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Talents: Nata Paradise Mr. AndersonNikolas. Tully Blanchard's "Perfect 10" valet, Baby Doll, was listed as being 6-foot Nia Jax is a legitimate 6'1" and is billed at pounds note as of her return from injury inthough she's likely well over as she's significantly larger than she was in NXTwhich makes her larger than many of the guys in WWE. Annie Social's fairly short. The Tag Team of Wesna Busic and Melanie Cruise which she managed in SHIMMER was not, standing at 5'10 and 6 even.

Also, SHIMMER's third singles champion, Madison Eagles, stood at 6'1. That said, Busic and Cruise gave up on looking "cute" after Social started directing them, and Eagles when she became obsessed with the SHIMMER Championship belt. The Kongtourage of TNA was made up of the 5'4 Sojournor Bolt, 5'8 Raisha Saee 6'0 Awesome Kong and 6'2 Rhaka Khan, in progressing order.

TNA's billed heights are often off by an inch or two or more in the case of Saeed being billed as the 6 something Alissa Flash despite gaining no height and being visibly shorter than Kongbut those were some large ladies either way, excepting Bolt.

And their primary enemy was the 5'3 Taylor Wilde. Going with the two inches allowance, a 5'10 Kong was still noticeably longer Stalker Ichikawa in Dragon Gateand he nonetheless found her attractive, to her annoyance. Rhaka Khan would be 6 flat minimum, taller than both Petey Williams and Scott Steinerwho were not turned off in the slightest.

At 6'9, Isis the Amazon is possibly the tallest woman to ever take up professional wrestling and is noticeably taller than most male wrestlers. Still, she claims to have been dolling up to get noticed by the movie industry and did score a leading role in some independent films. Jessica Love from Finland stands in at 6'1. Hajime Ohara was impressed enough that he chose the then twenty-one Love as his partner to help him get one over on his long-time rival Ultimo Dragon who was teaming with Yoshihiro Tajiri at the time.

Later, TNA would briefly run with the German-born Tag Team of 6'0 Alpha Female and 5'11 Lei'D Tapa though only Alpha had any hint of being German, Tapa grew up in the Western Hemisphere and was a proud wild Tonganpitting them against 5'3 Madison Rayne. Chris Sabin at least found the larger pair more attractive. Chyna was 5 feet, 9 inches, and towered over Eddie Guerrero during their storyline together. Charlotte Flair is 5'10", only an inch shorter than her father Ric.

Summer Rae is 5'10". Torrie Wilsonone of the most famous Ms. Fanservice in Professional Wrestling especially during the sstands 5'9".

This list of famous female supermodels is ranked by their level of prominence, with photos when available. This greatest female supermodels list contains the most prominent women known for their work as supermodels. For more supermodel trivia, see Women, on average, are shorter than men. And a good number of men find petite women charming. Because of this, in most human societies, tall girls and women often feel awkward and out of place, and some men will feel uncomfortable when it comes to having a relationship with a woman who towers over them, similar to someone stronger than them. But then there are some women for whom this trope   AnalVids - exclusive porn videos for all tastes in HD quality. Stream and download best scenes with the most popular & naughty girls in the whole Internet

Paige is 5'8", and is one of the renowned beauties for her Raven Hair, Ivory Skin note She's actually blonde in particular in Professional Wrestling. Billie Kay is 5'8", and is one of the renowned beauties in Professional Wrestling during The New '10s. She even has a Femme Fatale gimmick. Sara Del Rey is 5'11 and could hit the Royal Butterfly on AWESOME KONG and defeated the 6'5 Claudio Castagnoli.

She's Got Legsbut don't tell her that. Larry Sweeneyher manager in Ring of Honorwas an Amazon Chaser and thought very highly of her that way. Lacey Evans is 5'8 and very much prides herself on beauty, which is understandable with her frame-fitting fashion sense and seductive attitude. Zia from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is 5'10", making her the second-tallest girl in the cast besides the 'freakishly tall' 6' Luna.

Her physical prowess, alongside her confident demeanor and punk lifestyle, have attracted the attention of multiple suitors. Tabletop Games. And yes, she's quite attractive. In the 3rd Edition sourcebook detailing the gods used in campaigns, all of the Greek gods fit into the Large category about eight to sixteen feet tall in their true forms and avatar forms, meaning that any attractive Greek goddess - including Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, and Artemis, to name just four - would qualify in this continuity.

