 3.

snos-domov.info is a platform for academics to share research papers Actress | Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Maiko Ito was born on August 18, in Nagoya, Japan. She is an actress, known for Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra , Sento shojo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu and Witchblade One light, one mind, flashing in the dark Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts Ah-ah, Ah-ah, Ah-ah "For crying out loud", she screamed unto me A free for all, fuck 'em all, you are your own sight 3. I'm walking down the line That divides me somewhere in My mind

If it be your will C Cm That I speak no more E[ Fm And my voice be still A[ E[ As it was before Cm B[ I will speak no more Cm B[ I shall abide until A[ E[ I am spoken for B[ If it be your will 2.

If it be your will That a voice be true From this broken hill I will sing to you From this broken hill All your praises they shall ring If it be your will To let me sing 3. E [ Fm C Cm E [ Fm A[ E [ From this broken hill All your praises they shall ring If it be your will To let me sing 4.

From out of the dust Came a man true and bold A7 Champion of the fandango B[ F By night he drank whiskey Gm Dm By day killed bad men F A7 Dm And the townspeople knew him as Rango 2. A ladies man indeed From his head down to his knees Rango was doing the tango But in came bad Bill From his hide out in the hill With a notion to kill Rango 4.

Mama was queen of the mambo 1. Take your time Hurry up 2. C G Am Marketing C G Am Careers. C G Am Success. C G Am Oh holy yeld C G Am Oh holy hell. Somewhere over the rainbow way up high F C G Am F And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby - C Em F C Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly F C G Am F And the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true C G 2. Well I see skies of blue and I see clouds Of white and the brightness of day I like the dark and I think to myself, what a wonderful world G C 5.

Em Or would you hide behind them all? Alright now fellas Yeah oh, cooler than being cool? Can you stand up? Hello A The child is grown the dream is gone Is there anybody in there? I have become comfortably numb G Em Just nod if you can hear me Bm Bm A G Em Bm ?8 Is there anyone home?

Hey you! out there on your own Bm Sitting naked by the phone would you touch me Em Hey you! with your ear against the wall Bm Waiting for someone to call out would you touch me D GD C Hey you! Mother should I build the wall? Mother should I run for president?

everything, and variants?

Mother should I trust the government? Mother will they put me in the firing line? Mother is it just a waste of time? babe Ohhh. for me? to me? Mother will she tear your little boy apart? Mother will she break my heart? baby Ohhh. baby Oh. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground E C m A[ A Try this trick and spin it. Where is my mind? Me steely skin is covered She run, run, run, run, run. Have you seen the old man, in the closed-down market F C D7 G7 picking up the papers, with his worn-out shoes?

Have you seen the old gal, who walks the streets of London dirt in her hair, and her clothes in rags? In the all-night cafe, at a quarter past eleven same old man sitting there, on his own Looking at the world, over the rim of his tea-cup Each day lasts an hour, then he wanders home alone 4.

Yesterday was easy 4. Who knew the hardest side of you? Bm G F Who knew the hardest time to prove? Bm G F Too true to say goodbye to you Bm Too true to say, say, say 4. Come to decide that the things that I tried B F When I lay it on, come get to play it on Were in my life just to get high on All my life to sacrifice When I sit alone come get a little known But I need more than myself this time Step from the road to the sea, to the sky And I do believe it, we rely on When I lay it on, come get to play it on All my life to sacrifice Hey oh Listen what I say oh I got your Hey oh Now listen what I say oh 2.

Sometimes Everybody hurts But everybody hurts sometimes R. I wanted marry with you And make love very beaucoup To have a max of children Just like Stone and Charden But one day that must arrive Together we disputed For a stupid story of fric We decide to divorced 4.

A So I lifted my gun Well, what would you say And I fired away E If I said that you could? Walking alone 3.

There could be a mana mechanic as well. During the night, all of the colors of mana are switched like Naked Singulartiy or something. Like W produces B, U produces R, B produces G, R produces W, and G produces U. Or maybe a new Night mana that (like snow mana) has an effect on the way mana is used A list of the best Animation movies and TV shows, as ranked by IMDb users, like you. Find something great to watch now The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has blasted the CBS Grammys broadcast, saying it "contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping." The

I let you drive. Just for a while C F C m Em Bm A The only living boy in New York You can decide. Where goes our ride C m Em Bm A 2. To be a straight line C m Em Bm A I can gather all the news I need from the weather But a messy flight. Not scared to die! No TV screen. No new engine 3.

Just want to be free 4. E G D A Dying is not healthy! Do-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-do like it shines on me E G D A The only living boy in New York ?2 Dying is not funny! E G D A Dying is not scary!

