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Paris13 I'm trying to fight the fight. He never met my sister. I feel horrible he even mentioned my sis i told him um no makes me uncomfortable. I don't know how i feel about this i am so uncomfortable and angry. I almost stopped loving him after this things changed I confronted him afterwards and he said well i never met her i just want a threesome. Ugh its the lack of care for me.

I think it's common for guys to be attracted to their older sisters but it's not normally acceptable to act on those urges. Have you discussed your urges with her other than sending her dick pics and videos? Are either of you married to someone?

misanthropistkev Xper 5. RCLJT opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 4. You need to see a counselor before you get arrested for rape, sexual assault and incest, go find a tiny titty hooker somewhere.

Ever since i was a kid, i've wanted to fuck my oldest sister. I'm now 57, and still want to. I've always been attracted to her, and don't know why. I know morally, its wrong, but i can't help my sexual feelings for her. When we were kids, she would come down for breakfast in

Scobby-Dube Xper 2. I am questioning your mental state to have even asked such a thing.

Get some help. jasco 2. uh honestly talking to her about it would be much better than sending such things. So yea.

CubaPirate Only if you're from Asia or the deep south of the USA. colin77 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. U need prayers it's ok if u find yr sister attractive but u gone to far man. bclbn 1.

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it is not okey. I think you are heavily into incest porns which makes your mind perverted. This is very common for teenagers, but your 57 FFS. OddBeMe 4. derdepedie Xper 4. I was sexualy atracted to at my older sister but i never fuck her bro that's disgusitng. SirJohn42 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Gedaria Master.

means not present

It's a thing to carry around with you. pokenstroke Xper 6. You are both adults, if she is for it, have fun. jimmy2 3.

my sister and i first made love at a all nite porn drive in we watched the movie and she was hot watching the girls taking hard cock i was so hard when she pulled my cock out and moaned telling me to fuck her she climbed on top of me and took me deep oh god was she tight and wet she pumped me hard telling me to cum she said please dont pull out and i dumped a huge load in Yes my sister I used to go with her tonight or she was coming to my room tonight we were getting naked and I would eat her p**** and I was still going to come between your p**** lips and hunch till I come on her p**** I come over p**** more times than I did any of my wives put together everyone swimming we would go and play with a p**** in the 0 3. He never met my sister. He was asking me to send him nudes i said "i can't i am in the room with my sister" he said "i wanna fuck you and your sister" "would you wanna have a threesome?". And he recently told me he wants to have a threesome i said i am so not interested i

JessieBellll opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Sexual attraction is normal babe. HappyGuy74 Xper 1. Go for it! She probably wants it as bad as you! Avicenna 7.

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NerdDG opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 3. Oh God you need a professional help. ronaldo75 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. exitseven 4.

Glasgow55 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Related myTakes.

you were

Show All. Musical Skills are HOT. Why some people have such a harsh understanding of God. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Learn more. Yes No. Tell him you wanna try someone not related to you first.

You're My Sister! - Joe Dirt (5/8) Movie CLIP (2001) HD

venom 62 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 3. I doubt he really expects to have a threesome with your sister.

I think he's just getting off on you thinking about the idea and being uncomfortable. Tunasub Yoda. Tell him you can't unless your brother is involved also.

sorry, that

Good for You, BRO. Show All Show Less. Wise4myage Thank him for being honest, then promptly dump that pond scum.

And I could see why you'd be upset asking for a threesome is one thing but not someone's sister. He's Chad you can't get rid of him until you hit the wall he only get rid of you since you come here to speak about it you're ready to do it to make him happy some girls bring their mother to the table.

simply ridiculous. thank

It's society collapse. Clarke 1.

Opinion wanna fuck my sister share your opinion

Probably just grew up with porn and thought threesomes were normal. wtftell him you will do that if he let you to shove a barbed steel mace into his ass first.

Xnumber Xper 1. I also want to fuck my wife with her sister. Its a kink and fantasy but nothing more. Want me to tell him that it makes you uncomfortable?

think, that

He's no prize; you wouldn't be missing much if you show him the door. Avicenna 7.

That'd be automatic breakup if I were you humanearth 3. Dont fall for it, sounds like a dirty man. GoodGuyBreakingBad 8. He is asshole, no offense I would move on. CubaPirate Bklynbadboy12 1. Dump that asshole dump I'm immediately.

for that

So what did you do are you still with him. Glasgow55 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. MrSwisher Xper 3.

something is

He's just horny and sees you as meat. Pterodon opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Dump him immediately. That is soooo disrespectful. MasterKS 1. sponge-bob opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

Xper 5. iseekpinetrees 1. Just stick to reading incest porn. Waldoe 2.

Wanna fuck my sister

Hispanic-Cool-Guy 5. Some of you guys on GAG need a doctor ASAP.

something is

CriticalDiscourse Xper 6. Yeah that's incestuous and fucked up.

quite good topic

How did this come about? douride2 12K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

like this

Lmao i want my brother to fuck me too. Show All Show Less. you want your brother to fuck you if he says no ill gladly do it for you.

SuccessfulHornDog 9.

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pokenstroke Xper 6. but I'm nervous and scare if she says no. Then you will forever wonder. Ilikegirls Xper 4.

I'm not looking for an excuse to have sex with my wife's sister. It has everything to do with my marriage. I love my wife. When I was confronting her about cheating, she even said whilst crying "do you want to fuck someone else. If it'll make you forgive me, then do it, but please don't leave me." She was crying her eyes out and she said this 0 1. Okay, my sister just got dumped by her boyfriend and they were in a relationship for like 6 months and she was sad. I like the big brother I am, go comfort her and say like "you don't need him" and stuff like that. She then says "if only you weren't my brother, you would be a kind and loyal boyfriend". then after a moment of silence, she Facebook. Twitter. 0 1. I have seen my sister naked now I'm obsessed is that wrong whenever I see her I wanna just pull down her pants and fuck her she's only 6 years older then me. ates

that's rude mabey I am but I just wanna fuck her so hard tht she empties out. OfDeath 4K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Related myTakes.

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