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Radha of Keld from the Time Spiral block of Magic: The Gathering qualifies, being described as just shy of seven feet tall and an Amazonian Beauty to boot. At her normal scale, Sky-Scraper of Sentinels of the Multiverse is about 6'5", although as a Sizeshifter she can end up anywhere from 65' to 6. They also tend to tower over females of other races and to a lesser degree male drow, as not only are elves taller than humans in Pathfinder 5'6" is the minimum height liste drow also flip around the sexual dimorphism so their average female is taller and larger than their average male.

Video Games. Samus Aran from the Metroid series has a listed height of cm 6'3"though it isn't specified whether that measurement applies to her or her Power Suit. In-game sprites for armorless Samus are always depicted a bit shorter than their armored counterparts.

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The trope holds in either instance, though. Fire Emblem : The female Avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening has the potential to fit this trope, if the player chooses Build 3 for her Build 1 is average height, and Build 2 is petite.

If chosen, Build 3 Girl Avatar stands almost eye to eye with guys as huge as Vaike, Gregor, Lon'qu, or Basilio.

And if their character portraits are to be believed, Cordelia, Panne, and Kjelle are around the Build 3! Female Avatar's height. They're also referred to as very attractive in-story, specially Cordelia who is quite the hit with guys. While there aren't official heights given for the characters in Fire Emblem FatesPrincess Camilla of Nohr appears to be very tall for a woman and is the tallest female character in the game going by the official artwork and in-game character models.

And as one can clearly see, Camilla's height doesn't detract from her attractiveness one bit. note Using the average length of a Naginata as a guide, Camilla's anywhere from 6' cm to 6'5" cm tall. Even deducting one or two inches that come from her Combat StilettosCamilla remains as the tallest of the girls and being able to stand eye-to-eye with Leo and Takumi, who aren't exactly short.

Tales Series : Grune of Tales of Legendia is one of the tallest characters in the cast, which enables her to smother her friends, during her quirky amnesiac phase. Judith from Tales of Vesperia is no slouch in the height department either, standing at cm dead-on 5'9". She's also explicitly pointed out to be the bustiest.

Halo : The SPARTAN supersoldiers fit this trope. Due to surgical and genetic enhancements, all of the SPARTAN-IIs tower over 6'5" with varying inches when outside of armor, and when outfitted in their MJOLNIR armor are 7 feet tall with varying inches. The SPARTAN-IIIs and Spartan-IVs also have similar heights when outside of their armor. The stunner Spartans are more evident with the lattermost group being portrayed by an Ink-Suit Actor.

Vanessa Lewis, Sarah Bryant, and Dural from Virtua Fighter. As a guest character in Dead or Alive 5Sarah even towers above women who are statistically taller than she which likely has to do with the 6-inch heels she wears, but really because she shares the same body model in-game as Christie, who stands at 5'10" and is the tallest woman in the cast.

Street Fighter : Depending on the ArtistChun-Li's long stems qualify her as well, and even if her official height tends to fluctuate. Notably, she is taller than Ryu 5'9 in-game.

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Elena from Street Fighter III is the tallest female in the series at 6'0", exclusively uses her long stems when attacking, and wears next to nothing. Street Fighter IV 's C.

Viper is 5'9", with a suit that shows off her cleavage to ridiculous levels. Tying with Viper is Poison from the same game as well as Street Fighter V 's Laura Matsuda.

Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series stands at 5'8", and is a Horny Devil who becomes the defacto Ms. Fanservice in any game she appears in. Dark Souls and Bloodborne have a lot of female NPCs standing a head taller than the base humans by default.

Dark Souls : Gwynevere is over 20 feet tall, and there's a reason that player-placed messages next to her chamber often announce "magnificent chest ahead! Dark Souls II : Don't let the Depth Deception fool you: when you meet Nashandra in Drangleic Castle, she's big about 14 feet tall and far away.

As this video showsher knees are about as tall as the Bearer of the Curse. Dark Souls III : Sister Friede is pretty, charmingand easily a foot plus taller than the Ashen One. Her height is actually foreshadowing that she'll be a boss fight. It's much easier to see a humanoid enemy's movements in 3rd person when they're over seven feet tall. Soul Series : Standing at just under 6?, Ivy is one of the tallest characters, let alone women, in the entire series.

Her dominatrix-like outfit is infamous for becoming more and more skimpy with each game. While she just misses the mark at 5'7", she's practically a giant considering that she's Japaneseespecially in the s. She's also the second tallest female, behind Ivy.

