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For the most part he was treated as a joke in this regard, becoming known as Starvin' Marvin and getting constantly knocked back, but sadly one of the girls eventually succumb to his charms and we had to put up with a cringeworthy showmance for the last few weeks.

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Apart from that the competition really brought out the worst in him, he would be as rude and as antagonistic as possible to house outcast Chris H. I think he only got so far based on his potential, his jawline and the fact he was Tyra's fave. He had a few good pictures, but overall he was just incredibly average at everything. I think there were several models that would have made a much better runner-up.

In the final, he put down Jourdan's modelling ability based on the fact that he didn't want to sleep with her, and for me it became just as much about rooting against Marvin as rooting for Jourdan. So it was win-win in the end. He was so weak that Tyra couldn't even rig him the win, despite removing the fan scores for the final result. Kiara Belen cycle 19 A harsh placing, as she became much more likeable towards the end.

But a confident attitude, a few challenge wins and a couple of decent last-minute pictures does not make you a great runner-up. From the start she was the bossy mother-like character in the house and Tyra obviously fangirled over her 'poor background' sob-story, but for the first 8 weeks or so I'd say she had one of the worst pictures each week not just of the models remaining, but all 13 pics.

I thought it was interesting that the first picture of her's I liked was the first and only time she hit the bottom two, almost like the judges knew they could be hard on her because other models fan scores would be worse, giving her a good safety net so as not to be eliminated. She became rootable since she bothered Kristin so much and wasn't afraid to put her in her place, but it just felt wrong for her to make the final, despite improving overseas.

Getting beaten by 'rich girl' Laura felt like the unavoidable result as Leila flopped into 3rd after doing so poorly at final runway and Kiara did poorly at the last shoot.

Chantal Jones cycle 9 She seems to be quite funny on her twitter now, and still watches the show, which makes me wonder if she was screwed by the edit or has simply developed a personality since then. It doesn't say much about her since people believe she was in the final 2 to make Saleisha look good. A more high fashion version of Barbie, she didn't make much of an impression on people as she was a bit bland and snotty.

She openly planned to do well all cycle but she was very up-and-down, and at the 3rd shoot she threw a tantrum like a spoilt little princess because she was getting two sets of instructions from the photographer and the director.

To give her some credit, I thought she was the most striking when I first saw the models and she did perform consistently towards the end. Chelsey Hersley cycle 15 I was conflicted which order to put her and Chantal as they were quite similar, two rather forgettable blondes with an air of superiority about them. But I think Chelsey was much stronger and deserved to reach her final.

She usually had good pictures and seemed to know what she was doing, although she's 1 of the 2 runners-up who made the final without ever having a first call-out. Not a great statistic as it means that while you were good you never really stood-out, which does accurately represent her rather cold clinical performance throughout. But I guess there was a slight chance that she could have beaten Ann as she had the confidence and consistency that Ann lacked and the edit gradually built up tension between them, pretty much all from Chelsey's end.

Samantha Potter cycle 11 She had a fun spirit about her and could deliver a stunning picture every now and then, but she came across really naive, inexperienced and had a tendency to act first and think later. She had a very plain basic look so never really felt like a real contender, despite surviving 3 bottom two appearances. When it came to the final 2, I wasn't really excited about McKey, so it would have been good to have stiffer competition for her, not to have the result be so blatantly obvious after such a competitive cycle.

Laura Kirkpatrick cycle 13 Portrayed as the 'ultimate sweetheart' brought up on a farm. She's the other runner-up who never received a first call-out, though admittedly if it wasn't for the twist at the 5th judging where the first call-out was for the combined group shot then she would have got it then. But apart from a couple of occasions she never really did that amazing, she tended to get by on her personality.

Plus, I got a sense of entitlement from her, especially after she lost to Nicole and continued to give her rather begrudging praise and resentful half-insults afterwards. At the reunion on Tyra's talkshow she bragged that she had by far the most votes in a fan poll to give one of the models some prizes, though apparently they had to remove Nicole from the voting because she was winning it and already had her prizes from her victory.

I notice on her twitter she calls herself 'the real ANTM all star', I mean she did take part in the All Star cycle but she only came 4th on that, so she sounds pretty full of herself.

But Booty Pop Panties help even out the bottom line. whose February winner Whitney Thompson is a size 10 and considered plus While Thompson is still thinner than the avera ge American Haven't watched much of ANTM this season, but I hear that cycle 10's winner, Whitney Thompson- size 10 - is a plus-sized model. Plus-sized my ass! Advertisement (And my ass is plus-sized.) Kylie Jenner is baring it all! The year-old reality star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a pic of herself and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, from an upcoming Playboy spread. In the sexy

She should be lucky with what she got, based on performance during her original cycle I feel like she should have come 5th not runner-up. Molly O'Connell cycle 16 Probably one of the most miserable contestants of all time. It was understandable and rather funny initially, especially after she was given a makeover that looked like a bag of wool had exploded on her head, leaving her grumbling face dwarfed by a mass of blonde hair.

But she'd continue to look fed-up long after her makeover was corrected and even lost challenges due to the negative vibes she'd give off.

She delivered some strong pictures though, but it was obvious that Brittani would have to have a complete nightmare of a final not to win. Though it wasn't a case of supporting Molly out of spite towards Brittani, because while Brittani was having her meltdown and being a brat, Molly would be there as her back-up excusing every little thing she did claiming that it's all Alexandria's fault.

