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My wife's 5'4" slim athletic frame looked so deliciously petite being carried in between them. They were visibly upset as they dumped my wife onto the sofa as Angela and Christina sat on either side of her.

The other two surrounded them with their arms crossed staring at her. Angela grabbed Bonnie's face and spoke harshly to her, "Why do you have to be such a slut, Bonnie? Angela continued, "You know, you're the luckiest one among us to be married and to such a great guy. Yet why do you have to steal the show every night on the dance floor? Drunk and letting all the men grope you as they wish? Upon hearing that, I was a little touched at how considerate they were of me. But then Christina revealed their true motive, "This is the 3rd time in a row you stole the attention of all the guys in the club because you are such a drunken slut.

None of us are getting laid because of you! Before she could finish, Cindy continued for her, "If we can't get laid, we're going to take it out on you tonight, bitch! Angela firmly grabbed my drunken wife by the hair and shoved her tongue into her mouth while molesting her firm tits. At the same time, Christina yanked down one of Bonnie's spaghetti straps and feasted on her hard nipple. While she viciously suckled my wife's cherry red nipple, her other hand found its way between my wife's legs and started fondling her panties.

One of the girls would always be fucking her two holes with the vibrators while others took turn tugging the clamps on her nipples and clit, Without my knowledge, Christina had unbuckled and unzipped my pants, stroking my swollen cock with her hand while sucking on my tongue CINDYEXPOSED'S SUBMISSIONS: This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica   Amber Heard wore her pants purposefully unzipped - is this a new thing? Krista Jensen. ated Feb 03, @ pm. Advertisement. FB Tweet Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Even though my wife was drunk, she was aware of what was happening and tried her best to pry their hands off. She tried to talk, but her words were muffled by Angela's tongue. The more she resisted, the rougher they were with her until her body started to throb to their touch. All the while, Katie was taking photos of the ordeal with her phone.

My eyes widen in amazement at my wife's sudden violation by her 2 closest friends. All this time I was worried about other men, it never occurred to me she may be fooling around with other women. I was literally frozen with lust that I didn't see Cindy walking past me. Luckily she didn't see me peeking out from behind the guest room door. After a brief few moments, she came out of the bedroom with our little chest of fuck toys and eagerly shouted to the girls, "Hey, I found it! The girls went through the box like a bunch of excited kids opening Christmas presents.

As they eagerly examined each toy, Christina grinned at Bonnie and retorted, "Omg, you really are a slut aren't you? Katie kept taking photos as Angela and Christina stripped Bonnie completely naked except for her garter belt, stalking, and heels. My wife resisted as much as she could but the drunken petite little thing was easily overpowered.

The first things they took out of the box were 2 pairs of leather cuffs.

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While she squirmed, they held her down with her back on the coffee table and cuffed each wrist to the corresponding ankle.

When those cuffs clamped, there was an abrupt pause in her struggling, as if Bonnie knew she was now completely at their mercy. They went through the whole chest and whenever they brought out a toy, they would giggle like schoolgirls and tried it on my wife. First, Katie found a pair of heavy metal clamps linked by a metal chain. They laughed at Bonnie's painful expression as they clamped it onto her nipples. Then while a couple of the girls took turn tugging the chain and stretching her red nipples out, one them found another clamp and without warning, snapped it right on her tender clit.

Bonnie's body immediately jolted when it snapped on as if someone just electric shocked her. The triple clamping made her jerk and throb uncontrollably on the coffee table, breathing heavily and whimpering like a lost puppy. While they jeered and teased her, one of them found a large vibrator and they passed it around in admiration. Christina pulled Bonnie's slim legs up with her wrists still bounded to the ankles and a couple of the girls started spanking her while Angela worked that huge vibrator slowly into her cunt.

When she finally got the whole shaft buried deep into Bonnie's dripping fuck hole, Angela turned it on and started savagely thrusting the buzzing vibrator it in and out of her. Bonnie's facial expression quickly changed from the agony of pain to the pleasure of lust as she moaned and panted to the hard thrusting with her mouth wide open.

As her body started gyrating to the rhythm of the fucking, Christina took hold of her face and questioned her, "You were a really bad friend tonight, weren't you?

