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Maggie is a character in The Wind Waker. Maggie was once the poor girl of Windfall Island who was then kidnapped and taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King. When Maggie showed her father the Skull Necklaces she had taken back from the Forsaken Fortress, he went off to sell them, allowing the girl and her father to become rich overnight. She never does, however, for she says she could never leave her dear father behind. Maggie is quite popular with the boys, but she has a tendency to prefer "wild" boys over others. Maggie appears to be fond of rabbits.

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in: HyliansThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker characters. Maggie The Wind Waker. View source. Page Tools Edit Flag View History. Previous PREVIOUS. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. In this timeless classic with a unique and colorful "toon-shaded" art style, players guide Link as he sets out on the massive Great Sea to find his kidnapped sister. Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB.

Release Date. House of The Dragon: Game of Thrones Prequel - Official Teaser Trailer Check out the first teaser trailer for House of The Dragon, the new Game of Thrones Prequel show coming to HBO Max in DRAGON ROOST ISLAND Link next finds himself back on the beach of Dragon Roost Island. Medli and Komali appear behind him. Komali apologizes for mistrusting you, and adds that he wants to be like you someday.

After you get the sacred pearl, Medli tells you that Valoo is also grateful. He also names you a true hero, and Medli agrees. Komali, filled with new courage, decides to leave for Valoo at once to get his wings.

After thanking you, Medli also leaves. He guesses that Ganondorf must have sent the monster to this place. This means you should hurry to the south, before the reach the second pearl! As you start sailing to the south, a voice stops you. A Merman jumps out of the water and surfaces next to you.

He comments that your sea chart is downright pathetic; it looks like it has nothing but oceans drawn on it.

The Merman pulls a paintbrush out from the water, and draws Dragon Roost Island on your chart. He also tells you of a cave high up on the back side of the Island. As the Merman suggests, you should definitely make a habit of mapping every area you come across. Before he dives back below the Sea, he says something about repaying a debt to the KoRL what could he mean?

Once you get out to sea, remember to stop at Bomb Island to get the Empty Bottle, and map every quadrant you pass through. Just beyond it in quadrant F6 is your next destination: Forest Haven. The Second Pearl Fohfw FOREST HAVEN As you approach Forest Haven on the KoRL, he introduces it and pulls up to its shore.

To defeat these plantlike enemies, L-target them and mash B to unleash a sword thrust combo. The first three hits stun the Boko Baba and make its stem vulnerable, while the fourth hit kills it. Make sure not to hesitate too long near the Baba, or it will try and eat you!

Climb up a grassy hill, defeating 4 Boko Babas as you go. When you reach a ledge overlooking a waterfall, get out your Grappling Hook and use the post overhead to swing across. Once you swing to an island on the waterfall, a River Octorok to the right will probably start shooting rocks at you. Draw your sword, and then shield yourself from the projectile to deflect it back at the Octorok, killing it.

Then jump across to another grassy platform where you must defeat another Boko Baba. Be very careful when jumping over the river; if you fall in it will pull you over the waterfall and force you to start over. Before Grappling onto the post far above, get out your shield and kill another River Octorok by deflecting its rock. Once you reach the shallow, placid water it was floating in, enter Forest Haven through the large doorway.

Once you are in the overgrown Forest Haven, run along the shallow river and climb up a waterfall ahead. The massive trunk occupying the center of the dry land here is the Great Deku Tree!

As you walk around to its face, you see it has a downright gruesome case of Chuchu acne! Roll into the Great Deku Tree to dislodge the Chuchus, then keep moving as you defeat them. Besides the weak Red Chuchus, you must also fight off some Green Chuchus. They take two sword hits to defeat instead of one, and are only vulnerable just before they attack. Once you beat all the Chuchus, the Great Deku Tree says something to you in Hylian. He thanks you for ridding him of the Chuchus, and correctly guesses that the KoRL took you here.

After that, he calls out the so-called children of the woods, the Koroks, from their hiding places to meet you. The Koroks are strange, wooden people who fly around on helicopter-like leaves. They used to assume human forms players of OoT should know whobut become Koroks when they took up living on the Great Sea. Unfortunately, there is a problem.