While Brittani was yelling at Alexandria across the room, Molly would be there adding her little comments aswell, which to some viewers made her seem sneaky and actually worse than Brittani. After the show I think Molly claimed that things weren't really that bad in the house, which I suppose is probably right but it's hard to imagine with all the cattiness and resentment going on.

Will Jardell cycle 21 I think he would have made a much more memorable and significant first male winner than Keith. He had some striking features and one of the strongest portfolios, being gay he was able to portray both masculine and feminine characteristics.

But at times I did find his insecurities and his whole agenda way too overwhelming and I was disappointed that he didn't stand tall especially for a 6ft 5in man who wears high heels against Denzel's small-minded viewpoint on what a man should be like. Instead he ran away crying, allowing his girl friends to do the fighting for him, then later got the judges to tell Denzel off. Some of the more cynical fans were relieved that they were spared the huge production that would have taken place had he won, although maybe the final would have at least been more entertaining.

It wouldn't have been as bad if Keith had beaten Will and Lenox straight-up, but the way Lenox was quickly dispatched at final 4 and Adam dragged along to the final 3, it just made the end result seem incredibly manipulated.

Anya Kopp cycle 10 She was some much-needed light relief and was a very consistent strong performer. She didn't get involved in the drama and was friendly and supportive of pretty much everyone, but I think in the end her niceness kind of did her in as she lacked any kind of edge or power. A few times she also came across a bit dim, usually an endearing trait, but since the judges were looking for someone to represent the show I think they wanted someone a bit fiercer.

Whitney was sometimes a little too harsh when it came to her interactions with the other forceful characters, but she seemed to be good friends with Anya and when she was around her she was fun and at ease. Raina Hein cycle 14 For me she was the stand-out right from the start, due to her strong features and powerful body frame.

She was also a source of light relief in a cycle full of drama and I appreciated her constant positive spirit despite having to deal with horrors such as Angelea and Alasia. In the 2nd shoot, where the girls got blasted with water, she delivered one of the strongest pictures in the history of the show, which sadly would be her peak as the rest of the time she would just do an okay job at everything.

In a house divided mainly between the cliques of aggressive Angelea, gossipy Krista and mopey Alexandra against the paranoid Brenda, sarky Jessica and happy Raina, she was easily the most likeable one.

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But a constant sunny disposition doesn't really do it for me, although it allowed her to just laugh at the absurdity of Angelea trying to start another fight and meant that she didn't break down when it was just her left with 3 girls who didn't like her. I was relieved she was chosen for the final 2, especially over Angelea, but she didn't really own it enough to pull off victory.

So the final result was a let-down but understandable, but it was obvious she would do well anyway, while, away from the judges rose-tinted glasses, Krista was nothing special. Kahlen Rondot cycle 4 She started off as the girl who had never watched the show but could immediately take a great picture and command the runway. She remained very likeable but her lack of confidence always proved a problem.

She's possibly best known for being the girl that found out a friend back home had died the same week the photoshoot would take place in a graveyard. Managing to take a great shot that week helped established her as the front-runner, but in the last few weeks the pressure really took its toll as she was getting clumsier on-set and started lucking into her shots.

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She took it to heart when Naima won a challenge and gave the prize of extra frames for the next shoot to other girls and not her, even though they were friends. Sadly I don't think Kahlen would have even considered such competitive tactics. She was probably lucky to make the final 2 based on her past performance, but there was a cruel sense of irony that the time she finally thought she had rocked something was after the final runway, just before she was about to lose the whole thing to Naima.

After the show she gave up modelling, possibly due to looking alarmingly similar to Carmen Kass, and now has a bunch of tattoos and owns a bar. In the top 10 - Shannon cycle 1Mercedes cycle 2Yaya cycle 3Nik cycle 5Joanie cycle 6Melrose cycle 7Natasha cycle 8Allison cycle 12Allison again cycle 17 and Laura cycle Yikes, I thought the winner ranking would be biased towards older cycles but that is slightly embarrassing.

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Melrose Bickerstaff cycle 7 An absolute perfectionist who has to be the best at everything doesn't sound too thrilling but fortunately Melrose did it in a ridiculously over-dramatic way. She started off winning the first challenge and won the prize of being a 'diva for the day' at the first shoot, getting massaged and pampered, but she took the 'diva' title a bit too literally by coming to set late and giving off an attitude.

This being Melrose, she panicked about it during the shoot and had a meltdown afterwards. After emotionally surviving the first bottom two of the cycle, she was determined to get things together.

But she still had Monique to content with, who pinpointed Melrose as the girl she disliked most and lashed out at her any childish way she could. But then Monique got sick, didn't bother to do a shoot and was eliminated. So Melrose could relax, which basically meant being incredibly desperate to be better than everyone else and melting down when she wasn't, much to the annoyance of the other girls.

I think a low moment came when the usually insecure Anchal discovered she was very flexible in a posing lesson, which later caused Melrose to lead a gossiping session with a few other girls to reassure herself that Anchal wasn't all that.

Anchal overheard them and Melrose gained another enemy. Melrose's attitude didn't win her many friends but it helped her win challenges and take great pictures.

At final 3 she over-practiced for her commercial and made a mess of it all, but she made final 2 based on past performance.

She got it together for the final runway, despite having a strop because CariDee stood on her dress. But the judges had a slightly romantic outlook when it came to modelling, so Melrose's over-technical 'win at all costs' style turned them off in comparison to CariDee's more brazen approach.

