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Gypsies were initially thought to have come from Egypt, but they originated in India. Historians have traced their spread across all parts of the world and the prejudice which followed them. Oppression has caused these groups of people to remain close together; to intermarry, and to adhere to tradition. A brightly colored wagon is pulled by a heavy horse through the streets of a village, past a post office, grocery store, and other shops. A dark-skinned man holds the reins, a woman of similarly dark complexion sitting next to him, wearing flowing clothes as bright as their wagon. They ignore the stares of villagers gathered to watch and jeer. Children approach to stroke the horse and thread flowers into its mane, but their parents pull them back with stern words of discipline.

She is fiercely independent.

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Other people may think she is aloof, but she is not. She just likes to be on her own and she is not the one to cry for weeks over someone or something. She loves her independence and she will never be the one who depends on someone else to make her happy.

She wants to find her own happiness. She is a living paradox. Because of her extreme emotions, she struggles to find a happy medium.


One moment she is happy, sociable, and present, and the next she can be detached, platonic and needs her own space. A gypsy soul is an usnos-domov.infoedictable one. She is constantly looking for something new and exciting.

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A new friend, a new place to try, a new trip to take, a new skill to learn. She gets bored easily and the only way she maintains her zest for life is by finding novelty in ordinary things. She is scared to love.

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She loves unconditionally but it takes her a while to trust someone because she wants to know that this person will never make her lose her sense of wonder and will not suppress her nomadic lifestyle. She dances to the beat of her own drum.

She knows she is different and she is not trying to change that. She likes to create her own path and follow it. She is driven by anything that feeds her soul - which is why she loves artists; if she is not an artist herself.

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Words, rhythms and movements light the fire within her soul. So keeping a gypsy name for their baby boy or girl ensures a lively and virtuous personality. Sign in.

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6/2/  A gypsy is a member of a people originating in South Asia and traditionally having a wandering way of life, living widely scattered across Europe and North and South America and speaking a language (Romani) that is related to Hindi; a Romani snos-domov.infoted Reading Time: 8 mins 5/3/  Gypsies are liked and desired for their free and nomadic lifestyle. They are widely popular in operas, literature, movies, and historical stories. Their carefree and vibrant life is envied by many. So it's no surprise that in recent years, many parents want to name their baby girl or boy with a Gypsy snos-domov.info: Aarohi Achwal 30/8/  The term "gypsies" refers to an ethnic group of people called the Roma or the Romani (also spelled Romany).Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

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Baby Baby Names. In This Article. Gypsy Names for a Baby Boy with Meanings Gypsy Names for a Baby Girl with Meanings.

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On a final note, we should never doubt the ability of people to embrace acceptance. Less than 20 years after my trip to Spain and my first exposure to the negative stereotypes about Romanies, Spain is now regarded as a country that is successfully implementing programs to help empower and integrate its Romani population.

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Learn More BROWSE TOPICS X Join Plus Plus Login. Who Are the Gypsies and What Do They Believe? Dolores Smyth Crosswalk. com Contributing Writer 30 Aug. Recently On Spiritual Life Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?

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24/1/  A gypsy soul has an imaginative mind. This woman is always full of creative ideas. She has a flair for music and different forms of art. A woman with a gypsy soul has an artistic inclination. Her soul longs for music, poetry, and art. Because of her imaginative power, she is Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

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A Prayer to Trust That God Goes before You - Your Daily Prayer - October 3.

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