One of the Koroks, Makar, is missing in action. He has fallen into the Forbidden Woods, a massive, thorn-covered tree you may have noticed on your way to Forest Haven. The Great Deku Tree is immediately concerned, and asks you to go to the Forbidden Woods and rescue him.

He bestows on you the Deku Leaf, a special item that will let you fly or at least glide through the sky. Conveniently enough, he summons it on his highest branch. They look like hiding Boko Babas, but are purple instead of red.

Jump into the one at ground level, then use the control stick to aim yourself. When it is, hold the control stick up to launch yourself into it. Launch yourself from bud to bud to make your way around the Great Deku Tree. About halfway, you land on a leafy branch. Use the Grappling Hook to swing from an overhanging branch to the next bud; make sure to align yourself so the rope is right over the bud.

After you reach the highest branch, grab the Deku Leaf. In the air, you can deploy it to glide through the air for long distances. Now that you have it, look around you for a ledge far below with a grass patch in the shape of an arrow. Glide to this ledge and drop onto it. You emerge on a ledge high above the sea. Now slice down some plants to refill your Magic Meter once again, and set the wind to the northwest. To get the altitude you need to reach the entrance to the Forbidden Woods, you must glide through a whirlwind that circles the island.

Some helicopter-like enemies called Peahats are floating near the entrance. Once you have reached it, go through the doorway to the Forbidden Woods. The entry room is filled with tall grass and Green Chuchus.

Defeat them all as you did at the base of the Great Deku Tree; parrying their attacks works well in beating them. Also, keep in mind that the Deku Leaf can stun them briefly. Once you cleared them all out and received the Dungeon Map, look at the door to the next room. A strange blue flower blocks the door with sprawling vines, and closes up in defense whenever you get close.

Be accurate though; it begins to rot as soon as you pick it and eventually shatters. This room is very tall, spanning from the basement to the third floor of the Forbidden Woods. To avoid damage from any long falls, intermittently get your Deku Leaf out and put it away to break your fall. To get rid of it, defeat the 2 Boko Babas around the room, and preferably the 4 Green Chuchus. Then, take the Boko Stick left behind by one of the Babas and light it on a torch near the treasure chest.

To get back up, jump into one of the Boko Buds around the basement. Use this method to reach a ledge on the northern part of the room, on the second floor. Unfortunately, the exit is blocked off my-you guessed it-another flower. make sure to run away quickly!

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After the Green Chuchus are defeated, throw a Bomb at the flower to blow it up and go through the door. The next room is relatively small.

A primitive cable car hangs on the far side of the room. Besides that, the only landmarks of the room are two switches that look like those spinning cups meteorologists use to measure wind speed. Jump onto it, then blow wind either south towards the entrance or the far wind switch, over to the northeast. Either way, the cable car should move to the opposite ledge, letting you go through. To defeat the Peahats, L-target and blow a Deku Leaf wind blast at them to destroy their helicopter attachments and make them fall to the ground stunned.

Once you done this, it only takes a single sword hit to defeat them. Defeating Boko Babas also becomes easier with the Deku Leaf; you can stun them safely from a distance with the Deku Leaf instead of a sword combo. Anyway, fight your way to the northeastern-most Boko Baba and defeat it; its bud turns into a Boko Bud. Get into it and use it and a second bud to reach the upper floor of the room, and a tricky puzzle.

Once again, the door is blocked by a flower, but the only Deku Nut grows on the other side of the room, reachable only by a cable car. Press A to drop, then immediately hold forward on the control stick to grab onto the ledge below, where the Red Rupee chest is. You can also use the Deku Leaf to reach it from the cable car on the south end of the room. Shatter the boards blocking it with your sword, pick the Nut, and set it down on the cable car. Get to the ledge with the flower once again the same way you did before.