Not winning was the perfect conclusion for Melrose, as she was unbelievably draining, but I had a touch of sympathy watching her realize that she'd lost and could do nothing about it. Nik Pace cycle 5 The definition of 'the silent threat'. It was incredibly difficult to dislike Nik as she was very composed and professional, infact she was more rootable when she wasn't doing well.

When Jayla accidentally? stole one of her lines while shooting commercials at final 8, it totally threw Nik off her game and Jayla was ready for the fall-out. But Nik wasn't the confrontational type, which sent Jayla on an angry tirade against her simply because Nik had no time for drama.

Infact Nik showed complete indifference to any sort of gossiping, arguing or childish behaviour, which seems to be majorly frustrating to an enemy who just wants to have it out with you. Despite being fierce in her pictures, she was a little too poised and mature in-person and the judges felt that fresh-faced Nicole had more of a spark to her. Mercedes Scelba-Shorte cycle 2 She was in the background for the first few weeks, until she was thrust into the spotlight when we were told she had lupus and from then we would follow her coping with it in the competition.

She was planning on keeping it to herself to avoid sympathy, until an interview challenge with Janice Dickinson gave her the perfect chance to reveal it, which she did to the adoration of Janice, the other girls and the viewers. Then she became the 'loveable sweetheart' of the cycle, although she could be pretty tough aswell. Towards the end her story changed to her struggling to come across edgy and high fashion in her pictures, which she triumphed at a few times, especially at her final 3 shot that really put her to the test.

Despite a stronger runway performance than the rather clumsy Yoanna, it wasn't enough to pull off victory. Shannon Stewart cycle 1 There were 3 Christians this cycle - Kesse the down-to-earth one, Robin the over-bearing one and Shannon the innocent year-old.

She survived the first ever bottom two as the judges were already concerned that she was too tanned, too smiley and just too commercial, but after that she started taking strong pictures. After both refusing to do the final 4 nude shoot, she and Robin were in the bottom two where she was spared and Robin sent home. Meaning Shannon was free of Robin and embraced the chance to have fun with the rebellious Elyse and Adrianne.

I thought her chances of winning were pretty much gone, but she certainly gave it a good effort. She advanced to the final 2, much to her surprise, where she then commanded the final runway, even having Tyra tell her that she owned it over Adrianne. She sounded really pleased for Adrianne and it was nice to see her blossom throughout the cycle.

She returned for the All-Stars cycle 9 years older, where she once again stood by her morals, refusing to pose nude and getting eliminated for it this time. Laura LaFrate cycle 18 For the first few weeks I was considering Laura to be one of my fave models ever on the show, she had the wild rocker personality and didn't seem fazed by anything.

She was very opinionated though, and she started to get moodier and held grudges against other girls who didn't really warrant it. If anything she was a bit too fearless in being true to herself. Usually though the girls with 'alternative' personalities start feeling embarrassed being on the show, but Laura kept a level-head when she was on-set and only showed signs of cracking up towards the end. It's good that she liked Sophie, because I think if she had lost to someone she didn't respect then she would have been quite vengeful about it.

Some say it wasn't really fair having girls that had appeared on the British version competing against newbie Americans, but I suppose the two shows are fairly different to eachother.

BNTM is quite drab in comparison to the theatrics of ANTM. Allison Harvard cycle 12 She was already slightly well-known on the internet as the 'Creepy Chan' girl, so her casting created some new interest in the show and she acquired a load more fans herself due to her striking features and unusual personality.

I suppose the bad thing about looking and acting weird is that when you make a mistake it somehow stands out more and the judges didn't avoid putting her in the bottom two when she was too awkward-looking in her picture or commercial. She may have appeared shy but she was no pushover and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself.

I liked her friendship with Celia, at a push I'd say Celia is my fave from this cycle, just ahead of Allison. During the last few weeks she gathered alot of momentum, with the first call-outs going back and forth between her and judges fave Teyona. Despite outshining Teyona in the final, both at the CoverGirl commercial and on the runway, the judges decided to go for the more reliable Teyona.

I wasn't too bummed out like alot of other people, but I was disappointed that it was a bit of a flat ending at a time when the show really needed a kick to it. Natasha Galkina cycle 8 She was the type of contestant that is just a pleasure to watch and she had an infectious cheerfulness about her.

Whitney Thompson (cycle 10) A very marmite winner whose win divided opinion between "Wow a plus-size model finally won" and "She only won because she's plus-sized". She wasn't always the strongest, but even the stronger models of the cycle had huge flaws of their own, so I think it came down to who would do the most with their win Whitney Thompson attends Nigel Barker's "A Sealed Fate" at Projects on July 24, in New York City. (Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images) The first plus size winner of the show in , Whitney Even before the "fat ass" episode, In Cycle 10, which concluded in mid-May, they surprised the audience by crowning a plus-size girl named Whitney Thompson as the winner

She started off pretty bad at modelling, but it was clear that the judges loved her offbeat personality and were pleading for her to do well. She worked hard and after a few weeks she really started emerging as a contender, especially at the gender-swap shoot where the girls played the man and drag queens played the woman in each shot, which really allowed her to embrace her fun personality to the amusement of everyone on-set. For the next several weeks she never left the top 2 in the call-out order.

She had a few troubles getting on with the other girls, like when they started questioning why she was so much younger than her husband. But one of her toughest tests was at final 4 when she got the flu, did an awful job at the shoot and the judges weren't keen on her excuses. She ended up surviving and reached the final but, despite her positive spirit and major improvement, it did put into question her overall ability and I think it may have cost her victory against the more dependable Jaslene.