You need to be punished. Cindy found a 2nd large vibrator in our toy box and eagerly tried to shove it directly into Bonnie's dry anus. However, as much as she tried, it just wouldn't squeeze in. Instead, Christina easily slipped the cunt juice covered vibrator into her ass and used the new one in her pussy. With the double penetration, all Bonnie could do was arch her back and gasp for air, moaning loudly in short bursts, "Oh. While they abused her two dripping holes, Angela lifted up her dress and took off her panties.

She sat her wet pussy straight down on my wife's sweaty face and ordered her, "So, apologize. Show me how sorry you are. Bonnie was in a complete daze at this point she would've devoured anything presented to her mouth.

Without hesitation, she stuck out her tongue and lapped Angela's cunt like a thirsty beast, moaning deep into her pussy. Soon Angela was so into it, she started throbbing on my wife's face with her eyes closed, gasping for air and squeezing her own plump tits. In only a few minutes, she became tensely stiff and yanked tightly the chained clamps on Bonnie's tits as waves of orgasm flooded her body. I watched with my cock in hand as each of the girls took their turn fucking my wife's tongue.

Some rode her face while others just muffled her mouth and let her do all the work. One of the girls would always be fucking her two holes with the vibrators while others took turn tugging the clamps on her nipples and clit, mocking and teasing her.

Bonnie herself came several times as they abused her like a worthless whore, evident by her occasional spazing in her bonds on the coffee table. When the last girl had her fill and squirted all over Bonnie's face with her juice, they lounged around the living room chatting while leaving my poor wife still stuffed with the two vibrators.

They took out some snacks and drinks from the kitchen and continued to laugh and mock my whore wife, throwing food at her and even poured some of the soda on her jerking and twitching sweaty body.

Finally, they cleaned themselves up and one of the girls pulled Bonnie up and asked her, "Are you ready? Then without a word, Cindy unclamped her sore nipples and Bonnie screamed and jerked violently until her body adjusted to the rush of blood flow.

However, before she had a chance to rest, Cindy unclamped her swollen clit and the sudden rush of blood made her thrust her hips violently back and forth screaming. Bonnie came so hard the 2 vibrators slipped right out of her holes as her legs became so weak she almost fell over.

Answer (1 of 5): Ya obviously, this is a common style. I my self have seen most of girls following such kind of style. Now a days, this kind of fashion becoming very common on many parts of the country. Apparently, to give you more proof, let's have an example of Amber Heard, that could be start 31, Pants Unzipped Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images. United States. CONTENT. Royalty-free Creative Video Editorial Archive   A Bestiary of Monster Girls The classic work translated into English for the first time. NonHuman 10/08/ A Friendly Blowjob She makes him jizz his pants and sucks him off to make it up Erotic Couplings 05/05/ A Nude Weekend with New Friends Sexy surprises with his dad's friend and her daughters

The sight was too much for me and I blew my load all over the back of the guest room door. The women laughed and uncuffed her.

Before leaving, Angela grabbed Bonnie's face again and sternly warned her, "Consider this a warning. Next time, we will really punish you. They cleaned up pretty well but left Bonnie passed out naked on the couch before turning off the lights and leaving.

I rested a little and then making sure she was asleep, I quietly snuck out. Remember, I wasn't supposed to be back this early either. I went to a nearby coffee shop and waited until it was reasonable for me to return. As I walked back in, my wife was in the shower so I just called out I was home and headed to bed. The following week, I went to the titty bar again with my boys, feeling less guilty.

Hey, I was only watching women, she was actually letting men grope her on the dance floor. It did bother me a little but it seemed her friends were watching out for her, even if it was to serve their own interests. However, I was becoming more and more curious about what she was doing at these clubs. So the week after, I decided to take a night off to investigate. That night her friends came by dolled up as usual in their slutty cocktail dresses and makeups.

Angela flirted with me while they waited for my wife to get ready and I swear if I wasn't married, I'd plow that bitch on the floor until she was covered with rug burns. I was a little surprised when my wife finally came out. Bonnie was only dressed in jeans and a blouse, with very light make up. Angela whispered seductively to me that they asked her to dress down so she wouldn't steal other men's attention from them. Considering how upset they were the other night, it seemed to make sense.

Angela drove the girls and I secretly tailed them to a very fancy looking place in the richest part of the city. While I drove, my heart was thumping at an incredible pace and I felt like an amateur detective. I waited until they went in before I cautiously got out of my car.