Once again, use it to destroy the flower from a short distance, then go through the door. The next room is a simple, slightly psychedelic tunnel of wood. The door is once again blocked by a flower, but this time the Deku Nut is in plain sight. Unfortunately, reaching it is tougher than it looks, as a ring of massive, thorny vines pops out of the ground when you get close. Use the Deku Leaf to blow the next out of the ring, then side around the side of the room and pick it up.

You should know what to do now; pick the Nut up and use it to get through the door.

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To start with, look to the right and use your Grappling Hook to swing up to a ledge. They move back and forth in a predictable pattern. Jump onto the nearest one when it moves close, then to the farthest one, then to a ledge with a Deku Nut and locked door.

Use the Deku Nut to kill the flower as usual.

Mila is a character in The Wind Waker. Mila is a wealthy girl from Windfall Island who was kidnapped by the Helmaroc King and taken to the Forsaken Fortress. During Link's second trip to the Forsaken Fortress, Tetra and her crew of pirates take Mila and Maggie back to Windfall Island. When Mila returns, she learns that her father spent their riches paying Tetra in hopes of bringing her back to The Wind Waker follows suit from Ocarina of Time, in that its first three Dungeons focus on the elements of Fire, Earth and Water. They also take place in the same settings: a giant tree, a searing volcano, and-um, if a huge tower can be counted as a leviathan fish-god, they all happen in the same places Maggie is a character in The Wind Waker. Maggie was once the poor girl of Windfall Island who was then kidnapped and taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King. According to Mila, she has always been poor. When Link comes to rescue his sister, Maggie is liberated as well, and the pirate Tetra gives her back to her father. When Maggie showed her father the Skull Necklaces she had taken

Jump to the first one when it lowers, then to the second in the middle, then from it to a ledge high up. Use the Deku Leaf to blow away a pile of leaves here and reveal a Warping Jar! Inside a crevasse in the middle of it, there is a chest containing a Yellow Rupee. The only other thing of note are the Morths that jump out of the pinecones and await you in the crevasse.

Remove them with a spin attack.

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Anyway, you can enter the next room whenever you want. This large, circular room is extremely annoying. Many, many thorny vines form a dangerous maze that can easily surprise and damage you if you move too fast in it. Walk at all times to avoid taking a cheap hit.

First, walk through the maze to the left, making your way to the south side.

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Once you make it, use the Bomb Flower to blow up the wooden boards blocking off an alcove containing a treasure chest with the Compass! Behind them, you can find a Small Key. Next, use the Baba Bud to glide over to the pillars in the middle of the room. Back here, you can now go through the locked door the Deku Nut grew in front of.

This is another cable car room, but this time you must defend yourself against some Peahats.

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Quickly get across the room with the cable car, and only defeat Peahats if you have to. The next door is already unlocked. In the first floor of this tall room, you must defeat 2 Boko Babas and a Wingless Mothula. These new enemies are fast and slow you down with Morths, but are fairly weak to your sword. Defeat it before it does too much damage to you.

Up here, defeat even more Peahats if you must, but hurry to go through the north door. As Link enters this dead-end room, the door locks behind him. The room seems empty, but a massive Mothula is waiting right above him! Get ready for a miniboss battle!

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L-target the monstrous insect and hit it with a Deku Leaf wind blast to stun the Mothula and make it drift down to the ground, where you can cut it apart with your sword. try to use a jump attack Each sword hit also removes one of its wings.

Once you have taken off all four of its wings, it becomes a normal Mothula, except with much more health. As a winged Mothula, its main attack is a rocket-powered charge that leaves Morths behind.

Try to ignore the Morths, and jump out of the way. Spin attack the Morths off if they slow you down too much. Once you slay it, a gate opens up in the northwest corner of the room.

Behind it is a treasure chest containing the most useful item in the game: the Boomerang. The Boomerang has many uses. If you L-target an enemy, the Boomerang seeks it out and stuns it. It can even destroy weak enemies instantly, including Boko Babas. Two hits from it can also defeat a Peahat from a distance.

When you let it fly, it seeks out all 5 objects and hits them. It even carries items back to you! Look above the door with it, and target both crystal switches. When you release the Boomerang, it hits both and opens the door.