Allison Harvard cycle 17 I actually like this version of Allison slightly more than her original run, since this cycle she improved on her previous weaknesses and excelled at things you'd expect her to struggle with.

Despite her usual awkwardness, she ended up producing some memorable results, such as the viral music video with her's generating far more interest than anyone elsesher 'Honey Blood' fragrance and she even won an interview challenge. She started to stumble a bit towards the end but the final result proved just how limited the judges views can be and I think Allison was just too odd and usnos-domov.infoedictable for them and once again went for the lazy choice instead.

What could have been if the show had to advertise Allison's 'Honey Blood' rather than Lisa's cliched 'Dream Come True', which should have been called 'Dream Come True After Bitching And Moaning Things Didn't Go Your Way The First Time'.

The judges should have just embraced the bizarre rather than the desperate. Joanie Dodds cycle 6 She was my favourite in the casting episode as she was quite striking and had the back-story of being a rebellious preacher's daughter.

For starters, it's hard not to fall for My Big Fat Fabulous Life because its star, Whitney Thore, is downright lovable. First a YouTube sensation for her viral Fat Girl Dancing video, she is

Though she didn't really make an impact in the competition until a few weeks in when the judges started paying attention to her increasingly dynamic pictures and competent ability. She was quite strong-willed, but remained very down-to-earth aswell, watching her felt like watching a friend taking part in the show.

This was especially the case at final 7, where Joanie's crooked teeth that she had long been suffering with would be fixed at the dentist, leading to many hours of pain and discomfort. She battled on like a trooper and powered through to the final, with her and Danielle as probably the most likeable and well-rounded final 2 ever.

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In the end the judges decided that Joanie lacked some of the charm of Danielle, but Joanie took coming in 2nd on the chin, remaining dignified like she had been all cycle. Plus she earned Twiggy's vote to win, as Twiggy would get stuck with the 'Janice' curse, never voting for the winner again until she left the show.

Yaya DaCosta cycle 3 I think she had the biggest rollercoaster and most complex journey, starting off as the unassuming intelligent girl who still suffered acne break-outs. Which caused the other girls to not consider her as a threat, which is quite hilarious given what happens. She nailed the first shoot and remained very strong, producing some of my fave pictures of all time.

Gradually though the competition started testing her patience and she had to keep her sanity together, I don't know if a girl has ever had to deal with so many criticisms from the judges before. Her skin improved, but being a dancer, the judges started to criticize her dancer-like poses, then telling her off when she removed her dancer poses completely. Her style of clothing was then brought into question, on how much she should embrace her African style, she was told it was either too overwhelming or she wasn't embracing it enough and was therefore dulling her shine.

Next was her most difficult challenge, one that many 'smart' people on reality shows suffer, the accusations that they come across snobby and superior.

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Sometimes she put her foot in it, either getting defensive when being critiqued or during a commercial challenge when she spat out some food she was supposed to eat, landing her in the bottom two for her only time. She had a tense relationship with a few girls in the house, but her run of 5 challenge wins the most wins in any cycle for things such as go-sees, acting and endurance, ensured her place as a front-runner and probably helped intensify the rivalries. But I think she showed alot of maturity when she and Eva were the final 2 and looked happy for Eva when she won.

Hopefully it will remain a link just to the shot and not go to the site like Ann's did. Usually I pick a shot that compliments their strengths, other times I picked one to compare their ability to the winner's.

I decided not to be mean by picking one that highlights their weaknesses, like I did with Krista and Saleisha last time. jpg my fave shot ever on ANTM 2. jpg on-set with the male model 8.

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jpg final 3 shot 9. jpg graveyard 'wrath' shot jpg the dreaded makeover jpg her only 'amazing' shot jpg So much blonde.

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lol I think one of the silliest conspiracy theories is that blondes are not allowed to win. A big deal was made about CariDee being the first natural blonde to win. Not sure of the reasons why someone would go to the trouble to stop a blonde winning. I just think it's a bit of bad luck, that the blondes that made the final perhaps were more conventionally pretty and lacked a model edge compared to the other finalist.

To round off this rankathonsince I'm approaching my 30,th post it seemed appropriate to rank the 3rd placers as they are some of the most memorable models and it would round off all the finalists of each cycle.

America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson has no problem showing off the curves that made her famous. T he size supermodel won the reality show in and has been breaking barriers in Whitney Thompson was born on September 26, in Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA. She is an actress, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic , America's Next Top Model and Entertainment Tonight . She has been Whitney Thompson Forrester, from America's Next Top Model, was the vegan guest that chef Adam Glick grumped about during the charter. "It's just a pain in my ass."

But then I thought it would be funny to rank those models together, plus I realized their individual placings wouldn't differ that much from eachother anyway. So here goes: None of her pictures were particularly memorable and in a stronger cycle she would have been eliminated halfway through for being forgettable and a bit of a drip. Angelea did stand out but mainly for the wrong reasons.

Some say she told things how they were, but I just found her rude and petty. She'd go looking for trouble and could never let an argument rest if she still had something to say, sadly she was never satisfied that she had made her point so would just keep dragging it on and on.

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She did surprisingly well a few times, but then she'd spoil it by bragging about it to those she didn't like. She got weaker towards the end and was rightly dispatched in the double elimination in favour of one of the girls she disliked. Adam Smith cycle 21 He's only this high lol 2nd to last due to not being as bad as he was expected to be. There were stories of homophobia before the cycle even started, which, along with being a frat meat-head, made people fear the worst.