Of course, that's not even mentioning her tighter-than-skin bodysuit that displays everything in full. Female Hero from Fable III head above any other citizen or mook, except giant enemies. Fran from Final Fantasy XII towers over most of the cast at 6'1?". And that's not even taking her rabbit ears or stilettos into account! note And when you do take these into account, she's the tallest playable character in the main Final Fantasy series the offline games, at least.

Other ladies from the Final Fantasy series who fall into this trope are Celes 5'8"Quistis 5'8"and Fang 5'9". Rips from the Dissidia Final Fantasy renders make it clear that CosmosUltimeciaand the Cloud of Darkness subscribe to this trope: Cosmos scrapes in at an estimated 5'9", Ultimecia qualifies at around 5'10", and the Cloud of Darkness absolutely blows them all away at roughly 6'7" barefoot.

To put that last one into perspective, the only characters taller than CoD are the trio of Tin Tyrants Garlan Golbezand Exdeath ; all around 7'2" or so as well as the Big Bad himselfChaos who is at least a foot taller than that. The Metal Gear Solid series has Meryl Silverburgh 1.

The whole cast of 3 is unusually tall, due to needing to size the characters around Naked Snake, who is 6'4" and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger at his 80s peak. Rival Schools ' Natsu Ayuhara, who is a shade under 6 feet tall cm and gets more than her fair share of fanservice shots. However, this is contradicted in-game by her ironically having the shortest character model of the cast in most of the games she appears in.

Nina, Anna, Christie, Lili, Katarina, and Master Raven tend to have character models that are on the large side and as big as many of the male characters. Amazonian Beauty Angela Belti of Power Instinct stands at over 6 feet tall.

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Bayonetta clocks in at a truly incredible 7 feet, 7 inches. She's Got Legs is one hell of an understatement. Like with most things concerning Touhou Projectcharacter height mostly depends on the preference of fans, with the two common ones being: Stage 6 Bosses and those of authority usually one and the same, except for Satori Komeiji, who is a Stage 4 boss are usually on the taller side of things, with few exceptions like Remilia Scarlet, Suika Ibuki, Eiki Shiki, Satori Komeiji and Shinmyoumaru Sukuna.

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Komachi Onozuka and Yuugi Hoshiguma are universally portrayed as quite tall, with the latter also doubling as an Amazonian Beauty in a lot of fanart. Considering that this is DOA we're talking about hereit's almost not worth mentioning their sex appeal.

Golden Axe features Red Sonja Captain Ersatz Tyris Flare, who stands at 5'8". Samurai Warriors has Naotora Ii, who, at 5'9", towers above most female characters.

This is due in no small part to her long and powerful legs. The Dark Queen from Battletoads stands at 6 feet tall, according to official stats. Although that doesn't explain how she is a giant compared to the Battletoads themselves in the original, who are supposed to be even taller. Oulan from Suikoden II towers even over Viktor and Pesmerga, who are both over six feet tall, and is in fact the tallest humanoid character in the entire game, only beat out by the large-size beasts.

Sid appears taller, but only because of his wings. Jeane also counts as well as for every other game thereafterbeing only slightly shorter than Viktor and wearing nothing but see-through gauze on her person. Exaggerated with Hot Goddess Rijin from Muramasa: The Demon Bladea giantess approximately 3. She dwarfs every humanoid character in the game. This is especially notable when she stands opposite of her romantic partner Fujin, who is a tiny, adorable imp.

Most female Norns in Guild Wars : Eye of the North as well as Guild Wars 2 can safely count as this, along with Amazonian Beauty. They're all at LEAST nine feet tall. And most of them can transform into werebears. In Riftfemale Bahmi are taller than male Ethiansbut can be as attractive as any race. City of Heroeswith its highly customizable character creator, lets players invoke this however, one dev-created example is the hero Swan, who stands near Manticore the shortest NPC maleand is about 2 feet taller than him.

While no one comments on her appearance specifically, the manual describes her as attractive, and Beluga seems quite fond of her as well, though he may be interested in her mind as much as anything.

The female Ogres from Dragon Quest X are taller than every other player character save their Spear Counterparts and are very attractive to boot. Luminous Arc has resident Ms. Fanservice Vanessa. Though she doesn't have an official height, she towers over the teenage protagonists and has a few inches on all the adults - in fact, the only person taller than her without the aid of a Nice Hat is the Final Boss.

The fact she's rather abundantly proportioned only makes her seem even bigger than she already is. One of the few things you cannot modify about your character in Saints Row is their height. Thus, a female Boss towers above most other characters at over six feet. Among female characters, there's Kinzie Kenzington, who stands at an impressive 6'0" cm.