Catching Mila uses the same strategy on both Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD. Once unlocked, you can complete the quest at any time during the game. There are four Empty Bottles in the game, but you only need to obtain one to complete the main quest Mila is the little Windfall Island rich girl. She was one of the girls who got accidentally abducted in Tetra's stead. After you rescue her, she will return to Windfall, but her family has fall on The Wind Waker begins by introducing two of its central characters, one who embodies the lifestyle of an islander and another who embodies the lifestyle of a sailor. Link has spent his entire life thus far on Outset Island, a place of comfort and beauty. His is a life of leisure, with plenty of time for napping

Back in the tall room, Peahats seem much easier now that two throws of your new superweapon defeats them. SIDEQUEST: JOY PENDANT You can now take the time to get a chest containing a Joy Pendant if you wish. Look above the northwest part of the top branch level for a Grapple branch. Get swinging, then climb the rope onto the branch. Swing from another branch, onto a grassy ledge. From here, time your jumps to cross two vertically moving platforms and onto a ledge with the treasure chest.

From here, either take the boring or fun climbing down or jumping way down to the top level of branches. The south door here is blocked off by two flowers. Target and destroy both of them with the Boomerang and go through. This room is above the last cable car room you went through. You need to reach the far ledge by gliding, but a few dozen hanging pinecones bock the way.

Destroy them five at a time with the Boomerang to clear the way and then use the Deku Leaf to cross the gap. Open the chest to the left containing a Joy Pendant before going through the door. You emerge high up in the giant flower room, in view of the 5 blue vines. To smash through it, use the Boomerang to cut the five vines the flower hangs from, causing it to drop down to the basement.

Jump off the ledge after it. If you want to get out of the basement, stand on the western ledge with the exit and hit the wind switch to the northeast with the Deku Leaf. This causes a huge raft to rise from the flower. Jump into the Boko Bud next to you and glide into the raft with the Deku Leaf to quickly ascend to the first floor. Instead, go through the western door.

As soon as you enter this room, L-target the Peahat that floats nearby and defeat it with the Boomerang. Then manually use it to destroy the Morths sitting on the three platforms in front of you, so you can jump across them and to the right-hand ledge. A small, withered flower hangs from four vines in front of you here. If you want more Rupees, jump across it and open the treasure chest for a Yellow Rupee. SIDEQUEST: TREASURE CHART 1 Use the Boomerang to sever the vines on this flower as before, and jump down onto it.

Defeat the River Octorok that will attack with your shield or the Boomerang, and then jump to the southern ledge. Pick the Bomb here, jump with it back to the flower, and from there throw it at the wooden boards on the north side of the room to blow them up, opening up the room with Treasure Chart 1.

If you have the Tingle Tuner, jump down to the low platform in the southeast corner of the room. Slice down the saplings here, then use the Tingle Tuner to find a hidden item. As before, Tingle Bomb it to reveal a chest with a Tingle Statue. Anyway, jump back to the entry ledge and onto a small platform with leaves. Defeat a Boko Baba on the next platform with the Boomerang, then jump to the center platform. Run around the back and keeping jumping to the north end of the room. Make sure to defeat the Morths and Boko Baba on the platforms.

When you defeat the Baba, it turns into a Baba Bud. Use it and the Deku Leaf to reach a high ledge on the north side of the room. Use it to reach the south ledge, and pick a Bomb from the flower there. Throw the Bomb from the cable car, into the large, funnel-like tree stump in the middle of the center platform. It may take several tires to get it right; when you throw the Bomb into the funnel successfully, a cinematic is shown with the Bomb blowing a flower off a chest there.

Go back to the main platform and crawl into the stump through a crawlway on the north side. Open the chest to get Treasure Chart 1, then leave and go to the previous room. Back in this room, move forward and look left for a ladder you should climb. Defeat the River Octorok, then move the flower around on the water by shooting a wind blast in the opposite of where you want to go. Once you defeat them, pull the flower up to the ledge and jump onto it. Roll past more Grabbing Hands and Green Chuchus to enter the next room.