But he proved to be quite level-headed and even kept his cool when getting riled up by Romeo. He had a good look but the show ignored the fact he was lacking quite a few inches in height and his modelling was very one-dimensional, once we got past final 7 it felt like a joke that he was still there.

Cracks started appearing in his incredibly controlled edit as he started drinking more and becoming over-confident at something before failing at it. Despite a couple of last-minute forgettable first call-outs to reach the final 3, he predictably fell short of the other 2 guys and plonked into 3rd place. Angelea Preston cycle 17 Technically the 3rd placer of this cycle even though she was never properly eliminated.

There's not much more to say about this situation that hasn't already been said. She was more likeable here hence her placing above her previous self although still very defensive, but the fact she was apparently going to win despite her shaky performance means I have little sympathy for the show messing up their All-Stars final like they did. She survived 4 bottom two's but surviving over Dominique at final 5 felt like one of the most unfair eliminations ever, as there seemed to be no justification in saving Angelea or getting rid of Dominique.

After all that, for her to just vanish from the final and then sue the show afterwards not sure how that case is goingit's all a bit of a mess really.

She does have one interesting statistic to her name, that technically she's the only girl to take part in 3 different cycles, as she first appeared in the casting episode of cycle During which she got into a feud with another girl of course but didn't make it into the house and had to wait until cycle 14 to audition again since cycle 13 was for girls 5'7" and under. Aminat Ayinde cycle 12 During cycle 12 I read an accurate description of Aminat that said she started off as the girl you'd want to be friends with but ended up as the girl you couldn't get rid of.

Initially she was the straight-talker who put unreasonable people in their place who you couldn't help but root for, but she gradually became more confrontational, getting involved in a number of unnecessary arguments where she'd end up purposely trying to antagonize the other person. Meanwhile, her modelling kept stuttering, despite having an amazing body she continuously had a dead face in her pictures and survived 3 bottom two's.

I could understand saving her over London and probably Natalie too, but there was no real reason to save her over Celia aswell.

At the final 3 CoverGirl shoot, Allison gave the best shot while Aminat gave the best commercial, which left the judges stuck with having to save Teyona at Aminat's expense. Meaning that Aminat was got rid of just before the final runway, which was probably the only reason to keep her around that long. Cory Hindorff cycle 20 Despite an interesting sexually ambiguous look, it's surprising just how forgettable his portfolio was.

He had some good pictures but he tended to either be stuck with one look or just sink into the background. His personality was also fairly standard and he served the purpose of nothing more than a harmless narrator and gossip. He was harshly eliminated when the final 3 were getting ready for the final runway, much to the sadness of all the girls that had chosen to be on the team of their 'gay best friend'.

Unfortunately this swift elimination perfectly summed up the lack of impact he made on the competition. Hannah Jones cycle 16 She did seem a bit out-of-place in a cycle full of drama and especially a final 4 including Alexandria, Brittani and Molly.

She took some stand-out pictures and was the first girl to get a 2nd first call-out, but her personality was so fragile and she majorly lacked presence, which was a criticism that she really took to heart. I was surprised when she was saved over Alexandria, as a final 3 of girls at war with eachother seemed to be where it was heading, but I think they wanted to get rid of Alexandria so that people forgot about the negativity associated with Brittani and Molly.

It was obvious it was merely sparing Hannah until next time, although she ended up doing really well at the final 3 shoot, but the judges got rid of her anyway. Eugena Washington cycle 7 A girl who started off really weak and took a long time to get going. Quite a few eliminations this cycle were based on a girl not wanting it enough or at least not showing she wanted it, which was a criticism Eugena regularly faced. She could probably have been eliminated about 3 or 4 times due to looking dead in her pictures, I think what saved her was her potential and her challenge wins.

She got better when they went overseas to Spain, learning how to show more passion to the judges, and at final 5 she surprised alot of people by taking one of the best pictures of the cycle. At final 3 she did an okay job at the CoverGirl shoot and the judges even considered keeping her over Melrose, but not showing enough fire in person would haunt her yet again and they decided her late improvement wasn't strong enough to deserve a final 2 spot. She seems to have had a decent career after the show, so maybe the judges were right to keep her around so long.

Fatima Siad cycle 10 One of the most stunning girls that has ever been on the show, she could pretty much wear anything and still look like a superstar.

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But there was something off-putting about her personality, it was very cold and condescending, which in a cycle with other strong personalities only led to trouble. Her modelling was criticized for being too mechanical and not fluid enough, but she managed to loosen up and started taking better pictures.

She clashed alot with other girls and had a few other troubles along the way, especially at final 7 when the girls were gearing up to go overseas and she didn't have the right travel documents since she's originally from Somalia.

Therefore she had to miss the week's shoot to get it sorted, landing her in the bottom two and being saved over Stacy Ann, who took part in the shoot but who the judges saw as being a weaker model. Overall she survived the bottom two 3 times, until the final 3 where the judges weren't impressed with her CoverGirl commercial and she hit the bottom two again and eliminated. It was obvious she'd have a good career afterwards but she really didn't shine on the show like she probably should have.

Jane had great features but lacked personality and struggled to shine in her pictures. Although she learnt how to demonstrate her strengths infront of the camera, the judges weren't excited by her enough to put her in the final 2. Meanwhile Kayla had a fairly strong personality and got alot of attention based on her being a lesbian, but she struggled to look edgy enough for high fashion. She took some good pictures and had the most interesting makeover, but at final 4 the girls took part in an editorial motion feature and Kayla struggled the most with her angles and elongating her limbs, instead looking more like she was in a music video.