Xenoblade : At nearly 7ft. tall, Miqol's daughter, Vanea, towers above Shulk and his companions; making her the tallest character in the game. Though no one comments on her heightor her figureeven though it's practically on full display.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 : Poppi QT Pi is far taller than virtually everyone aside from Zeke and Brighid and she's one of the most attractive blades in the game while sporting a large bust size. Nia is shown to be rather jealous.

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Before her introduction however, The Hero Rex's blades Pyra and Mythra fill this role pretty well, being the resident Ms. Fanservice girls that are always towering over him, not that it's hard to do given that he's quite short for his age. Brighid then joins the part later, and she's quite attractive herself with her Boobs of SteelLady of Warand Absolute Cleavage package that make her both graceful and intimidating.

Given that many blades take the form of an Artificial Humanmany of them towering over most humans isn't a surprise to highlight their power. Mortal Kombat : According to her official bioSonya Blade stands at 5'10". And from the look of things, Cassie Cage is just as tall as Mama Blade. Both Kitana and Mileena top this by being a mere centimeter taller, but the latter provides Fan Disservice.

In SkullgirlsParasoul and Valentine. Parasoul stands at 5'10", and her upright posture makes her height very obvious. Valentine is even taller, at a full 6'0", but it's harder to notice because she's usually in a crouching ninja stance.

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Eliza is one too at 5'11''. Mass Effect features a few tall, beautiful women, notably Nyreen Kandros who, as a turian, is naturally about a head taller than most humans ; Tali who is the tallest female squadmate in the second game; notable as she is a quarian, who are naturally slightly shorter than most humans ; and EDI an artificial intelligence in a robot body in the third game, which is taller than most of the other female squadmates. Vetra Nyx, a female turian squadmate in the fourth game, has a canon height of about 6'6".

Naturally she towers above pretty much everyone around her. Her human crewmates also apply, as they are visibly taller than Sarah Ryderwho is stated by Word of God to be around 5'7. BlazBlue : As of third game in the series ChronophantasmaBullet at cm about 5' 9''.

Litchi Faye-Ling is cm about 5'7"but given that she's Chinese she qualifies perfectly. Super Mario Bros. tends to liberally use Your Size May Varyand doesn't really have much in the way of official heights, but nearly every human female in the series is much taller than Mario and the other male humans. Princess Peach is always at least a head taller than Mario, Rosalina is a head taller than Peach, and then there's Pauline. Originally she was about the same height as Peach, but in Super Mario Odyssey she now towers over Mario, who doesn't even reach her waist.

Donkey Kong : Candy Kong is the tallest female Kong of the Kong family, and the only Kong that is taller than her is Chunky Kong but then again, Chunky is The Big Guy of the Kong family. Tiny Kong became this after she was redesigned in Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Comparing her with Peach and Daisy in Mario Super Sluggersshe is slightly taller than Peach. Kalypso from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is shown to be somewhere in between Candy and Tiny's heights, not counting her big afro.

Elise Riggs from the SSX series stands at 5'11" cm. The Legend of Zelda : Midna's true form in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess positively towers over Zelda and Link, the latter of whom is stunned by her beauty. Princess Zelda herself is also this, being very tall and slender in most of her appearances as an adult.

This is especially notable in the Super Smash Bros. series, were she is roughly the same height as Zero Suit Samus. The Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are all roughly twice the height of Link, with one lamenting that men find her intimidating despite the fact that she's "only eight feet tall". And in a less extreme example, the Sheikah girl Paya is One Head Taller than Link. Warcraftnight elves canonically average about 7 feet tall, including the women. Compare them to human males in World of Warcraft.

From Dragon Age: Inquisitiona female qunari Inquisitor towers over the rest of the cast, with the exception of Iron Bull, a fellow qunari. Sera in particular considers her "well fit" and has her train of thought visibly derail upon meeting her. The Elder Scrolls Online has Lyris Titanborn, a companion who looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar were she the size of a truck.

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How tall she is exactly is unknown, but she is half Nord and half giant, and the biggest tallest Player Character that could possibly be made up, next to Lyris they are positively dwarfed. While her actual height is unknown, Toriel in Undertale is quite tall compared to the other monsters while Asgore, her ex husband, is much taller than she is. Toriel is a boss monster in the form of a somewhat elderly goat and many monsters within the game's internet find her very attractive.