A wooden gate with a familiar, ornate blue chest behind it is directly in front of you in this circular room. Look to the left of it for a ramp, and run up it to the top of the large stump. Get out your Boomerang and target all 5 crystal switches surrounding you, then hit them in quick succession to open the gate.

Jump down and go through it to get the Boss Key! As you exit the alcove with the chest, Kargarocs airlift two Moblins in to fight you!

Maggie was a poor girl living on Windfall Island. She and her father lived on the outskirts of the island as beggars. Due to her characteristic long Hylian ears, Maggie was mistaken as Princess Zelda, and she was taken to the Forsaken Fortress by the Helmaroc King, a servant monster of Ganondorf's re: Windfall and the little suspect girl First of all: Stand in front of the windmill and use your windwaker to set the wind to blow North. Then you go to the back of the windmill and you will Wind Waker isn't a bad first, so you're in good hands. Once you play one the puzzles and other mechanics will become familiar in the next Zelda game you play. 1. level 1. [deleted] 6y. Wind temple and earth temples are super annoying. and the triforce fetch quest is bad too. 1. level 2

L-target a Moblin and whack it with the superweapon to stun it long enough to unload a sword combo. Keep stunning and attacking the Moblins to defeat them. Get back on top of the stump, and swing to the door with the Grappling Hook. Defeat the Peahat and Morths on the platforms as you did before, and reenter the bottom floor of the main room.

As I said before, to get up, first hit the wind switch to the left with a wind blast to start a massive raft from the flower. Get into the Baba Bud to the right and fly into it with the Deku Leaf to ascend to the second floor. Use the Boomerang to destroy the two flowers blocking the door to the east and go through it.

Use the Boomerang on them to make the fight easier. stun both at once like you did before After beating them, open the chest with a Joy Pendant that appears and enter the next room. This dimly lit room is filled with pine cones containing refills and Morths. SIDEQUEST: TREASURE CHART 15 Anyway, use the Warping Jar or just save and quit to return to the first room of the dungeon, and advance to the second. Back in the second room, use the Baba Buds and the Deku Leaf to get to a high ledge on the northeast side of the room, on the third floor.

From here, glide across the room to the southwest side, landing on the left side of the ledge to avoid a Boko Baba. Defeat it and use the Boomerang to destroy a flower covering a chest in an alcove. Open the chest to get Treasure Chart Then, reach the final room again by saving, quitting, and using the Warping Jars. Inside the Boss room, the lost Korok Makar is jumping up and down in the middle of a gigantic blue flower, with a boss nowhere to be seen.

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Link is happy, until an off-color Boko Baba extends from the middle of the flower and eats Makar! As the flower closes up, a forest of vines attaches to the ceiling and raises the monstrosity into the air. This is the Boss of the Forbidden Woods, Kalle Demos! It either whips across the battlefield with one tentacle or attacks with several from underground.

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Both attacks can be avoided by running around Kalle Demos. Its weak spot are the vines attaching it to the ceiling. Release the Boomerang, and quickly sidestep and jump around Kalle Demos as it weaves through and cuts some of the vines suspending it. Once your Boomerang returns, you should be at a new position, quickly get it back out and repeat the process on more vines before it attacks you.

At this point, the massive flower crashes to the ground and opens up to reveal the vulnerable Boko Baba inside. Draw your sword as you run up to it, and unload everything you have on the Baba. make sure to Z-target it Kalle Demos only stays open like this for a few seconds before it closes and reattaches to the ceiling, so be quick about attacking it.

Repeat this process until it dies; it will likely take you rounds of severing all the vines and attacking it with your sword before Kalle Demos dies, depending on how fast you are.

Mila is a young female character featured within The Wind Waker. Mila is one of three girls, along with Aryll and Maggie, to be kidnapped by the Helmaroc King and taken prisoner to the Forsaken Fortress. This is due to her possibility of being Princess Zelda because of her Hylian ears. Before being kidnapped, Mila and her father lived in the Auction House on Windfall Island

Also, remember to cut its vines quickly; they eventually reattach themselves. When you beat Kalle Demos, the Boko Baba in the middle of it is severed and flies up into the air, then thrashes around on the ground and blows up, leaving behind a Heart Container and Makar.