I dip my eyes.

Into the sky I free my mind. And return wild Spending some time. Before the next ride Enjoying my life. Before I die!

The mama pajama rolled out of bed 2. Once my heart was filled with the love of a girl G D 2. Jubila - tion I held her close, but she faded in the night G D She loves me again Like a poem I meant to write G D A And the leaves that are green turn to brown I fall on the floor and I laughing ?2 And they wither with the wind And they crumble in your hand El condor pasa 3.

Hello, hello, hello, hello 1.

Robinson Remember me to one who lives there G Em C Am Am G Am Em Am Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo She once was a true love of mine D G Em God bless you please Mrs. Robinson G Em C 1. Tell her to make me a cambric shirt Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey hey On the side of a hill in the deep forest green Am hey Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme E7 Tracing of sparrow on snow crested brown 1. Tell her to find me an acre of land 2.

Tell her to reap it with a sickle of leather choose War bellows blazing in scarlet battalions Any way you look at it you lose Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love C F C C Dm G Because a vision softly creeping As she lies here beside me asleep with the night F C C Am F Em Left its seeds while I was sleeping And her hair in a fine mist floats on my pillow F C C Dm F G C And the vision that was planted in my brain Reflecting the glow of the winter moonlight Am Still remains C G Am 2. She is soft she is warm but my heart remains heavy Within the sound of silence As I watch as her breasts gently rise, gently fall 2.

My life seems unreal, my crime an illusion 3. And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more A scene badly written in which I must play People talking without speaking And I know as I gaze at my young love beside me People hearing without listening The morning is just a few hours away People writing songs that voices never share And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence 4.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley F G D7 DM7 Sorry please kill me I need you Nightly, beside the green, green grass D DM7 2.

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You can bury me in some deep valley For many years where I may lay And you may learn to love another While I am sleeping in my grave While he is sleeping in his grave 5. I see the lights are turning and I Look outside. The stars are burning through this Changing time. It could have been anything we Want. It was just a passing Thought 2.

I know there are more exciting Things to talk about. They know nothing about Us. Oh mother tell your children Not to do what I have done Spend your lives in sin and misery In the House of the Rising Sun 5.

In the town where I was born C7 F Em Am C D Take a sad song and make it better Lived a man who sailed to sea B[ F G D C G Remember to let her into your heart And he told us of his life Em Am C D C7 F In the land of submarines Then you can start to make it better 2.

So we sailed up to the sun 2. And our friends are all on board Many more of them live next door 3. Yesterday 1. And when the broken hearted people 3. Yesterday Living in the world agree Love was such an easy game to play There will be an answer Now I need a place to hide away Let it be Oh, I believe in yesterday For though they may be parted there is 4.

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Yesterday Still a chance that they will see Love was such an easy game to play There will be an answer Now I need a place to hide away Let it be Oh, I believe in yesterday 3. chorus 2. A Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah chorus; verse2 A7 D G A Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now shake it up baby ?3 A Ah Ah Ah Ah!

In a couple of years they have built a home sweet And so it goes, and so it goes G G A home And so it goes, slows your mind, mind, mind C With a couple of kids running in the yard E C m G D7 And so it goes, and so it goes Of Desmond and Molly Jones G A And so it goes, slows your mind, mind, mind, mind, 4. Happy ever after in the market place mind Desmond lets the children lend a hand 2. Take me back to that open road 3.

If you, if you could return 1. Is I always be in doubt G Were you lying all the time? It is a lovely thing that we have Was it just a game to you?

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I assume we have a flat model with an initialized gdt containing the needed code and data descriptors. Way to cause the bug: Create initial TSS-Create a TSS and a task-gate pointing to snos-domov.info the TSS to some handler that returns with IRET.-Place the task-gate into the IDT.-Create a trap-gate with dpl=3 in the IDT-Switch the initial task to ring3-Let it call the interrupt that - Xenosaga I had that one scene where Virgil was trying to to get the Y-data then one of the fire walls was a picture of Shion naked and he was like, "nope, I'm out" - Xenosaga III had a scene where Shion just got out of the bathroom and was thinking about something (I forget what) - Xenoblade 1 had a naked purple dude with a beard (Arglass)Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins For Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How or why is this game sexist?".Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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authoritative message

This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. Boards Xenoblade Chronicles 2 How or why is this game sexist? User Info: ZenTen. User Info: pix Many things are wrong with feminism. But in this case I think the complaint is just the jiggle physics sure chiks have boobs They don't gotta have their own gravity.

I'm convinced that it's cause Zeke isn't best at anything in the game. User Info: snoells.

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