If it wasn't a high fashion cycle she would possibly have made the final 2, but she proved memorable enough to be brought back for All-Stars where she fell victim to another double elimination but this time about halfway through the cycle. Jenah Doucette cycle 9 I wasn't a huge Jenah fan, for me the other frontrunners Heather and Lisa were far more interesting and likeable, but she certainly took some great pictures.

I could detect a slight immaturity to her but it was ridiculous the way the judges tried to make a big issue out of her personality when you still had Saleisha, Chantal and Bianca there. Once Heather was eliminated at final 5, like the competition hadn't become bad enough, the remaining two episodes were about breaking year-old Jenah down, despite her being by far the most talented model left. She was put in the bottom two with Saleisha where, despite Tyra admitting that Jenah had done far better than Saleisha throughout the competition despite Saleisha having experience and Jenah having none, Jenah was eliminated for no real reason.

I think that was the main problem with cycle 9, the best models were given very few chances, while the average models were given far too many chances. Renee Alway cycle 8 She certainly had a difficult time, though she did bring most of it on herself.

It was confusing how exactly she wanted to portray herself, either the ruthless competitor who deserved it more than anyone else or the misunderstood underdog who just wanted to get along with everyone.

She had a strange friendship with Jael, where they started as close friends, but then Renee wanted to distance herself from wild Jael as much as possible and they ended up having various verbal wars.

After a few weeks of gossiping and stirring, Renee had managed to turn every other girl against her and Tyra found herself playing mediator in an attempt to help Renee get back into the group, which seemed to work. She didn't hit the bottom two until the final 3 where she was harshly eliminated after being told she did the best in the CoverGirl commercial but looked old in her pictures. I think she went at the right time because, while she usually did a good job, she lacked the spark of the other 2 girls.

But I wish they had given her something more constructive, as it seemed like such a cheap reason to eliminate her at that point in the competition.

jpeg Keenyah Hill cycle 4 I was going to put her much lower but then I remembered about the epic transformation she had, not in appearance but in her attitude. Despite ticking the judges off for complaining about her makeover before the girls had even done a photoshoot, they actually warned her for coming across boring. They couldn't fault her modelling though, infact I think her first 4 pictures were pretty spectacular.

Gradually though, as bigger personalities were eliminated, she became a dominating force as her desire to win went into overdrive. Just about keeping her confidence in check was her inability to resist comfort foods and she developed a slightly bulging stomach that had to be photoshopped out of her pictures.

Despite irking the other girls on several occasions while they were in South Africa like crying when they visited Nelson Mandela's cell despite knowing nothing about him and not bringing money when they ate outshe made it to the final where she hoped she would breeze through the CoverGirl commercial and into the final 2.

Sadly for her, the judges found her to be too rehearsed and predictable, and instead chose Kahlen's superior portfolio to join Naima in the final 2. Some viewers were happy seeing her put in her place like that, especially against 2 girls that she never rated highly, but I thought it was quite sweet the way she joked about her weight in her final words, showing that she was still human.

Erin was one of the frontrunners from the start, but she could be a bit of a brat. She was over-competitive in challenges, even attempting to sabotage other girls to throw them off their game, which they certainly took her to task over. She got rather cocky going into commercials at final 7 and had a total meltdown on-set when she couldn't get it together, which started her run of surviving the bottom two 3 times in a row.

Tyra was especially frustrated with her for losing the spark she had in the first half of the cycle. At the final 4 shoot she redeemed herself, but to the judges it was a case of being too little too late.

think, that

Jennifer started off pretty good, looking like a real contender to be the show's first Asian winner. She got even stronger in the latter weeks, with the first call-outs being shared between her and Nicole, and she seemed destined for the final 2 where I think she would have been the toughest competition for Nicole. But she did so poorly at the final 4 shoot that the judges instantly lost faith in her and they were totally split on who to put through so they went for the most fan-friendly choice first time for everything.

Leila Goldkuhl cycle 19 The most high fashion girl of the cycle, who would be used to test-run the new comeback twist. She started off friends with Laura, sharing her reward with her after getting first call-out, but when Laura didn't return the favour and chose Kristin instead, Leila was quietly seething. Thanks to some stirring from Kristin, it got around that Leila was obsessed with Laura, which Leila was not happy about and threw it back in Laura's face, accusing her of being obsessed with herself.

This was leading up to Leila getting eliminated that episode, despite being one of the frontrunners, for doing a duck face and looking slightly squinty in a shoot where the girls were hurled up in the air as cheerleaders. It all just reeked of manipulation, but it set up a nice story for the comeback twist with Leila coming back looking for vengeance against Kristin and Laura.

ANTM Cycle 10 - First Callouts

She came back and delivered some good pictures, getting to celebrate with Kiara while Kristin freaked out at them for rubbing it in that they were doing well and she wasn't, just before Kristin was eliminated. It would have made an epic end to the cycle if she could pull off victory, as the judges were salivating over her final 3 shot, but they were majorly disappointed with her final runway performance and she dropped down into 3rd place. But there's no point having too much sympathy for her as she doesn't seem to be struggling to find work now.

Annaliese Dayes cycle 18 She was the only UK girl besides Sophie of course to improve her placing from BNTM.

I think every cycle needs someone super friendly and engaging but still opinionated, especially if they're going to do youtube recaps of each episode after it's aired.