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Inside, a clerk at the front desk informed me this was a private club for members only. Then, eagerly, he brought out their membership brochure and asked if I liked to purchase a single guest pass. I was a little upset that my wife was spending this kind of cash behind my back. Still, determined to find out more, I paid for a pass and went in. The clerk explained a lot of the restrictions of the single guest pass, but I didn't pay any attention. Once inside, I noticed it was a very high class cocktail lounge.

There were both men and women sitting at tables and booths in tuxes and evening gowns. There were several waiters serving drinks. I found a half circle booth seating in the back and sat myself down. The room was intimately dim and made it hard for me to find my wife and her friends. I was so concentrated on finding her at first that I didn't notice a small stage at the front of the room. On the stage, 2 men were fucking a woman dressed in a ripped nurse's uniform.

My jaw dropped open at the sight and I realized this was some sort of sex club. I thought to myself that all this time I was feeling guilty for going to a titty bar and my wife and her friends were enjoying all of this. When the 2 studs on stage finished and came all over the girl, the room cheered and clapped. Then they cleared the stage and a man dressed in a tux came on with a mike and announced to the room, "Thank you fellow patrons.

For our next presentation, we have a very special show set up for you. We have a young naughty Asian housewife that is in severe need of punishment. Please enjoy! When I heard "Asian housewife," my throat parched and I gulped. I was thinking to myself, "Nah Couldn't be Then my senses were completely numb when 2 huge naked men wearing only thongs carried out a woman by her arms with her wrists cuffed behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth.

I rubbed my eyes but it was unmistakable, that was my wife on stage! She was still dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a blouse. Her movement suggested she was either a little drunk or drugged, but she was fully alert and struggling as they brought her on stage, mumbling and crying through her ball gag. Immediately I got up to rescue her. However, before I even left my seat, two dark figures came out of the shadows and pushed me hard back down into my seat.

Fear ran down my spine as they each sat next to me, restraining me with their arms around my shoulders. To my relief it turned out to be Angela and Christina. Without a moment's pause, they started seductively rubbing their hands all over me and in a matter of seconds I was puddy in their hands. Angela had her long silky black hair down, looking like an anime in her short cocktail dress. The other girl licks her ass while the stud licks her clit - she finally got what she has been hoping for all day.

The naked girls now switch positions, giving the guy the same treatment. The lucky stud now fucks the black girl from behind, slapping her ebony ass. The girls rub their clits against each other while the guy keeps ramming them both.

The flexible ebony babe is now standing upside down, letting the white slut make her cum with her tongue. In the meantime, the guy pulls her hair fucking her hard from behind. Two naked girls rush to their knees, welcoming the spunk in their mouths, swapping cum while exchanging passionate kisses. A truly intense threesome! This hot, fit young babe knew her stepdad was fooling around with other women and she was bent on stopping that.

One day, she caught him on a video call, being all naughty with some chick, so she immediately grabbed her phone to record him in the mischief.

Unzipped pants girls

The guy tried to play it off as nothing but she knew better. Instead, turned on by the whole situation, the lustful stepdaughter found herself sitting on the bed in front of the man. Her stepdad was taking her yoga pants off ever so slowly, before revealing her tight, trimmed, perfect pussy. From here on out, there was no going back. The sexy redhead girl leaned back and spread her slim legs wide for him. When his tongue touched her pussy lips her body shuddered.

She was so sensitive. He moved his tongue up, spreading her lips. At first he licked her clit and thereafter started slobbering on her aching cherry.

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She was soon dripping wet from his tongue and fingers. The guy kept alternating between eating his stepdaughter all up and fingering her pulsating cunt. She was so turned on that he managed to stuff four fingers inside that young hole and spread her vagina wide open with two hands. That, however, was just a beginning. Soon enough, things started getting even rougher and steamier.

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After teasing her some more, slapping that pussy, and fingering her into more moaning, he came closer and pulled his cock out. He slid up all the way effortlessly. That cherry was so wet and wanting that he started ravaging her just seconds later. THE BEST FAMILY PORN WITH YOUNG TEEN GIRLS: The girl had nothing else to do but hold her legs as far apart as possible while taking a hardcore pounding.