The giant blue flower wilts and turns grey, flattening and creating a swirling warp in the middle of it. Makar thanks you for rescuing him, then remembers the forest ceremony is today and says he has to leave immediately. As with Gohma, get the Heart Container and enter the warp, this time with Makar.

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FOREST HAVEN You reappear holding Makar in front of the Great Deku Tree. Makar jumps down and apologizes for getting lost. The Great Deku Tree forgives him, then congratulates you.

Makar starts playing his violin and the forest ceremony begins! Now, leave Forest Haven and return to the KoRL. on your way, note that you have some mail. The Rito Chieftain has belatedly sent you a Piece of Heart for helping him and Komali! When you talk to him, he worries that Ganondorf may be regaining his power. You have to hurry and get the last pearl, to the northwest! Although this KoRL hurries you along as usual, you can ignore him, also as usual.

Now that you have the Boomerang, he lets you go anywhere in the Great Sea; feel free to take care of any sidequests you want. Anyway, your eventual destination is Greatfish Isle, in quadrant D2. You may have to fight off some enemies on your way, but you can dispatch them with the Boomerang. Be quick when fighting Seahats, as they can easily knock you out of your boat! A dark cloud hangs over it, and it looks jagged and torn apart.

As you approach the Isle, the sky darkens and heavy rain starts to fall.

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Luckily, he was able to flee the Isle before they attacked, and now resides at your home island, Outset! Unfortunately, the cave in which he lives is sealed by a great stone slab.

He then comments on the dark skies and rain of Greatfish Isle, in contrast to the rest of the Great Sea. Valoo was right in calling this Isle cursed, and Quill recommends against staying here long. But where did the pirates go, anyway? Instead, look to the left of the shop. Either sidle or jump across the gap here to get around to the back of the shop. Climb some vines on the back wall, then crawl through a small opening on the roof. As Link crawls onto a high shelf in the Bomb Shop, he sees the pirates finish tying Cannon up below.

After that, Mako compliments Gonzo on getting information on you from Quill. those dishonest crooks! Mako comments that if Gonzo and Tetra had a kid, he could be the best pirate ever, which gets Gonzo mad. Tetra scolds both of them for wasting times with their jokes, and tells them to get the Bombs back to the ship so they can immediately set sail.

Gonzo is taken aback and begs her to let them stay at Windfall for the night. Mako comments that Tetra seems more concerned about Outset Island than the treasure, putting her at a loss for words. Suddenly, Tetra notices Link and winks at him mysteriously she seems to like doing this. If you forget, asks the KoRL, who listened to the conversation as well. After the Bomb Shop scene is over, you can jump down to Cannon.

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Feel free to take the Rupees in his back room, and leave when you want. Then head across the field to the ledge where Tott dances, where you can jump over to the pirate ship. Niko asks for the password from the other side; be sure to enter it exactly as you heard it. What interest could Tetra have in old Hyrule? Also, a painting of a mysterious woman hangs above her couch; this must be her mother!

He decides to set you to work on your next test, which is harder than the last. Carefully line up your swings, especially on the tricky two moving ropes on the left side of the room. Only let go when another rope lines itself up with yours. This time, the timer is for how long a metal door is open on the far side of the room; luckily, it gives you much more time than before, so take your time lining up swings. Niko once again jumps to the far side without taking the test, apparently and shuts the door to start the test.

Open the chest to get the explosive weapons. Cool, huh? She tells you that you only get the Bombs because they left an idiot like Niko in charge. After Tetra is finished, leave the hold be sure to shut the gate and trap Niko and jump off the stern to the KoRL. Get aboard and set sail to Outset Island; you have no time to spare!

Or do you? As you sail southwest through the storm, it never seems to get any brighter. Eternal night must be part of the curse Valoo spoke of; how mucky for you. Pass it a good distance to the left to avoid them.