When she finds out about it, Toriel doesn't understand why people would even find someone like her old self attractive to begin with. Inara the Stone Warden Paladins is notable for being the first female Front Line champion introduced and also the tallest champion in the game, eclipsing the previous holder of that title, Fernando.

Bonus 'statuesque' points for being made of stone.

The women in the Batman: Arkham Series are all pretty tall, the only one shorter than 5'7" is teenage Barbara Gordon in Origins who's 5'2". In particular, there's Poison Ivy 5'8"Christina Bell 5'9"Copperhead 5'10" and adult Barbara Gordon 5'11", though she is wheelchair-bound by that point.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z : Resident Mrs. Fanservice Artificial Human No. She does wear high-heels, but even without them, she's pretty tall and they are not that high. Some official sources say that Goku's height is cm 5'9". While we don't have her exact numbers, Illaoi from League of Legends is even taller than Darius, who's officially 6'5" himself, and she has a build to match her height. Freya from God of War PS4 can see Kratos who is a very tall person himself eye-to-eye when standing together and is stated to be a very beautiful goddess.

Marina from Splatoon 2 stands at cm according to the artbook and shows a bit of skin compared to the other idols.

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Contrast her cm partner Pearl, who is 3 years older! Rumble Roses has Dixie Clemets at 5' Aisha also is the same height but is notably less muscular and uses more of a street fight style compared to Dixie's strength-based one. Resident Ms. Fanservice Twintelle from ARMS has every other female competitor beat with cm under her belt and that's without her high heels.

Coyle cm and Lola Pop cm aren't too far behind. Resident Evil Village has Lady Dimitrescuwho stands at nine feet six inches talltowering over her daughters, other monsters, and Ethan himself.

She's also Large and in Chargeas it is her castle and surrounding village that Ethan is invading to find answers. She also serves as the game's version of Mr. X and is in fact even bigger than he wasas she'll stalk you around her home and is capable of killing you in one blow with her Femme Fatalons. She's also amassed something of a cult following despite only showing up in short clips due to her unique design and elegant outfits.

Exist Archive : Suzaku is 5' 10", which makes her one of the tallest characters in the game. Her description says "Suzaku has leveraged her stunning looks into a fairly lucrative modelling career. Visual Novels. Kyoko Ashihara from Crescendo JP is self-conscious about her heightbut in her ending the lead character plays it up as a plus.

She has a large bust, wears a revealing outfit, and is considered a beauty by Shirou. Bri in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme.

She was already decently tall before her Gender Benderbut unlike everyone else in the game turning into a woman actually made her taller rather than shorter, which doesn't hurt her romantic options one bit.

Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo is an elegant, very attractive and the tallest girl in the cast. She's even slightly taller than Hisao. Being half Scottish is very likely to have contributed to her height.

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Sekhmet, Shanti and Blitz, from The Green-Eyed Sniper are tall and muscular women belonging to an engineered species called A. Although less strong than Sekhmet, she could easily crush a human head with her bare hands.

Even if she is a less powerful A. From Polymer City Chronicles, Mistress Laura and Lynn Deanna "Lindy" Jones respectively modeled after Lady Death and Lara Croft are both 5'9".

Blue-Skinned Space Babe Andrah is a towering 7'1" her mohawk adds on another seven incheswhich makes her marriage to the scrawny, 5'8" Dr. Otto Bonn, Ph. all the more noticeable. Thanks to Chris Morrison's distinctive stylein addition to being large, these women sport oversized bosoms and ripped physiques. Stephanie Rossum in Groovy, Kinda stands about 6'5". She's blonde, with a nice figure, and a personality which has been described as "ridiculously adorable.

Any female drow in Drowtales falls under this by default, since female drowolath average around six feet, but Mel'arnach deserves special mention for towering over even the other women and being the Ms. Generally speaking drowolath females are taller than the males, though there are exceptions, including Valo on the leftwho is head and shoulders above almost everyone, and the opposite is true for drowussu, where the males are generally taller than the females.

Di from Fans! is taller than just about everyone, male or female, hot and athletic. For bonus humor, her mentor is Rumiko, who is tiny.

Phix of Wapsi Square tends towards this in her human form. Brooklyn Decker. Brooklyn Danielle Decker Roddick born April 12, is an American model and actress best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including the cover of the issue.

In addition to working for Victoria's Secret for the "Swim" collection, she has ventured into television with guest appearances on Chuck, Ugly Betty, The League, and Royal Pains. She made her feature film debut in Just Go with Itand later starred in Battleship and What to Expect When You're Expecting Lily Aldridge. Lily Maud Aldridge born November 15, is an American model. She is a Victoria's Secret Angel and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, appearing as a rookie alongside Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal in for the cover of the issue's 50th anniversary Candice Swanepoel.