The judges, especially Kelly Cutrone, really had it in for her about not being high fashion or edgy enough, but she fended off the criticisms by producing some pretty good pictures and avoided the bottom two until the final 3. She was going to have a tough time getting past Sophie or Laura but then when she struggled at the shoot she was pretty much toast.

Analeigh Tipton cycle 11 She's actually pretty similar to Annaliese even in nameas she was a sweet bubbly girl struggling to look high fashion, plus the judges thought she had the skills of an actress rather than a model.

She was a former iceskater but disappointed Tyra as her poses were rather wishy-washy, but she gradually got better and for 5 weeks straight didn't leave the top 2 in the call-out order. At final 7 Tyra said she gave the best commercial in ANTM history and at final 4 she gave what I think is the best shot of the cycle. She had an intimate friendship with Marjorie, causing people to wonder just how close they were.

At final 3 she made a mess of her lines and looked too 'actressy' in her shot and was eliminated. I think she would have showed up both McKey and Samantha on the final runway, but admittedly she did have a face like a small woodland creature that was quite difficult to capture in a picture.

Since the show she seems to be following the actress route. Jade Cole cycle 6 One of the most divisive models in the show's history. Proclaiming herself to be the undiscovered supermodel, I managed to enjoy her most of the time as she was far less aggressive than the usual antagonists. Her self-importance was, for the most part, delightfully eccentric and spiritual. Her confidence helped her win challenges and take strong pictures, but she found it difficult to win over the judges as they found her too over-the-top and she tended to photograph harsh.

I didn't like how she felt the need to pick at Gina to prove her own inner-strength and, as her attitude got on the nerves of some of the other girls, it did start to feel like she was kept around simply for drama. She landed in the bottom two a massive 5 times, but at final 3 the judges finally gave up hope of her changing and there was a sense of relief when she was finally eliminated. The interesting thing about cycle 6 is that the reaction to it wasn't totally positive at the time, which I think Jade's continued presence is partly to blame for.

It does feel like opinion has warmed a great deal towards Jade since then and when the All-Stars cycle was announced she was one of the first names that people wanted to see, although she turned it down due to not being happy with the way she was portrayed in cycle 6.

Amanda Swafford cycle 3 It looked like she was set to have the ultimate positive edit, as she revealed that she was legally blind and being the oldest she'd likely be the 'mama' of the house, but like most of them from cycle 3 she'd prove to be much more complex than that. She came off as untrustworthy to a few girls when Cassie confided in her that she was bulimic, which then instantly became known by everyone.

Amanda did seem regretful though and I felt sorry for her the times she panicked when she had to do something in poor lighting and the other girls speculated that she was putting it on to get special treatment.

She got on with everyone for the most part but Eva certainly rubbed her the wrong way, leading to a situation where she had lost her crystals and assumed that Eva had stolen them out of spite.

This led to a huge fall-out involving a few girls who all aired their ongoing grievances about eachother, only for Amanda to later find her crystals after remembering she had purposely hidden them so she wouldn't lose them whoops. She had incredible porcelain doll-like features and was never in any real danger of being eliminated until final 3 where she, Eva and Yaya all aced their CoverGirl shots and it was a case of someone having to go.

The judges had never really found the spark in Amanda's personality and she ended up taking the fall, some would say she was majorly robbed but any decision would have been questionable at that point.

It was interesting the way that both Amanda and Yaya's edits started off totally positive but gradually introduced more negative cts, while Eva's started off totally negative and gradually improved. I saw in some ANTM reunion show, Amanda and Eva greeted eachother like old friends which was nice to see. Bre Scullark cycle 5 She was all about being true to herself and genuine with others, and expected the same from other people. This kind of level-headed wisdom made her easy to warm to, but it also meant she was very analytical and self-conscious, concerning the judges that she was too sensitive for the modelling industry.

So she was very much the underdog for the first half of the cycle, but then she went on a rather unexpected change when the girls went to England. Feeling the stress of the competition, Bre found one of her granola bars had been stolen and with no evidence assumed Nicole had taken it as she had been getting increasingly irritated by her.

apologise, but

She retaliated by pouring Nicole's red bull cans down the drain, but Kim caught Bre in the act and later informed Nicole about it. Having scolded Kim in the past for her gossiping, Bre lost it with her and refused to show any remorse when confronted by Nicole.

The tension carried on through the shoot and into judging, where Bre was reprimanded by the judges and then lashed out at Kim again while the girls were waiting behind the scenes. Bre was put in the bottom two with Kim, where the judges decided that Kim was the girl that most allowed the drama to affect her performance and eliminated her, much to Nicole's frustration. The following episode Bre and Nicole were forced to spend the day together ironically because Nik and Jayla wanted to sort out their own tensionwhere they made friends and Bre seemed to be back to her old self and offered to pay for the drinks.

It was hard not to have sympathy for her as she then got ill and had to fight her drowsiness during the shoot and hit the bottom two again. She was spared and made final 3, but her inability to always look like a model in comparison to Nik and Nicole meant she was finally eliminated in her 5th bottom two appearance. She immediately removed her high heels, which perfectly summed up Bre's struggle of trying to live up to being this 'perfect' model, but now the pressure was off she could be plain old Bre again.

She returned for All Stars but never really made an impact as it felt like she had outgrown the show.