To do it, first head to the Forest of Fairies, where you rescued Tetra. Since the bridge seems to be broken now, get up to the highest rock on the eastern hill and set the wind to the west. Use the Deku Leaf to reach the other side of the broken bridge, and enter the Forest of Fairies. When you jump up to approach the next area, look to the right for the giant cracked rock. Now that you have Bombs, you can blow it up and reveal a hole underneath. Drop into it to enter the namesake of the Forest: a Fairy Fountain!

As you approach the pool of water, a Great Fairy appears. By casting a spell, she upgrades your Wallet; you can now carry Rupees! After she disappears, be sure to bottle one of the Fairies that appears, then leave the Forest.

She is sick and delirious, dreaming about you and Aryll leaving her. Stand next to her and use the Fairy; it heals both of you!

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Grandma immediately improves, and is happy to see you back safe. She wants to be strong like both of you, and helps you by refilling your Empty Bottle with Elixir Soup!

be sure to save! You should also remember to aim at the highest section of the slab; the top, middle, then bottom of it. The sections only take one or two Bomb hits to destroy if you hit them, though. You also have to be quick; the whirlpool will eventually suck you in.

If you run out of Bombs, restart or let the whirlpool get you and then try again.

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Once you blow the slab up, The KoRL automatically sails in. The eerie cave you arrive in seems to be empty, but a mountain of water rises up from the middle and reveals itself to be Jabun! He only speaks ancient Hylian, but the KoRL seems to understand every word. He greets Jabun, and confirms that Ganondorf has returned.

Nevertheless, he senses great promise in your courage. Jabun tells the KoRL that the curse was indeed brought by Ganondorf, then dives underwater shortly afterwards. Before continuing to the next part, consider doing some sidequests; now that you can explore the entire Great Sea, quite a few are opened to you.

Now that you have all the Pearls, you must place them on three islands that the KoRL has marked on you Sea Chart to make your proving grounds appear. First, set out for the closest one, Southern Triangle Isle at E4. Try to avoid them and land on the Isle, then defeat any that followed you from there.

It seems to speak to you when you approach it, asking you to place the Pearl here. Next, sail two spaces north to Northern Triangle Isle, at C4. NORTHERN TRIANGLE ISLE Watch out for Cyclos here; stay well away from his cyclone as you approach Northern Triangle Isle. EASTERN TRIANGLE ISLE Luckily, the only obstacle here is a few whirlwinds circling the Isle.

Suddenly, the statue starts shining brightly! Link quickly gets away, but the shining stops and Link comes back. NOW the statue blows up! For the third time in his quest, Link gets sent flying. A beam shoots out of the Pearl and hits the next statue, which also blows up to reveal the goddess statue underneath. I sound like a skin care lotion commercial Once again, a beam shoots out from it and repeats the process with the third statue, which fires a beam at the first.

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From way, way out, you see that the beams form a massive triangle across the Great Sea. Part of the water lights up to turn it into a massive Triforce! Right in the center of the emblem, a blinding light shines out and a huge tower rises from underwater! As the tower assumes its full height floating on the waves, Link, still flying from the explosion, smacks into its side. that must be even more painful than in the Forsaken Fortress As he fills into the water, the KoRL cruises up to him.

He tells Link that this tower was created in ancient times as a test of courage. You must pass the trials inside to be acknowledged as a hero and wield the power that can destroy Ganondorf. After the KoRL finishes talking sail through the outer wall Link crashed into, and enter the huge doorway at the foot of the tower. For starters, turn right and cruise towards a covered enclosure which can only be entered when the water is lowered.

Once you get onto the platform, go through the door. This room is fairly small, and has several blocks sitting in a lowered space of the floor.

These enemies have as much HP as a Red Chuchu, but are electrified and shock you if you try to attack them. L-target the Chuchu and hit it with the Boomerang to stun it and deactivate the bioelectric field, making them vulnerable to your sword. Defeat it quickly, before the water raises.

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