With the stepfather hammering her balls deep, her erotic moans were rapidly turning into screams of pleasure as she begged for him to go deeper and harder.

It ended up with him fucking the babe like a sex toy before they started switching things up and changing positions. From a missionary, this kinky couple turned to doggy style. Bent over the bed, she was rammed from behind relentlessly. After that, it was her turn to take control. The sexy redhead babe was riding him, making circular gyrations, grinding her clit into him as his head poked around her insides.

Her legs were shaking from her orgasm and he pulled her on his face. Feeling a tongue in her cunt once more, the hottie came all over his face. She decided to return the favor and place her luscious lips on the boner, turning a reverse cowgirl into a sixty-nine. Bouncing on top of that shaft continuously, there was no stopping these two. The stepdaughter was losing her mind with horniness. The naked girl laid on her back with her head hang over the edge of the bed where she could again suck his balls.

One orgasm after the other, stepfather railed her dripping wet pussy and her tight throat, making her moan and scream before rewarding his girl with a massive load of hot cum.

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These three young and beautiful schoolgirls are as mischievous as they are cute. This time, they had stolen a camera and went to a nearby park to fool around. Afraid of nobody, the three little sluts were having fun with slides, climbers, and playhouses.

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Every now and then, one of them would lift her skirt, revealing the most innocent white panties, before going on as if nothing happened. They even went on to show off their flexibility by doing cartwheels and messing about before a security guard finally caught up to them. He started running after them but little minxes seemed to be too fast for him and they managed to escape home.

Back in the comfort of a home, they were already losing their minds with horniness.

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Moans of pleasure were echoing all around the room and, just as this lesbian trio was getting into it, they heard a knock on the door.

He was just about to call the cops when the half naked schoolgirls decided to talk him out of it. Naturally, no guy would refuse a polite offer from three young ladies.

Three naked girls were now taking turns sucking him off. The camera was still on and they were even trying to get the best angle possible. The petite blonde seemed to be the most into it at first, as she made that rock hard shaft all slippery with her saliva.

The dude was in heaven constantly having two lustful nubiles giving him amazing blowjobs while making out, teasing, and rubbing each other simultaneously. Then, just like that, the skinny and curly hottie straddled the man in a reverse cowgirl and sat on his schlong with her smoothly shaved snatch.

Just moments later she was vigorously impaling herself, moaning and screaming in pleasure as her school friends watched.

One after the other, the naked girls started changing places on his dick. The next one to hop on went for a cowgirl approach and her tight asshole was fully visible on the camera as she rode with a passion. Having filmed all of that, the blonde finally approached as it was finally her turn.

From there on out, he pounded them in every position imaginable, hammering those dripping wet pussies as they ate each other out into orgasms. Three gorgeous pussies spread open in front of him, all in a row. The feeling was incredible, moving from one pussy to another. The girls took turns riding their faces as well. At the end those sexy naked girls got on their knees and started to suck his hot throbbing cock, each taking turns.

The girls took turns trying to swallow as much as they could. When he finished cumming, the girls kissed each other with his sticky cum on their lips and in their mouths. Boys and girls, you are totally going to the wrong yoga classes. These girls realized they could keep their beauty by practicing nude yoga every morning.

The pool yard was the perfect place to get naked and enjoy their practice. The girls got aroused by watching each other stretching naked.

One of the naked girls approached the other one and started kissing her neck while caressing the third girl. They all got in the mood, and the sexy blonde got on the floor, while the girls started licking her pussy and her nipples together.

The blonde was enjoying all the delight she was getting from being licked and fingered. She writhed and whimpered as her friends caressed her smooth bald pussy. It as such a great idea to start nude to fee so liberated Especially considering the shaven pussies and slender bodies pretty blemishless except for one tattoo.

These sweet angels were so lucky to have each other to satisfy all of their sexual desires. This threesome got more exciting as they switched roles and every babe got her pussy licked.

The yoga teacher was teaching the girls how to enjoy real lesbian sex. They were all feeling amazing as they were all kissing and exchanging their sexual energies.

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Each of these angels had such sweet pussy and breasts, special in their own way. The blonde lay on her back, parting her legs and slowly raising her cute little ass up so that it was almost above her head.

