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Are we in the golden age of superhero porn? It sure seems like that. The Avengers continues to break box office records, and meanwhile a ton of superhero porn spoofs come out every month. There will probably be a dozen Justice League porn films before a real Justice League movie ever comes out. But superhero porn has a long, if not necessarily proud, tradition, going back to s comics featuring Superman and Plastic Man doing weird and obscene things.

ganon15 : WB really hit the nail on the head with casting Gal Gadot then, wouldn't you say?

Justice Society: World War II Trailer - Wonder Woman Has A Phat Ass

pokergeist : Okay, I'm fine with a WW without giant tits but C'MON!! That's the flattest chest I've ever seen on a woman!

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There's nothing there! I've seen girls in middle school with fuller chests than her!! Even Joygirl would agree with me here.

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ostyo said:. Also, this is a perv thread waiting to happen. Also, Stargirl, Western Wondy, Batwoman, and all the Supes be epic too. this steam punk image of WW is absolutely delicious if you ask me.

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youmessinwithme said:. ganon15 said:. Art by Ed Benes.

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The girl, whose face can be seen, appears to be a minor. She was wearing the uniform of an all-girls school.

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A Ministry of Education MOE spokesman told TNP the school had found the girl is not a current student. She said it would not be appropriate to make further comments as the police may be investigating the matter. Ms Frances Yeo, a consultant psychologist at Thomson Medical Centre, said she has counselled teens whose intimate pictures were shared online by people they trusted.

Those close to the victim are also affected, she added.

It may lead to depression or suicidal thoughts. The video surfaced last Monday, the day the Criminal Law Reform Bill was read in Parliament for the first time. It seeks to amend the Penal Code to tackle emerging crime trends such as revenge porn and child pornography.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Eye Candy Sex Movies Gifs NSFW. What People Are Searching For. Movie Trailers Sing 2 and 8 Other Family Movies That Are Coming Out Teacher strips in front of students, photos go viral. AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A teacher at a Dutch school stood up on her desk in front of all of her students and began taking off her shirt @cor_tsar: I don't mean to sound perverted, but big boobs just suit Wonder Woman very well. More so than other female characters. It just fits her idk why. 7 years ago. DeadPoker

If it is passed, revenge porn, where one distributes or threatens to distribute an intimate image, will become a crime. Revenge porn culprits are currently prosecuted for offences such as extortion and criminal intimidation. The Penal Code Review Committee, which produced a report leading to the Bill, previously said: "Technology has not just facilitated the distribution of child pornography but the demand for it as well.

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Warning: That last link is not for the faint of heart. The Pro Not, strictly speaking, porn as such - but probably worth mentioning.

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This one-shot by Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner features a sex worker who gets superpowers and basically uses them to be a super-sex-worker.

Stripperella Stan Lee created this weird porntastic superhero spoof, voiced by Pamela Anderson, which debuted in and featured some of the weirdest attempts at humor ever, including a villain called Cheapo who only commits really cheap crimes.

Not, perhaps, the highest point in Stan Lee's career. But probably not the lowest, either. Empowered Quite possibly the most famous superhero bondage art out there.

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Artist Adam Warren, who had previously done a lot of Dirty Pair comics, created some superhero bondage stories as private commissions for a fan.

But then he wound up building them out into a whole running storyline about the heroine Empowered, who's always getting tied up.

Over time, the characters get a lot more nuanced and the story gets a lot less porntastic, but it's always quite " bondage-riffic. Gay Superhero Erotica There probably was gay superhero porn prior to ten years ago, but we haven't been able to find much out there. It was probably in small-press zines and anthologies that aren't well preserved online.

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But there's been a ton in the past half dozen years, including Anti-Heroes. netwhich seems to be your go-to site for images of the X-Men having sex without any X-Women present.

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And what the Incredible Hulk looks like when his purple pants finally get shredded completely. And so on.

Stripperella. Stan Lee created this weird porntastic superhero spoof, voiced by Pamela Anderson, which debuted in and featured some of the weirdest attempts at humor ever, including a 1) Theo get his ass beat. 2) Somebody get fed up with Rudy's wisecracks and punt her through a wall and 3) Watch Denise have hard-core sex with Rachel Starr. Actress | Rachel Starr Is Bad Ass. Gorgeous, buxom, and shapely brunette stunner Rachel Starr was born Brandy Hargrove on November 26, in Burleson, Texas. Starr first began having sex with girls at age thirteen and had sex with a man for the first time one week prior to her fifteenth birthday

And there are tons and tons of gay superhero erotica anthologies out there, led by the Unmasked: Erotic Tales of Gay Superheroes series edited by Eric Summers.

The first story in the first book features thinly-disguised Batman and Mr. Fantastic archetypes trying to figure out what to do when your spandex costume keeps getting torn. The Mr. Fantastic knockoff goes to a superhero tailor, who measures his naked body and tells him, "Do not expand" with predictable results.

But also, looking at Amazon. comthere are tons of other gay superhero erotica ebooks and print anthologies out there now.

Sep 16, Instagram. There's only one more weekend left before the official start of autumn and while white after Labor Day is totally encouraged, bikinis after summer are a The swimsuit model took the "nude" dress to a new level, sporting no knickers and a dramatic side-split held together with a safety pin, that went right up to her torso and left almost nothing Feb 18, The New Paper. An explicit video of a young girl in a secondary school uniform was circulated online last week. The three-minute video, which appears to have been taken at a staircase landing, shows her performing various sex acts with an unidentified man. The girl, whose face can be seen, appears to be a minor

Not to mention a ton of straight ones. There's also Stonewall and Riotan X-rated gay superhero animated movie fromwhich you can check out at the link. The Axel Braun era Which brings us up to the current era in superhero porn - when there appears to be a brand new X-rated spoof coming out every week or so. We exclusively premiered the SFW trailer for the Avengers porn a while back.

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There's so much of this stuff, there's even a porn parody specifically tied in to the s Batman TV show. Here are an assortment of random SFW trailers for these films:.

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That's not the tenor of discussion we like to cultivate around here. The A. Club Deadspin Gizmodo Jalopnik Jezebel Kotaku Lifehacker The Root The Takeout The Onion The Inventory. By Charlie Jane Anders.

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io9 Movies.

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