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Shandi Sullivan cycle 2 She probably had the most famous makeover of all, transforming from awkward misfit to super high fashion model. She wasn't considered a threat at the start with her gawky presence, wiry brown hair and glasses, plus Tyra told her she had the worst runway walk she'd ever seen. But once she went blonde and was given contact lenses, the judges were instantly drawn to her and she always stood out from the pack. An unexpected situation happened at final 4 though when the girls hung out with some male models, Shandi got caught up in the moment and slept with one of them despite having a boyfriend back home.

Watching her ring him the next day to tell him what she did must be one of the most uncomfortable moments ever witnessed on the show. This distracted her from the competition, although she didn't stop delivering good pictures and showing how much she had improved her runway walk. I think most viewers expected her to win, but at final 3 the girls were given 3 individual photoshoots to shine at and Shandi couldn't show the same desire as Mercedes and Yoanna.

After the show she didn't continue modelling and didn't last long with her boyfriend, but the experience looked like it had a profound effect on her life.

Although she took things a tiny bit too far, she is the ultimate 'caterpillar into a butterfly' story.

right! seems

Elyse Sewell cycle 1 Frustratingly complex and absolutely razor sharp, it's funny that the best narrator of the harmless first cycle was a girl who was skeptical about everything they were doing.

She was the voice of the cynical viewers that the show probably has more of now than ever before. She had a great look and was generally pretty calm and mature, but she struggled to find it mentally challenging. She's well-known for using confessionals to really let off steam whenever she felt attacked or made a fool of, like when Robin mocked her atheism or when the girls suspected she might have an eating disorder.

She was labelled arrogant by the judges a couple of times, but I don't think it was arrogance as such, as she was more than willing to criticize herself in the same way. Despite the judges occasionally being concerned she was too thin, they were excited by her potential and her modelling got even better as the cycle went on, especially when they went to Paris.

At final 3 the girls went on castings for the upcoming final 2 runway, where Elyse's desire was brought into question again, especially due to her falling asleep in a meeting with a client, and she was eliminated against other frontrunner Adrianne. In an ironic twist, despite promising to go to medical school, Elyse became one of the most successful models from the show and whenever Tyra tries to rewrite history, you get the feeling that Elyse is her de facto cycle 1 winner.

Talking of pictures. I think the way opinions can differ greatly on pictures is one of the most fascinating cts of the show. Some people see things that others don't. If I were to list my fave pics they'd include some of those I've done so far:- CariDee's CoverGirl, winner Laura's prison, Yaya's spider, Natasha's gender, Raina's water, Eugena's bull and Analeigh's windmill. I love a shot when I feel like the model is so in the moment that they aren't even thinking about it.

Representing their personality or a side to them that people didn't expect. jpg Okay, that was quite alot. Yet it feels strange not to include certain shoots, I was spoilt for choice over which one from the cycle 8 shoot where the models were all corpses after killing eachother.

lol I guess you can google it since it's a pretty controversial one. Mirjana has been killed in a triple homicide! Utterly shocking and sad! That is sad news. She was a really beautiful model. ive just got in from work and couldnt believe it when i read it. But outside the lunatic fringe, the iron-chic scarves were wrapped around the necks of locals and celebrities such as Pete Wentz, Colin Farrell and David Beckham.

After years of following the straight- and-narrow, more women surrendered their straightening irons this year in an attempt to keep it real.

Stylists from New York-based salon and hair-product line Devachan flew to South Florida to help women with curly hair de-frizz their manes in the land of humidity.

The suede strands sprouted on handba gs, j ackets and boots, b ut this is a look that should be b uried along with the 8-track for "Born To Be Wild. While everyone's sick of seeing your ass crack peeking out of low-rise jeans, high-waisted pants are the other extreme.

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Put these on and you can instantly create two looks from hell - a camel toe and mom jeans. Peep-toe pumps are classically sexy. Peep-toe ankle boots look like an orthopedic device. Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana were the first c ulprits to release these monstrosities. Luckily, they cost thousands of dollars and no one could really afford them.

Then, Steve Madden, Nine West and Aldo came out with reasonably priced pairs and a foot fungus invaded South Florida. Brightly colored tights looked awesome on my Rainbow Brite doll in the '80s.

But on a year-old woman at Publix? Not so much. Purple tights should be reserved for one person and one person only - the grape man in the F ruit of the Loom commercial. It started with guyliner and then moved to mascara and now, face powder and undereye concealer.

If you're not a dra g queen, male makeup is about as good an idea as the bailout plan. Men, reclaim your manhood and say no to a faux glow. OK, so the Ed Hardy jeweled tiger T-shirts aren't going away. But filthy-messaged T-shirts that read, "Jack Meehoff" and "Hard Cock Cafe" are not aphrodisiacs. Actually, they're more like pepper spray. If you're trying to pick up chicks, a blank shirt definitely says more.

Skinny jeans are not a good look for men or women. Men tend to have thinner legs than women to begin with, but teenage males have squeezed into this fad, and now, it's trickling into the nightc lub circuit.

While this is a great way to let the world see the lines of your iPhone, it's not a good way to show off your packa ge. Sure, sneakers with suit jackets may have worked for Michael J. Fox in the '80s. But T. Formerly known as man ba gs, murses emerged this season in the form of messenger and tote ba gs. Prada and Burberry created high-end versions, and then, they started popping up at Old Navy.

Isn't your laptop ba g enough? If it doesn't fit in your pocket, you probably don't need it. For a pole dancer, 5-inch heels make total sense. Other than that, there's no reason to wear shoes the height of cinder blocks.

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