You will come just seeing the magnificent bald mound and a pink asshole. The girls began to lick two the most beautiful holes. Each girl took a turn being brought to orgasm as the center of attention. One by one, they all let their juices out, but they still wanted more. The naked girls got in the pool for another round.

The blonde one got to the wave jet and let the water flow onto her pussy and she really liked the sensation, while the other two were fingering each other in the corner.

The young and dazzling blonde babe was having a sensual shower. Alone in the bathroom, she took the opportunity to have some fun and play with her pussy. Within seconds, she was passionately rubbing her aching snatch with the look of pleasure on her pretty face. Her tight body with sexy tattoos was twisting in satisfaction as she squeezed her firm breasts and pinched those hard, pierced nipples.

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When she was at the peak, she got interrupted by a door creaking. Her stepbrother busted in under the excuse of rushing to use the toilet. However, he had to stick around for a bit and enjoy the show his naked sister was putting on.

She was stunned at first and did her best to cover those lovely private parts but, the more they talked, the more she got loosened up and horny.

And, when he started talking about her dad finding out just how slutty she was, she finally caved in and allowed him to join in the shower. The moment he stripped and walked in, this beauty dropped down on knees and started slobbering all over his throbbing dong. By holding the shaft firmly with one hand, she went on to deepthroat like a true cocksucking pro.

His cock ended up all wet and slippery from her saliva which, in turn, spilled all over her pretty face, making it even more fuckable. That wet and messy blowjob went on for quite some time before he went down on his knees to lick her clit.

They switched positions and now his naked sister was the one standing with her leg lifted in the air. He was underneath her, eating that sweet, juicy, pulsating pussy all up. Her soft moans of pleasure were more than enough to keep him going.

BOYS AND GIRLS CAUGHT FAPPING: Then the obedient stepsister turned her back to the stepbrother, pushed her firm ass out a bit, and he entered her from behind.

Teacher unbutton her skirt, the student unzip his pant - Film Review - cashback movie - Movie Review

Right off the bat, he started pounding her vigorously while holding those seductive hips, impaling herself balls deep inside that dripping cherry, making her scream in pleasure.

She was so horny she kept pushing back in rhythm, eager to impale herself as deep as possible.

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One long pounding session later, and they are still just getting started. The couple ended up on the bathroom floor, where the mischievous stepsis straddled her stepbro in a reverse cowgirl position. Fully in control, the sexy naked girl rode him vigorously while squeezing those perfect tits. Her beautiful slender body was quivering, her tight pussy spasming around his swollen cock, her head was thrashing from side to side and she was begging him to make her cum.

After that, they went wild to the end. Eager to feel each other in every way, they kept changing positions and switching things up. His hot naked sister took his raging member from every angle possible and got pounded vigorously into multiple intense, leg shaking orgasms. Eventually, he reached his limits and shot loads of jizz spraying her all over.

Two young and beautiful babes went to stay in a hostel overnight when the manager came by for an unexpected room inspection. He started shuffling through their clothes and soon enough found a suspicious bag with some illegal substance. Girls were stunned at first but then the feisty blonde took the initiative. She was this dazzling beauty with a pretty face on a tight body and she started immediately denying all the accusations.

Her gorgeous friend, a dashing brunette with perfect, dicksucking lips, was a bit shyer but kept nodding in approval, trying to back her girl up. However, none of it would fly with the manager as he had already figured a way for all of them to get what they wanted. He proposed an arrangement and the girls instantly knew what he meant. The hotties were positively surprised with his massive size and their mood instantly improved.

Yet again, the dominant blonde took the initiative.

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She took the balls with her luscious lips as the brunette started working the shaft, making it all wet and slippery. She obediently let the manager grab the back of her head and fuck her tight throat balls deep, choking her with it and making everything spill all over her sexy face.

The brunette was soon to follow and deepthroat in the same manner, gagging and choking on his man mean. Two naked girls laid on the bed next to each other. THE HOTTEST EUROPEAN GIRLS IN REALITY HARDCORE SEX: With those slim legs spread wide, he grabbed one vibrator and started simultaneously pleasuring one pussy while licking the other. Those two wet cunts were for his exclusive use and enjoyment. He licked both pussies when these beauties experienced the first of many orgasms.

As she was standing up with her legs slightly spread, the manager started pounding her from behind while the blonde teased, caressed, and licked her from the front.