Candice Susan Swanepoel ; Afrikaans: [svan??pul]; born 20 October is a South African model. She is known for her work with Victoria's Secret. Inshe was listed 8th on the Forbes top-earning models list Gigi Hadid. Jelena Noura "Gigi" Hadid born April 23, is an American model. She was signed to IMG Models in In NovemberHadid made her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at Models. Inshe was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council.

Hadid was featured on four March Vogue covers: United States, Britain, China, and the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley born 18 April is an English model, actress, designer, and businesswoman. Moving into acting, she became known for her supporting roles as Carly Spencer in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third installment in the Transformers film series, and as The Splendid Angharad in the film Mad Max: Fury Road Cara Delevingne.

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is an English fashion model, actress, and singer. Born in London inshe began her modelling career at a young age. Delevingne won the "Model of the Year" award at the British Fashion Awards She started her acting career with a minor role in the film adaptation of Anna Karenina and thriller The Face of an Angel in Cindy Crawford.

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Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Crawford born February 20, is an American model. Her success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and to work as a spokesperson. InForbes magazine named her the highest paid model on the planet.

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She was named No. Crawford is known for her trademark mole just above her lip, and has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers throughout her career Kelly Brook. Kelly Brook born 23 November is an English model, actress and television presenter best known for her modelling work in the UK, and in the US for her role in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy, as well as a regular panelist on Celebrity Juice.

She has featured as a guest on a number of shows including Strictly Come Dancing and The Nightly Show, and is currently a presenter on the Heart London drive show. Brook has been called a sex symbol and style icon.

She was crowned FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World in and as of had appeared in every FHM Sexiest countdown since Milla Jovovich. Milica Bogdanovna "Milla" Jovovich YOH-v?-vitch; born December 17, is an American actress, model, and musician. Her starring roles in numerous science fiction and action films led the music channel VH1 to deem her the "reigning queen of kick-butt" in InForbes determined that she was the highest-paid model in the world. Born in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union, Jovovich emigrated with her parents to London when she was five, and then to Sacramento, California; she finally settled in Los Angeles seven months later.

Inat the age of 12, she began modeling when Herb Ritts photographed her for the cover of the Italian magazine Lei. Richard Avedon featured her in Tyra Banks.

Tyra Lynne Banks born December 4,also known as BanX, is an American television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author, model, and occasional singer. Born in Inglewood, California, she began her career as a model at the age of 15, and was the first woman of African-American descent to be featured on the covers of snos-domov.info and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, on which she appeared twice.

She was a Victoria's Secret Angel from to By the early s, Banks was one of the world's top-earning models. Banks began acting on television in on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and made her film debut in Higher Learning in In she had major roles such as Marisa Miller. Marisa Lee Miller nee Bertetta; born August 6, is an American model and occasional film actress best known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her work for Victoria's Secret.

After a stint shooting with photographer Mario Testino for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Miller began working for both companies in Inshe became a Victoria's Secret Angel, and appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to record-setting numbers.

Her accomplishments have led to her being dubbed the "return of the great American supermodel. Elizabeth Hurley. Elizabeth Jane Hurley born 10 Junemore generally known as Liz Hurley, is an English businesswoman, actress, and model.

She has been associated with the cosmetics company Estee Lauder since the company gave Hurley her first modelling job at the age of They have featured her as a representative and model for their products, especially perfumes such as Sensuous, Intuition, and Pleasures, since Hurley owns an eponymous beachwear line. As an actress, her best-known film roles to date have been as Vanessa Kensington in Mike Myers' hit spy comedy, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and as the Devil in Bedazzled InHurley began starring in the E!

Kate Moss. Katherine Ann Moss born 16 January is an English model and businesswoman. Born in Croydon, Greater London, she was discovered in at age 14 by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Model Management. Arriving at the end of the "supermodel era", Moss rose to fame in the mid s as part of the heroin chic fashion trend. Her collaborations with Calvin Klein brought her to fashion icon status.

She is known for her waifish figure, and role in size zero fashion. She received an award at the British Fashion Awards to acknowledge her contribution to fashion over 25 years. Moss is also a contributing fashion editor for British Vogue. Moss has had her own clothing range and has been Elle Macpherson. Eleanor Nancy Macpherson ; nee Gow; born 29 March is an Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress.

She is known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the s, leading to her nickname "The Body", coined by Time in She is the founder, primary model, and creative director for a series of business ventures, including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and The Body, a line of skin care products. She is an executive producer of NBC's Fashion Star and was the host for the first season. As an actress, Barbara Palvin.

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Barbara Palvin pronounced [?b?rb?r? ?p?lvin]; born 8 October is a Hungarian model. She first appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in Rebecca Romijn.

Rebecca Alie Romijn roh-MAYN; Dutch: [ro??m?in]; born November 6, is an American actress and former model. She is known for her role as Mystique in the trilogy of the X-Men film series, and as Joan from The Punisherboth of which are based on Marvel Comics. She also had a recurring role as Alexis Meade on the television series Ugly Betty. Recent major roles include as Eve Baird on the TNT series The Librarians, which ran for four seasons, and as the host of the game show Skin Wars Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley born February 2, is an American model, actress and entrepreneur. Brinkley gained worldwide fame with her appearances in the late s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, ultimately appearing on an usnos-domov.infoecedented three consecutive covers starting in She spent twenty-five years as the face of CoverGirl, has appeared on over magazine covers, and has signed contracts with major brands-both fashion and non-fashion.

Brinkley went on to work as an actress, illustrator, television personality, photographer, writer, designer, and activist for human and animal rights and the environment. Brinkley has been married four times, most notably between and to Brooke Burke Charvet. Brooke Lisa Burke born September 8, is an American actress, dancer, model, and television personality.

She is known as a Playboy model, hosting Wild On! Taylor Hill. Taylor Marie Hill born March 5, is an American model and current Victoria's Secret Angel since Doutzen Kroes.

Doutzen Kroes West Frisian pronunciation: [?d?u?ts? ? ?krus]; born 23 January is a Dutch model, actress, activist and philanthropist. She was a Victoria's Secret Angel from until She has been a brand ambassador for L'Oreal Paris since As of Decembershe was ranked as one of Irina Shayk.

Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova Russian: ? ? ?; born 6 Januaryknown as Irina Shayk, is a Russian model who received international recognition when she landed the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. com ranks her as an "Industry Icon". Tricia Helfer. Tricia Janine Helfer born April 11, is a Canadian actress, voice actress and former model.

She is best known for playing the Cylon model Number Six in Ronald D. Moore's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series - and voicing Sarah Kerrigan in the StarCraft video games - Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Elaine Campbell born 22 May is an English model, actress, and businesswoman. Recruited at the age of 15, she established herself amongst the most recognizable and in-demand models of the late s and the s and was one of six models of her generation declared supermodels by the fashion industry and the international press. Campbell is also involved in charity work for various causes Olga Kurylenko.

Olga Konstiantinivna Kurylenko born 14 November is a French-Ukrainian actress and model. She was discovered as a model in Moscow at the age of She moved to Paris to pursue a modelling career at the age of 16 and started her acting career in She found success as an actress for her role as Nika Boronina in the movie adaptation of the video game Hitmanand then rose to fame by playing Bond girl Camille Montes in the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace More recently she starred in Stephen S.

Campanelli's MomentumTerrence Malick's To the Wonderalongside Tom Cruise in Oblivionwith Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner and Josie Maran. Johanna Selhorst "Josie" Maran born May 8, is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur Joanna Krupa. Joanna Krupa born 23 April is a Polish American model, actress and animal rights activist.

She is known internationally as the host and head judge of Polish Top Model as well as for appearances on reality television shows Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami Claudia Schiffer. Claudia Maria Schiffer German pronunciation: [?kla??d?a ???f?]; born 25 August is a German supermodel, actress, fashion designer, and executive producer, based in the United Kingdom. She rose to fame in the early s as one of the world's most successful models, cementing her supermodel status.

In her early career, she was compared to Brigitte Bardot. She has appeared on more than one thousand magazine covers and holds the record for the model with the most magazine covers, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kathy Ireland. Kathleen Marie Ireland born March 20, is an American model and actress, turned author and entrepreneur. Ireland was a supermodel in the s and s, best known for appearing in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

Inshe founded a brand marketing company, kathy ireland Worldwide kiWWwhich has made her one of the wealthiest former models in the world. She has remained involved with various charities and non-profit organizations dedicated to education, emergency response and training Laetitia Casta. Laetitia Marie Laure Casta French: [l?tisja kasta]; born 11 May is a French actress and model. Casta became a "GUESS? Girl" in and gained further recognition as a Victoria's Secret Angel from to and as a spokesperson for cosmetics company L'Oreal.