He was slamming into her with brutal force, making her ass cheeks jiggle. The naked babe was on the bed already spread and waiting. He started licking her and then her friend joined him, they both licked her asshole and her cunt together. He drove his dick into her with full force, ramming so hard, making her scream and beg for him never to stop. He felt the splatter of juices all over his cock and balls as she began to squirt.

Another squirting orgasm later and things started getting really crazy. The naked girls were already losing their minds in pleasure, cumming and squirting all over the place, screaming and constantly begging for more. They kept switching around and changing positions, only picking up the pace as time went on. A lavish, young brunette babe had issues with her plumbing and invited a handyman over to help. Without waiting for him even to try and fix the problem, hottie started caressing and teasing herself, all horny.

The brunette had the most sensational body ever. Her tall, slim, womanly figure was complemented perfectly by a pair of large, supple breasts, and sexy tattoos underneath those only improved the overall erotic experience. The cutie swayed her hips back and forth into his face and, when she finally stripped underwear, grabbed his head, and firmly pushed it towards her pulsating snatch. Hottie immediately started moaning and losing breath from immense pleasure and horniness while standing in the kitchen and having her cherry slobbered on.

Naked girl moaned in pleasure, pressing his head closer to her pussy and pushing herself onto his tongue. Upon softly licking the shaft up and down, she took the tip inside her mouth and started swallowing as much as possible. Her cute hands were holding it firmly in place as her head bobbed back and forth, choking on his massive size.

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SEXY NAKED GIRLS GET THEIR LITTLE PUSSIES DESTROYED BY BIG COCKS: All that sloppy and erotic foreplay was more than enough to get both of them hungry for more. They continued with hardcore action on the nearby couch.

Her pussy was already dripping wet, and he was rock hard so, when she bent over on all fours, and he grabbed her hips to enter her, he slid all the way in, right off the bat. The room was instantly filled with her screams of pleasure as hottie enjoyed hardcore doggy style pounding. This long and intense ramming was just a warm-up for these two because they were yet to start changing positions.

First, the brunette turned around to lie on her back. Feeling even more dominant, he then picked her up and made her stand while drilling that juicy cunt from behind yet again. From there on out, they were just picking up the pace and trying out everything they could.

Her screams were getting louder by the minute, whether this sexy naked girl was the one riding him or keeping still and enjoying relentless pounding.

Her multiple orgasms were finally enough for him to reach his limits and shoot loads of warm, sticky cum all over her breathtaking body. Sexy young brunette was vlogging in nature, in the middle of nowhere when she decided to have some naughty fun.

After finding a secluded spot, she placed the camera down and started undressing to show off her wet pussy and play with herself. Having enjoyed that short but sweet solo session, she went back on the road and soon encountered a local guy who actually owned the land. He offered to drive her back but she had a different idea. She had never had sex with a man older than she is. He had that daddy image going on that quickly got to go down and pull his rod out.

Just moments later, she was relentlessly slobbering all over his shaft instantly making him rock hard. The dude had never seen girls act like a desperate, cock-hungry slut, even in porn flicks, and he had watched a lot of porn.

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Her saliva and his precum were mixing in her mouth spilling all over, making his dick slippery and her cute face even more fuckable. Such intense cock sucking only made her hornier and eager to have him. Having quickly stripped naked, hottie mounted his schlong like a naughty, little cowgirl and started impaling her wet pussy.

She was going all the way down right off the bat, moaning in pleasure and talking dirty. However, that was just the start. He grabbed her hips firmly and took control over to hammer her from underneath. From there on out, they started switching things up and changing positions. Girl had rough sex with a stranger. Naughty vlogger made sure the camera was on for the whole time as she was making her best content yet being banged outdoors, in an open trunk of a car.

Begging for daddy to fuck her harder and cum on her eventually made him reach his limits and, after railing her in all kinds of positions, he plastered her fit body with a big load.

Dazzling young blonde was a regional debate contester and she was hoping to win it. However, she lost in the finals and left the room infuriated. She ended up in the dressing room, crying her eyes out when the moderator found her. She was this glamorous blonde woman who wore a tight dress and sexy glasses. She felt bad watching the girl storm off after losing and went looking for her.

She knew the best way to cheer her up.

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