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She has appeared on over covers of such popular magazines as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Elle and - snos-domov.info, and has modeled for designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J.

Crew, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, Lolita Lempicka, and Vivienne Westwood. Casta became an established actress, appearing in the films Gainsbourg: A Heroic Lifein which Ana Beatriz Barros.

For the Brazilian racing driver, see Ana Beatriz. Ana Beatriz Barros El Chiaty born 29 May is a Brazilian model, known for her multiple appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for her work with Intimissimi, Guess? Selita Ebanks. Selita Ebanks born 17 February is a Cayman-born model and actress. Ebanks has worked for high fashion brands Neiman Marcus and Ralph Lauren, and appeared in magazines such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Vogue, and - snos-domov.info, but she is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret, as one of the brand's "Angels" from to early Molly Sims.

Molly Sims born May 25, is an American model and actress. She has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and played Delinda Deline in the NBC drama Las Vegas Carol Alt. Carol Ann Alt born December 1, is an American model and actress Estella Warren. Estella Dawn Warren born December 23, is a Canadian actress, fashion model, and former synchronized swimmer. During her swimming career she was a member of the Canadian national team and won three national titles.

Since she has been modeling through publications such as Sports Illustrated as well as working for campaigns for such brands as Perry Ellis and Victoria's Secret. Niki Taylor.

Nicole Renee "Niki" Taylor born March 5, is an American supermodel and television presenter Paulina Porizkova. Paulina Porizkova born Pavlina Porizkova; Czech pronunciation: [?pavli?na ?por?i?skova?]; 9 April is a model, actress and author. Born in Czechoslovakia, she now holds dual U. and Swedish citizenship.

At 18 years old, inshe became the first woman from Central Europe to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She was the second woman after Christie Brinkley to be featured on the swimsuit issue's front cover consecutive times and She was part of the judging panel of America's Next Top Model in Cycles In June The New York Times published in its pages her op-ed piece "America Made Me a Feminist" Cheryl Tiegs.

Cheryl Rae Tiegs born September 25, is an American model and fashion designer. Frequently described as the first American supermodel, Tiegs is best known for her multiple appearances on the covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and TIME and for her "Pink Bikini" poster, which became an iconic image of s pop culture Chanel Iman.

Chanel Iman Robinson Shepard born December 1, is an American model. She is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel. Vogue Paris declared her as one of the top 30 models of the s Natalia Vodianova. Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova Russian: ? ? ? pronounced by her ? ; pronounced [n??tal?j? m???xaj??vn? v?d???nov?]nicknamed Supernova, is a Russian model, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and public speaker.

She is well known for her rags to riches life story and for her eight-season, seven-figure contract with Calvin Klein. Vodianova is currently ranked by models. com as one of the New Supers in the fashion industry. Vodianova is founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropic organisation committed to helping children with special Jessica White.

Jessica White born June 21, is an American fashion model, actress and television personality. She is best known for being a Victoria's Secret runway model, Maybelline spokesperson and working for CoverGirl, as well as her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues.

Outside of modeling, she has appeared on several television series, such as The Young and the Restless, America's Next Top Model, Famously Single, Zoe Ever After and Hip Hop Squares Karlie Kloss. Karlie Elizabeth Kloss born August 3, is an American fashion model and entrepreneur.

At just 17, Vogue Paris declared her one of the "top 30 models of the s. Outside of modeling, Kloss has an interest in technology, for which she founded the "Kode with Klossy" camp to get young girls interested in STEM fields Lily Cole. Lily Luahana Cole born December 27, is an English model, actress and entrepreneur. Cole pursued a modelling career as a teenager and was listed in by Vogue Paris as one of the top 30 models of the s. She was booked for her first British Vogue cover at age 16, named "Model of the Year" at the British Fashion Awards, and worked with many well-known brands, including Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino.

Her advertising campaigns have included Longchamp, Anna Sui, Rimmel and Cacharel. Cole's first leading role as an actress was as Valentina in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Her other film work includes Passages, a Karolina Kurkova. Karolina Kurkova Czech pronunciation: [?karoli?na ?kurkova?]; born 28 February is a Czech model and actress, best known as a former Victoria's Secret Angel and Vogue cover star. Mario Testino praised the "proportions of her body and her face, as well as her energy level", which he said "ma[de] her a model who could fit almost into any moment".

Vogue editor Anna Wintour called her the "next supermodel".

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